Fatima Almonte Doll Nov. 11, 2014- Dominican Republic, DO

Im so excited!!!!! I've been reading all the...

Im so excited!!!!! I've been reading all the reviews here and let me tell ya, i soooooo appreciate you ladies for sharing your stories and before and after pics!!! Its played a big part in me picking my doctor which will b Yily!!!!!!!! Im going for tt bbl and lipo. My quote was 4200!!!!! I am sending my deposit as soon as i receive the next email. Which would let me know how much more lipo of the arms and inner thighs would be. I also forgot to give my height and weight so she will also let me know if i need to lose weight or not. Im 5'4 198 pounds. Baby Jesus please let thks turn


Your welcome Yily is gonna lace U up girl, I am going with her as well and having the same work as u, TT, bbl with LIPO....
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Welcome aboard Hun!! Looks like you are already on the ball, next it's researching ur RH, getting supplies & finding a buddy. Wishing you luck & I'll be following ur journey!
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Thanks boo!!! And im trying. She keeps emailing me the same info tho smh :( i need her to tell me how to get this money to her

Soooooo anxious!!!!

Yall dnt even know how bad i AM with holding on to money!!!!! I have 3500 in hand ready to send. Steady sending emails to Yily. She's just asking me the same thing. She already sent a quote. I sent her pics weight height all that. Still no instructions on how and where to send the money!!!! I need to send it so i want spend it because i know ill start peeling little by little smh..... Plz sweet baby Jesus let her send it today!!!!


I pm you look in your inbox
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Thanks boo!!
Np anytime!

Im now leaning toward Dr Harold Villalobos

Hey my loves ;) soooo i really want this surgery done in March and since Ms. Yily just had her beautiful baby boy and went be back til Feb. I could only imagine how booked she'll be and AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FA DAT!!! Lbvvfs Sooo I've been doing some research on some Cuban doctors in Columbia. Came across a Dr. Harold Villalobos. Anyone heard of him? I've seen some of his work but not much. He is board certified their too. I hear he was ONE of Curvy J doctors. Supposedly anyway.... But yeah, that's my update. I looked into so US doctors but they are wayyyy out of my budget. Hell the only reason i got serious about this sx was because i got on RS one day and seen how much these procedures cost in DR and i was sold!!!! Anything above 5000 for all these, i cnt go!!! I mean u cnt really put a price on waking up every morning being comfortable in your own skin. You just cnt. I believe that's priceless. But my budget is pretty tight right now. I pray i can get this done!! I really need this. I've been tryn to get in shape for so long! Every year for the past 3 years that been my new years resolution. Not next year. Cause im done! In gonna loss 30 of these pounds and gone get this sx and ainteresting not a mufu gone b able to tell me nothing!! I may even move just to start all over. I need a fresh start. Pray this doctor tells me everything i need to hear in order to feel he's the one. Im thirsty to put down my deposit which would b majority of the sx cost because i can not hold on to no money yall!!! It'll b gone fuckn with me smh pray for me yall. Ill b back to update when i talk to him Monday. Ttyl mauhhh ;)


Hey Goddess, you bit not just get on a plane girl lol Now, ion know cuz u right about that. Money do talk!!!

Pretty Red Thang


Love that color on you and you ndd to chng your online name you look great! Great foundation for any ps to work and sculpture on! U GO GIRLY!
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Girl that pic was 3 years ago!!!! Im tryn to look better than that girl!!! And hopefully i will! Yily emailed me to confirm my date!!!!! So i will be goin to her ;)
Dr Fisher of Vanity Cosmetics I was quoted $3500
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Yily confirmed March 24!!!!!!!

Hell yeah!!!!! Emailed me in the middle of the night. And usually ion be on that. Ion play with my sleep yall lol i work 16 hour shifts back to back shidd. So i will b goin to her. Ready to book my plane ticket!!! How long does it take to get your passport? Can my vets tell me what ill need to start getn as far as supplies and good rh houses. How much extra money i should take. What to be prepared for at the Dominican airport. All that. I love y'all ladies!!!! Anybody going March 24, 2014 lets buddy!!!! I want to stay maybe 20 days. But 14 at the least. Aint no peace in my house so i wana heal as much as possible before i come home......


