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Ok so this is my first step towards my goal. I am...

Ok so this is my first step towards my goal. I am 5'3 and weigh 180 lbs... I have very large amazing natural breasts but I have absolutely no butt!!! I also tend to carry a lot of weight on my upper body (back shoulders arms etc) so I'm looking to go to DR and become a Yily doll or maybe if I find a reasonable price here in new york I can do it here. Any thoughts or advice? I'm looking for yilys email address and I'm getting nothing somebody please help! :) I've been cobsidering yhis on and off for like 3 years and I'm hopinh she can shrink my upper body and give me the bottom half of my dreams! I'm scared and nervous! A curvaceous and nice body is all ivr ever wanted!
Hey Gurl.. Welcome! Here is her email address: She took 7 days to give me my quote, 4 days to confirm my date and 7 days to confirm my payment. Check out Ensure Addict she is from NYC and has a lot of NYC gurls on her blog... Hope this Helps
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I have nt even spoken to yily yet but more than likely I will end up going to her.

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