changed my goal weight to 170. 33lbs away from my goal

Well ladies hi im looking into getting a bbl with...

Well ladies hi im looking into getting a bbl with fat graphing to my hips im looking into getting 1500ccs into each cheek and as for my hips I want about 350 maybe 400. I was looking into doctor salama but I actually decided in going with doctor robles in the dominican republic her work is very nice. So I received a quote from both Dr. Robles quoted me at $4900 for lipo, upper and lower back stomach hips and chin and all that transfered into my hips and butt. I want a big butt as big as I can get it.

I have another review for a tummy tuck I just did on oct 22, 2012 with Dr. Tehrani hes awesome I wouldve had love to do my butt with him but he dosent do big butts I think or atleast not as big as I want it. Lol. Im constantly talking to raquel just to keep her up to date to what going in my life and those type of things. Also she told that I will have to submit my request for a new quote because it goes over the 6 month mark once after the 6 month you will have to get re evaluated so I will be doing that again in march.

Hello ladies im still searching for my bbl doctor...

Hello ladies im still searching for my bbl doctor I want some that can hips and a big butt. Right now my butt looks like spongebob lol. So I inquired dr. Salama and the quote was about $9000.00, I inquired doctor robles and that was $4900, im waiting for my current plastic surgeon as well as dr.j. the reason why I might not take salama is because he disent inject hips and this girl right hear needs hips. My fear with doctor robles is I dont many of her patients being plus size I see petite girls and also the fact thats in dominican republic makes me wonder I really dont want go alone. I will keep updating my progess and also what dictor will I finally choose. I will be poating pics tonight if I have enough. Energy to do so. If you ladies know of any doctors that do big hips and big butts let me know

Hello ladies here updating. Well my minds is going...

Hello ladies here updating. Well my minds is going crazy I dont seem to find a 5 star doctor for a bbl. DR.SALAMA IS GOOD BT DOSENT DO HIPS WTF. Dr.J is the best to my opinion but he is booked intill sept like I need my butt before that. I honestly dont know what to do $$$$ I have a unlimited budget for this or anything else I will like to do but I dont want spend too much either I already spend $12000 for a tummy tuck this past october and honestly I refuse another $12000 for my butt because I need a breast reduction and that will be like $7000 plus a face lift when I hit 40 years old which is about q7 years away and by then I will say it cost like $15000 so that to much $$$$$$$ when you add it up. I dont have a limit though I want the best results out there and from what I see that is dr.j. what to do ladies any advice?

My Doctor: Name not provided today I received...

My Doctor: Name not provided

today I received my quote to my surgeon the one I did my tummy tuck on oct 22,2012 he gave me a very good quote bbl lift with lipo of upper and lower back stomach and flanks plus added hip graphing for $8790.00 which I think is awesome my mom is also doing a minor surgery with him not nothing big something minor so why that one of the reasons he gave such a great discount. I think that's awesome I did ask if there is a limit on many ccs that you transfer because I heard from someone else on here that there is in the state of ny. quote fro salamana price: $8499 lipo of upper, lower back, flanks, stomach, bbl with graphing to the butt he DOSENT DO GRAPHING TO THE HIPS, he does lateral injection. 2 garment, 2 massages, anesticia fee, facility fee. transportation from and to the facility quote for Dr. Tehrani (my current surgeon) price: $8790. lipo of upper lower back, flanks,and stomach. bbl fat graphing to hips 2 garments, facility fee, anesticia fee, facility fee quote for Dr. robles Price: $5000( I added her quote but im not doing my sx with her because of a review I read) lipo of upper lower back, flanks, chin and stomach, bbl with fat graphing to hips 1 garment, facility fee, anesticia fee, facility fee, 9 days in the recovery house, 3 homemade meals a day, " PRIVATE ROOM" with ac quote for Dr. J (pending) so here is the deal I am looking to travel any where since I don't trust any one with my children except for my mom and my mom works so that would mean she will have to take vacation of work and that means two weeks so I don't think its fair for her to give up two of her 7 work vacation time to care for my children while im away. when I did my tummy tuck my took two weeks for my tummy tuck I was present in her home if I was to go out of state this time she will be caring for two small children with no help and I know how difficult my kids can get. so I honestly don't think its fair. which leads me with the option to go with my current surgeon so that I can spend that week helping my mom with the children like I did with my tummy tuck. im still undecided so we will see.

also I have a review for my tummy tuck with before pics

Hey ladies im undecided as to with who to do my...

Hey ladies im undecided as to with who to do my surgery I love salamanas work but really do not want to travel. And if I was to travel im loking to it for the last two weeks of august or maybe the last two weeks of September any body will like to buddy up to split the hotel cost for Hamilton inn since I heard its right across the street from salamanas office. Im planning to go for 10 days 11 max.

Hey ladies that went with salama im needing some...

