How Do I Start the Process? Do I Need to Go on Yily's Website?

Ok, I've decided to go with #TeamYily! I've done A...

Ok, I've decided to go with #TeamYily! I've done A LOT of research & this is something I've been wanting since I was 17 (I'm 42 now) & it wasn't even heard of back then!

The doctor I was previously looking into was in South Carolina & he was charging $17,000! I was willing to take loans or sell a kidney if needed LOLOL (joking about the kidney)! But just imagine my surprise when I found this site & as I'm looking I see quite a few females with very nice "after" pics from Dr. Yily. When I seen her prices, I almost passed out! Very reasonable, with great work! I feel I am truly blessed to have found this doctor! It is my time & finally... I'm getting the bbl & breast lift.

I currently weigh in at 189, but looking to lose 29-34 lbs & getting down to 155 -160lbs. I know that sounds heavy still, but I'm top heavy & to get down any smaller BEFORE the surgery, it wouldn't give her enough fat to work with, believe it or not! I'm built like a boy :/, no hips & no butt, just BOOBS galore! I'm square, so I need her to create me a shape.

I don't have enough nerve to post pics of me yet, but I'm hoping as the time come closer, I'll put away all shame & do what so many has done before me....POST PICS!

I'm looking at going the first week in October, because currently, I'm in nursing school & I graduate Sept 28, 2013 & I want this to be my graduation present to myself. Sooo, if anyone is interested in that time frame (to make things cheaper at the Spa House), please don't hesitate. I know it's far off & everyone is getting ready & looking forward to showing their booty for the summer :) LOL Just hit me up & let me know.

I've already started saving for my "booty fund", so it's just a matter of time. Pleeezzzz, can anyone tell me the process of what I need to do, or how I need to do it? How do they price, when do I send pics, what? Thanks for any info & I look forward to hearing from EVERYONE!! Mz Coco Cola

Yes 2 Yily.... Did Yily suggest you loose weight? Are you getting BBL only? I understand about posting the pics we all have to do what we feel is comfortable for us. Believe me I've seen some gurls say they have a pot belly and it didn't stick out at all... I don't knock em b/c I know how we are are worst critics. I was very apprehensive about putting up my pics b/c of my age, my thighs, my back, my non existent ass my my my my my....I've not heard one person on RS criticize anyone on their shape, we know the struggle so you are safe her with us. If you need your face taken out of the picture Kirsty at Real Self will assist you, just email her before you post the pics... I've seen women post their weight loss and then post the end result.. It's beautiful and inspiring to me .... Have you sent Yily a email requesting a quote? If not I would start there and give your measurements, height, weight and include front, side and back photo of yourself. Based on this information she will give you a quote. I would also include ANY questions you have in the email.. Try to put things in bullet points and not paragraphs..I say this b/c they get alot of emails and slows down the process for everyone... She should respond within 7 days. I like the Booty Fund... I started a Booty Gift Bag. I gave a list to my of all the things Yily and the other women have used for this surgery. They will purchase all of the things for me and the most expensive was a Faja and Vitamedica Vitamins...

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

The first thing you probably need to do is contact the doctor, via email, or the email form on her website and ask for a quote. Just tell her what you want done, and it's probably a good idea to send photos and a little info about yourself, such as: age, weight, height, etc. That will probably get you started, I would assume.

If you're looking for travel buddies, we have a forum post, where ladies leave a message to see if anyone is going around the same time as them. You might want to add your info in there.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!




Surgery date with Yily Oct 15, 2013

Well, I've been following a few of the RS ladies & have been getting great info & feedback. I've looked at several different doctors & their work & have chose to stay with Dr. Yily. I feel she can give me what I'm looking for which is liposculting, bl, bbl w/fat grafting to my back, flanks & stomach. I'm hoping not to have to get a TT! Does anyone know if she want u to be a certain body weight? I'm down from 192 to 176 & trying to get 16 more pounds off before I go in for surgery. I'm apprehensive about sending her body shots before I get to my ideal weight, in fear of her quoting me one price, then I lose the weight & she keeping the price the same...Anyways, I contacted her assistantant Yira Monday night about 11:30 pm on whatsapp & what do u kno, the very next day, Yira contacted me back!!! It was less than 24 hrs!! WOOHOOO!! I think what helped was that I sent all communication in Spanish with my iTranslation app! So today she wanted me to contact Samira (she speaks english) I called & left a msg, hoping to hear back soon! Now I need to find someone who will accompany me in the trip to help take care of a sista! LOLOL I need to start shopping for the small things now so I don't get to overwhelmed! I'm in my last 11 wks of nursing school & I'm going to hav a lot going on. I'm such a procrastinator so I need to get on this like yesterday!! I'm open for all suggestions! Thanks!
So how was it? Did she hook u up?
Are u in the actual program or doing prereqs.
hey luv. how did sx go? update when you can. xo


Well, I have a date from Yily for Jan 29, 2014 but I think I want to reschedule due to my period will be just getting off! (ugh)! So I'm looking at maybe Feb 3, 2013, I'll have to check with her assistant to see if that day is full! Actually, with Yily coming back Jan 15, 2013, I might want to wait a full month or 2 to let her get back into the game! So if anyone is looking to go between the 5th & 12th of Feb let me know. I'm pretty flexible. Now when I say the 5th & 12th, that means I can have sx on the 6th or the 13th, then count 10-12 days from either one. Hit me up & let me know! I'm going regardless (Lord willing).

Recovery house

Well, the time is nearing for my sx with Yily (5 Feb 2014)! My main concern is where am I going to recovery at?! I'm looking for any buddies that's going to be in country at least 12 days after sx. My dates are 4 Feb - 17 Feb. anyone interested in rooming let me know or if you know of any recover houses. Please, not HH!
I'm headed out there too. I fly out Feb 18 & sx is set for Feb 21... I will stay from Feb 18 to March 8
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