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Hello bbl sistas!! I have finally decided to make...

Hello bbl sistas!! I have finally decided to make an account today. I am scheduled for surgery with dra yily in 4 days May 23, 2013.. I am 30yrs old and a wife and mother if 5+1 (raising my niece also). I gave been researching this for about 3 yrs now and a RS addict lol... I was originally going with Dr. Salama and was suppose to have my surgery last year but backed out... After seeing Dr Yilys work i was hooked again and decided its now or never so here i am packed and ready for my journey to begin. Im looking to stay at yasmins recovery house just waiting on a reply(hope she has space). I may post pre-op pics later but not yet comfortable lol.... I will try and give updates and reviews once i cross over but til then ttyl my bbl sistas..


Yay, can't wait to hear all about your journey and see pics! Good luck hun! =)
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Good luck! How did you pick the rh I am having a hard time deciding what I want to do in regards to recovery.
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Thanks you. But as far as the recovery houses Yasmin's is full at the moment until the 29th and apparently jacspa is doing some type of remodeling we were booked with them until they sent an email stating their not able to accommodate us anymore... So back to square 1...

Yily dolls PLEASE HELP!!!

Ok so i'm due to catch my flight in 2 days, surgery scheduled for Thursday and out the blue i get an email from jacspa stating they're starting remodeling and can no longer accommodate us. Im sooo pissed right now how you go from just confirming our stay two wks ago to now yall under construction..ugh i promise i don't have time for these games... So i email Yasmin she's full and now I'm stuck don't know what to do from here. I did email Yira and waiting on her to reply so if anyone knows another recovery house that has GOOD standings please let me know ASAP. I came to far to have to cancel...


I got that email too I was pissed im trying to go to angelas too
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Another member mentioned Angela's recovery house and one called Jasmins!
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You should call Yilys office and they should be able to help you. I am going on July and i got the email from JMspa too. I called Yilys office and talked to Teresa and she told me that they are looking for Recovery Houses to accomodate the ladies that are coming. She said that they are doing research and checking them to make sure the ladies will be fine and well treated. Call Teresa to see if she can give you information of one of them. Good luck. Have a safe trip and fast recovery.
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2days post op

Hello ladies I'm finally feeling a Lil better DRA Yily hooked me up I'm sore as hell but liking the outcome so far.. Post op pics coming soon... Full detailed review coming soon time to rest...


Hope your feeling great now!
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I am glad you are on the other side asYilydoll. Happy healing and quick recovery
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Nice. Please take care of your self.
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