Hey ladies that went with salama im needing some input. what hotel did you stay in and how good was the experience? Also if you stood alone was it manageable being alone or ?
Hi,after reading ur story. U need to look at dr perry work,he in miami n charges 7k which gives u hips n ass.he makes u curvy. Im going to him doing 1500cc in each check. I have kids to in Orlando so miami is great for me, i don't like the fact of going in another country for surgery,what if something happen? u nvr no what can happen or ppl will try to cover up. Not to scare u but they r good doctors in the us :)
Nikki.e thanks for the advice but I live in nyc...
I really dont want to travel

So last night I was looking around here and doctor...

So last night I was looking around here and doctor came coming up every where I looked so I decided to request for a quote for my lipo procedures. Im currently waiting on her to answer will let you guys know how much she quotes... have a good day ladies...

So I got contacted by pam the manager of current...

So I got contacted by pam the manager of current surgeon which told me that my doctor edited my quote because I requested 1300cc on each butt cheek and about 300ccs per hip so now he want to charge me $12100.00 from $8790 which was the first quote he send guess whos not doing her bbl with him this girl right here.i already gave him $12000 for my tummy tuck so nope its not happening. Im still waiting for dr. Yilys cute and I finally got to see her work and damn she does nice asses... lol
I still cant believe DR T is charging that insane amount for bbl and honestly speaking NYC dont do off the hook butts like that! It appears to me that Florida, California, ATL, D.R. do excellent butts. Not dissing nyc but wtf most women go out of nyc to get their booty. If i ever decided to get a bbl it would def be jimerson, yily or salama may b even constatine mendieta
WOW $5000.00 what a difference! thats great! hey go for it
Hey ms lady check out dr jimmerson site may be he'll be helpful. Him and salama seem to be the best! I left you a reply on your tummy tuck page regarding my appt today! Hope it all works out for your booty lol

Well im currently waiting for Dr.yily and honestly...

Well im currently waiting for Dr.yily and honestly she needs an assistant. Damn its been like 3 days shes so lucky that he work is awesome. So in the while I wait I decided to put a list together of things I needed. Here it goes:

Vicodin (im glad I have my own)
Water bottle
Maxi dresses
Boddy pillow
Feminine wipes
Regular wipes (clorox)
Dial soap
Tape measure
Maxi pads
Wife beaters
Tooth brush & paste
Hair brush & tooth

I 4got to add that my husband is not supporting me...

I 4got to add that my husband is not supporting me like he did the last time for my tummy tuck he had so many bad things to say and again just like I did last time I will go on with my decision with my decision and continue my bbl journey with him or without I honestly dont care. Oh and I 4got to add that my mom is not supporting me either she has so much to say since im going out of the U.S I understand the risk im taking but if only they knew how much harder they make this journey without any support. So not only will I be going out of the country but I might also need to hire a nanny as well since my mom might not want take some of her vacation time because im going go out the U.S. im venting ladies sorry I really dont have any one to speak to. Im so upset but im not going to let this discourage me any way moving forward.
Benadryl for the itching . You don't need many panties but if you take some take some that are one size larger than you are now .
Ok thanks right Im 6 im take my size 10 I have from when I was pregnant lol
whats dr yily email?

Im still waiting for yily those any have her...

Im still waiting for yily those any have her number and when its the best time to call.

Im still waiting for yily those any have her...

Im still waiting for yily those any have her number and when its the best time to call.

Hello ladies I was quoted at $3000 which is great...

Hello ladies I was quoted at $3000 which is great but she said now I weight 220lb she told me to go down to 190lb which I was going to do anyway so im excited i have been going to the gym for about two weeks now 3 times a week so Im have to bump it up a little to atleast 5 days a week. Well I finally got my quote thanks to mizz scorpio we called yaris dr. Yilys asst. I was on the phone with mizz. Scorpio for about 3 hours talking and omg we talked so much lol shes so funny and nice. And she definitely understands what im going through I definitely recommend talking to others friends from here so that you can see that other are going through it with it. .... thanks mizz scorpio you are awesome girl llll..
Hey hun!!!! You are more than welcome suger lump I'm just a text or phone call away told u u r going to be a bad B*** when she is done with you.
Hey mama that's a great quote! know you cant wait! Im excited for you! keep me posted and of course i will do the same! GOOD LUCK
Go you! Keep up the good work!!




how can I get in contact wi yily its been two weeks whats her correct email adress or number?
Call her 809 331 5050 ext 208 her asst name is yira perez
Does her asst speak english?


Hello ladies I know so of us spend a lot searching the topic of BBL, results and everything else but I think we should also research a little bit about the cpuntry itself, the people, there money, value ect. Well I had previously posted a link here on things to be carefull in DR and that me must be alert. Also that we should add the currency converter to our apps if we were planning to change usd into dominican pesos? Well now you download the app and you know how much in total you get in return when you do the exchange but how will you know what the $$$ looks like and the value... well is here is another link that will help you. Here are actual pics of what dominican pesos look like take a look. Enjoy.

I heard yily doesn't give a large amount of cc's bc I want 1500 in each did she tell u she could do that large amount bc now im second guessing in going
Nope she didnt tell me but I think im willing to give it a try..
Hey ms lady how's it going, I purchased my cg from also check out, just type in post surgical garment

Does any ladies know any other revovery house...