I love the red on you it brings out your skin tone and I see dem curves go girl
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A little over 3 mos pre op

Ok, so im truly excited!!! Yesterday i went to sign up for LAFITNESS. Today i meet with the personal trainer. Im losing this 20lbs!!! It wouldn't hurt to lose 30. He fine to yall lol Wish me luck with losing this weight. Correcting my eating habits is hard but i want this so i got this! Hopefully lol I stopped smoking. And my God was that hard. But hey i wanted to do it anyway. This is just motivation. Ill start my vitamins and stuff next week. Book my flight next week, coach there business back. I wana get myDr. Alonso


They sent my quote without instructions hw to sent the deposit it stated there are some issues with her account buy they will get back with me thru email, but when they did over last weekn they requested photo's, Ht. Wt etc...so that threw me off thinking is this someone who hijacked her gmail acct bcz I read some whre her acct was hijacked. This wat I will like to do. Im going to follow up the Med list of things they sent do my physical with my Dr here and fly out to DR the same day as you and take it frm there. I will be taking 10 days frm work and skool to make it happen. It gotta be Dr. Yily or Duran gonna get dis CASH!! sumone will sqeeze this bidy in their schedule ok.

stupid phone!!

But yea, i wana get my teeth fixed by Dr. Alonso. I hear he's the man in DR for dental. Just waiting on a quote... Til next time ladies ;))))))


I'm so glad you decided to stick with Yily. She will bring that sexy body back!!
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Thanks boo!! I hope so ;) hows ur journey coming along??
You already have curves so you are going to be the bomb when everything is over with.
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Booked my flight!!!!

So last night i went to book my flight online. And i was just looking at the book button for awhile b4 i actually pressed it. Its beginning to seem surreal. Like, im so excited yet nervous. I told my bff i was going for this procedure. Its like nobody is really happy for me. The first thing ppl say is all the negative things about sx. But i mean come on, if it was that much negative that out weights the positive then y in the hell is ppl still getn these things done! Ughhh i just wana be secure about myself. Hell my bff had a nice body since she started developing!! She dnt know what it feels like to be in my skin. But anywho, this will be my last year feeling like this. I been in the gym everyday going hard! I take the weekends off but I've been watching what i eat. No meals after 7. The whole nine. I want this! And imma go get it!!!! 2014 if God says the same its my time!!! Time to live!!! Ppl say realize when u feel good about urself ur so much happier. And i want that.

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Almost forgot.....

I got a quote from Dr. Alonso. 2300 for 6 front veeners. Im gona try to swing this as well. I love Dominican Republics prices!!!!! Omg veeners cost atleast 1000 per tooth in Chicago smh


Yilly work is very good! Im going to Dr. Villaloboos for round 2.
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Did u go to Yily the first time around?
prettybrownYILYDOLL & Boutdatlife &DC & chicabrown headed to D R n then theaters near you . These haters cant hold us back
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Gotta stop snacking!!!!!

Omg! Ok, so i work overnight and when i tell u its hard to stop snacking, i am not lying!!!! Pray for me y'all. I havent lost a pound :(


Did u go thru with ur sx?
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Gd march 24th is right around the corner gd luck
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you got this mz.ladi just think everytime u wanna snack do you want the new bod or the snack. I use to work a overnight job it is soo hard I would just eat because I was soo bored.LLOL I recommend drinking a lot of water and making juices a big nice one that can last through part of the night. Good Luck . If you can afford find a personal trainer if it is within you budget the are great motivators :)
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Sorry for the wait!!! Almonte is my ps now ladies!!

Hey ladies!! Sorry for the break but life has its ups and downs. Sooooo wtbs i am scheduled for sx with Fatima Almonte Nov. 11. I have sent my deposit to confirm my date. Im so excited! I've been working my ass off at the job. I miss my babies. I just cant wait for it to be over. Sometimes i feel like im being selfish but then im like hell, i never do nothing for me. I do this, then everything can go back to normal. But better than normal!! Because then i can enjoy life!! I can look forward to going places!! I want that confidence back!! I believe it will help me with living. Because I've gotten so out of shape i don't even go nowhere. And i mean nowhere. Just work and home. What a life right??!! But i used to be this fun person. The life of the party!! I don't wana do alot of partyn because im older now. I just wana live. So, im still behind on some things like supplies medications and passport but its coming together. I started my vitamins and started phentermine. I lost 6 pounds in 2 days!! Working on losing 20-30 by Oct. I have to stop taking the phentermine a full month before sx so pray for me!! Til next time ladies ;)

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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Im not sure if im goin to go with Yily at this time. She's a really busy surgeon.

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