35 days PostOp. Sorry I havent posted anything because I wasnt happy with my results. It looks a little better now

Heyyy Ladies! Im so excited I finally decided to...

Heyyy Ladies! Im so excited I finally decided to this. I wanted a bigger butt since forever and now its my time. I want to say thank you to all of you who shared your storys, they are so helpful and inspiring. Well I'm 5'1 and about 165 pounds and Im not happy about my how my body looks. My husband loves it, of course he does I mean he better. I want this bbl for myself and my husband.

Im excited and nervous. I need a travel buddy so lets link up. Will post my pictures soon

I'm just wondering will JMspa be over crowded. I...

I'm just wondering will JMspa be over crowded. I want to book my flight and hotel or recovery house. Is everyone staying at jmspa? How many rooms are there If people are staying 7,10 and 14 days
i'm hopefully going on the 22 need a room mate please inbox me trying to stay at the spa
809-412-8239 or 829-966-8878

I have 30 days left. Im super geeked yet nervous....

I have 30 days left. Im super geeked yet nervous. I still have to my flight and im waiting on my,passport to come back. I can believe im finally doing this.

Im doing fine just a liitle sore right now. I got...

Im doing fine just a liitle sore right now. I got lipo, bbl and chin lipo. I will give details in a little bit
Congrats on ur sucessful sx!! I'll be there next thursday!!! Thanks for the update!
Hi please let me know how it goes for you. I am wanting the bbl an tt together but I'm nervous about the recovery. I can't decide between yily and pantoja. I plan to go in June :-)

Today is po day 2. I feel so much better still...

Today is po day 2. I feel so much better still kind of sore on my sides and back. My butt looks big but feels like a brick. I want to thank my home girls cosmetika and sasha30. They have helped me so much on this journey. Ladies you are greatly aprreciated and i love you guys.
Well i arrived in the DR at 1:00am on March 25th. I was really pushing because i had to be at cipla @6am that morning. Cosmetika picked me up for the airport. She is a native a fluent in spanish. I would ge so lost without her. We got to the clinic and no one was there. They arrived shortly after us. We talked to the girls at the front desk who took all our information. Cosmetika translated everything for me. They asked general medical information. I was skeptical because I have high blood pressure. Its under control i take meds for it. I thought they were going to turn me down for surgery. I went to see the internal med doctor after

the test he said everything was fine. We went to getvour blood drawn

After the labwork,we got our xrays done. Yily came...

After the labwork,we got our xrays done. Yily came to see me around 10:30. I went to give her a handshake and she gave me a hug a kiss. I was not expecting that at all. She told me to get undress so she could take some pictures of me. She asked me what i wanted, i told her small waist very small and a big butt. She asked if i wanted hips. I said no hips. She marked me up every where then i started to get nervous. Yira was suppose to bring me the blue pill, she never did. Next thing i know it was some men coming to roll me into the operating room. I was the first patient of the day! The anesthiest was in there he did his thing then i was knocked out for most of the surgery. I woke up a few times. I didnt feel anything but i knew i was up. I was laughing and smiling at one point. I asked if my butt was big. Somebody said big butt. Then i was out again. The next thing i know i was back in my room. I wasnt in pain. I just wanted to sleep. After a while my back and sides were hurting. They want let you move. You have to stay on your back the whole time. It was very uncomfortable for me not so much painful. I was there with cosmetika and she had a nurse. Her nurse helped me with everything. She fed me and checked on me all night. I seen some of the cipla nurses but they didnt help me at all. So im very grateful for cosmetika and her family for helping me. One more thing inwas stiff

This is post op day 2. I had my first poop. I...

This is post op day 2. I had my first poop. I didnt take any laxative or stool softner. It wasnt hard to go at all. I had my first massage today. It did hurt especially when she did my abs and sides.but your body feels really good afterwards.
Best wishes :)
Glad we got to me before you left! we shoulda had a 5 guys burger lol. Your welcome for the help Im so happy you are doing great. haha if you need a nurse when you get home let me know!!!
Ikr we should"ve ate. I dont even have an appetite right now. Just liquids and soups for me

Today is post op day 3. Went to see yily with a...

Today is post op day 3. Went to see yily with a friend. Yily said my results look really good and my drain can come out in a few days. Im not in pain at all but i did feel dizzy after geting in and out my garment. I love how my waist looks its so small and my butt looks big. I will post pics soon. I havet seen a change in my lipo under the chin. Yily said i was still swollen so i hope it gets flatter.
Hi Mizzpinky :) You made it! Glad you are ok and that you are happy with your results, can't wait to see your pics and remember to rest up. Take your time! I'm glad that you met nice ppl here that helped you-those are really hard to find-so, I wanna thank Cosmetika and Sasha30 for being part of your journey and supporting you. Make me veryyy happy. (kind of teary) I'm such a crybaby lol. Btw, I'm glad you were able to have sx-I also have high blood pressure-but according to my PCP is more emotional than medical. Keep healing and keep us posted whenever you can! Thank you once again!
Keep us posted & happy healing.
Congrats to being on the other side. Happy healing:-)

Today is post op day 5. Im doing really well no...

Today is post op day 5. Im doing really well no pain at all. I feel a little sick maybe home sick. I had 3 massages so far and them bitches hurt. One was with the machine and the other two were maually done. Oooh they hurt for real but my body felt better afterwards. I only get out of my garment for the massages, cleaning and pooping. Other than that its on. I find sleeping to be uncomfortable at times. I had a few headaches maybe because of the weather idk. I still dont see my chin going down so im a little upset about that.

Ok so the night of my surgery. I was so thirsty...

Ok so the night of my surgery. I was so thirsty and cotton mouth they wouldnt give me anything. So bring some type of cough drops or halls. I was so cold i was shaking most of the night and the ac was on. Ask for an extra blanket or bring a sweater or something. It helped me to warm up. Also the biggest thing that scared me was not being able to feel my thighs my legs or feet. I laid there for hours hoping the feeling would come back. I started to tell my self to wiggle your big toe( if you remember kill bill. Lol) i remembered i had some compression socks with me and boy they helped so much. I was able to move my toes and everything.
Have a speedy recovery
Wonderful experienced I see despite he pain. Keep healing well
Awww thanks so much for the kind words. I've been resting alot trying to take things easy

Ok I have not posted on here because I felt that...

Ok I have not posted on here because I felt that i didnt see a change. Instead of bashing Yily i decided to wait. I got a bbl and chin lipo. My chin still looks the same. My waist is smaller and my butt is bigger but not as big as i asked for. I didnt ask for a stripper butt maybe I should have. Overall everything is ok. I will probably need round 2. I will be posting pictures.
Hey pinky, don't trip girly you look great. Your but looks fantastic from all views and you are still in the healing process. I have read it can take 3 months or so to see your results... But so far lookin good to me. Give it time and you will see your new body and love like we all are. Take care take it easy and happy healing to you. God bless always :)
Im scheduled for august 5th and Guuuurl your results are an inspiration I just want you to know you look gooooooood! I think your butt looks juicy, round and plump from the back as well as the side:) yea i agree with the ladies just give it time the more the swelling goes down the more you will poke out but rest assured you look Niiiiiiiice! healthy healing please post more pics when your up to it
Hey pinky I was wondering if you could post a preop side pic
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