Does any ladies know any other revovery house around yilys office? I heard that jcs dosent have any hot water? How true is this? Wether they do or not im still going to yily but I will just want to know. Thanks in advance ladies.
Hey lovie is that the earliest date she gave u?
Hey how are u? the cg sites are,, You can google post surgical garments and it comes right up

So I been searching around still havent not foun...

So I been searching around still havent not foun that doctor that has quick responses and great skills. Yily is great at her work but she doesn't respond fast enough and sorry to say but I think her two asst are ao overhelmed by work that they are just making so many mistakes and thats unexable. So I contacted another doctor by the name of Dr. Alegandro Hernandez and he told me I only needed 800ccs to get the butt I wanted but I want like 1200ccs and he said he dosent do more than 800ccs. So I will settle for 800ccs I think the leasts I will take will be 1200ccs. Im paying so I just get what I want one and I dont think that will jeopardized my health becauae I seen womwn get 1500ccs and they still alive.. so wtf.. anyway my search will continue..
We are in the same boat, lost in the sea of plastic surgeons. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to decide on.. I'm choosing a doctor who will make me look better, while making sure I don't endanger my life! ya know? Robles would be great if she did multiple surgeries.. I don't think Dr. Alejandro delivers WOW results. I've decided to go with Dra Duran in DR. She's friends with Yily which is a good sign to me, gorgeous body, beautiful results, and great with communication! :)
I will check her out because im still searching. .. I want the best I will refuse to settle for less... lol

Does any one know any surgeons in brazil or colombia?

Does any one know any surgeons in brazil or colombia?
I've tried looking for some in Colombia and Brazil was not pleased and read many horror stories. . . >_> DR isnt too far from home..
my humble opinion is to cross out brasil on your list , just the ticket it's at least 5 grands. good luck girl
Thanks nilkarichiez didnt know that

Both very good doctors bit I dont know who to go...

Both very good doctors bit I dont know who to go with im so confused.... will beaking a decision soon...
Madameem yia I am go with a doctor in Dr just dont lnow who yet ..
What kind of booty you want? That can help with the decision making
Well I dont need a iti bitty waste because I know that I wont look right with that but I want some nice size hips and a big butt.. not huge butt a big one...

Well ladies I noticed some crazyness going around...

Well ladies I noticed some crazyness going around I dont know and dont care what is this in regards.This site has lost its concept it was so much more better a few months ago and I noticed that the bbl section is the only one that has all the problems.. I guess women dont know how to act when they going get an ass. Lets respect everyone opinion it shouldnt matter what surgeon you go to all it should matter is that we come out with the results we want.. so ladies have a good night hope ya had a great a weekend and lets respect each other...
I am actually scheduled for SX in Colombia in a few days. I can recommend some doctors if you'd like.
Thanks poshe I am open to any suggestions. .
it's sad glad my page it like that. childish

Im so happy finally my mom has jumped on board and...

im so happy finally my mom has jumped on board and is supporting me in my bbl journey im so excited i cant express my happiness... well at first my moms was totally against it because she said i shouldnt go out of US because i had the money to do it here so she couldnt understand why i wanted to travel.. any ways she has finally decided to support me since she noticed that with or without her approval i was going any way im a grown women have 2 children i live on my own apartment with my husband. i have been working since im 16 years old and i always been very independent im currently not working but my husband pays for anything i want including the last surgery and this one as well.. i have two small children a girl and boy that i adore dearly and my husband as well.
Did you see Dr. Schulman yet? He is in NY and he did my BBL as well as a bunch of other girls on here. He was very aggressive with my fat transfer and the other girls all say great things. He may be worth checking out because it may save you a trip somewhere else.
but if u want that many ccs dr,jimmerson n salama would probably be best for u!!!
i dont really like the fact that salama does not inject hips and.dr.j butts look dont look natural to me no disrespect to.those girls who have had work done with him but hes not my kinda of surgeon i want curves and to natural as possible but with a big butt. thanks.for your input i am always open to others point of views.. thanks again

I got admitted to the hospital thursday afternoon...

i got admitted to the hospital thursday afternoon for food poisoning currently IV and a liquid diet... missing my home...
struggling with my decision as well, hard to find a doc that can satisfy all concerns...good luck on your decision and get well soon..:)))
Hey girl...hope u feel better soon!

Well ladies i weight myself after almost...

well ladies i weight myself after almost two.weeks.of not stepping onthe scale.i.was.a.lil scare but i.had food poising so i know.i was.down a couple of pounds well in my last weight in i was.215lb weight 203lb i couldnt believe it.i husband step on the scale thinking my scale had gotten messed.up but there weight was aaccurate so i re weight myself and i got the same 203lb. well with that said i had changed my goal weight from 190lb to 170lb before sx. so 33 more pounds to go
Ur date is approaching can't wait to see ur results
You go girl! That's awesome :) can't wait to see your results!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

looking for some realistic wish pics still undecided.on where and to whom to go to...

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