BBL Part 2 - Round 2 ~DURAN May 22, 2014!! ;) Anyone interested in swapping dates with me? My May date mayb up for grabs

I had surgery with Yily may 2013. Wasn't...

I had surgery with Yily may 2013. Wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome bc she only gave me an inch on my butt nd my stomach is still flabby:( This time around I'm gonna get in shape nd lose 20 lbs b4 surgery. My measurements are 36d-26.5-45 nd I'm getting bbl and bl. Duran gives a lot of ass so I'm pretty confident ill b happy with the outcome from both surgeons combined.

Before sx pics

Ok I think some of u may hav the wrong idea. I wasn't busted nd disgusted before I got my sx with yily. Well I ws a little lol bc I gained 10 lbs in the 2 months I was waiting for surgery. But before tht my body wasn't sloppy nd my booty ws already pretty big bc like I told y'all in last review I had injections in 2010 so I was already a 44. Bc some of y'all think I look good doesn't mean I shld b so grateful for my results bc my shape wasn't terrible before. I rlly wanted more butt nd I ddnt get tht. So thts where my dissatisfaction comes from. You jus happens to b very conservative when it comes to fat transfer. Which is understandable bc she wants to b safe BUT she ddnt deliver wht I asked for. An expectation of 2-3 inches after a bbl is not unrealistic ijs. I want more lipo nd I want a bl nd more ass so thts y I'm getn a rd 2. I hav posted sum befores nd I will leave these up until Sunday night then I'm takin em down. I appreciate all the feedback comments nd well wishes tho:-) I will respond to y'all comments asap

Before pics coming down soon

I'm removing my before pics in the morning. I posted them so some of u all cld c where I was coming from with y I we unhappy with the additional inch I got on my butt from Yily. I also had my arms lipo'd as well nd they ddnt go down at all sooooooo....gss u all cn form ur own opinions from my experience. Xoxo

Expectations nd wish pics

So I bn talking to my boyfriend nd talked to my friend who went to Duran last may abt my rd2. They are telling me not to do it, my butt is big Enuf nd basically they r both concerned tht it will b too big after I go to Duran. So I'm staring to have 2nd thoughts. I honestly think it'll b perfect but there is tht thought in the back if my mind tht I cld possibly overdo it nd end up looking real crazy lol. My 45 inch hip measurement comes predominantly from my wide hips nd not my butt so I jus want more fat back there. I totally feel like my frame can handle it but there's the "what if" factor. Bc once it's in there I'm pretty much stuck with it lol. As of now I plan to still hav my surgery.

My surgery buddy is duran doll she is going for her round 2 with Duran and we are staying at Yasmin's. More than anything else I'm nervous abt how my breast lift is gonna turn out. I love sexy tits nd if my boobs end up massacred lopsided nd all tht jazz ima cry y'all I'm so serious. I believe in durans skills but I haven't seen many lifts without implants so I'm praying on this. I have started researching scarring after breast lift nd I will come up with a complete regimen to combat the scarring. Supposed to book my flight next month nd after tht it's super official no turning back. I posted wish pics of waist to hip ratio, projection, butt cuff, nd tits. These r things I hope to improve with my round2.

I am still planning to lose 15-20 lbs before surgery. Tht will put me at 140-145 nd at 5'1 I think she will hav plenty of fat to work with. If not oh well. Id rather b close to my goal weight nd much healthier for my surgery this time around. I will b focusing most of my attn on my arms nd my legs since I am not lipoing those areas. I don't want to necessarily lose my legs but id like to tone nd replace the fat thts there will muscle. That's all for now;) later babes

I wasn't finished updating


Ps simulator pics

I was questioning my round 2 but after downloading tht ps app I am more determine thn ever. OMg if I look like these pics after my rd 2 ill drool over my own damn body lol. So it's def a go. I did my best with the app y'all this ws my 1st time using it but I'm sure y'all get the idea. Thanks 41morelife2live for recommending it. Muah.

What to expect after breast lift & scar prevention

What to Expect after Mastopexy

Patients can increase their chances of being satisfied with the results of breast lift surgery by being more informed about what to expect afterwards. Below you will find important information on breast lift surgery, including the recovery process and the scars that the surgery leaves behind.

As with any surgery, breast lift recovery takes time. To better prepare you for the recovery period, we have provided information on what to expect just after surgery, as well as the changes that will occur during the months following.

DocShop can help you find a cosmetic surgeon in your area today.

The First Two Weeks

Following breast lift surgery, patients may experience discomfort, swelling, and bruising, which typically last from two to three weeks. Prescription pain medications may make patients more comfortable during the first week of breast lift recovery. Patients are required to avoid sleeping on their stomachs for the first two weeks, and are advised to take sponge baths until the sutures are removed. Your doctor will make other suggestions to maximize comfort during the recovery period.

During breast lift recovery, patients are required to wear a surgical bra for the first few days following surgery. This bra is then replaced with a support bandage or sports bra which is to be worn at all times for several weeks. The sutures are removed from the breasts after a week or two. Patients are normally able to return to work and light activities after about a week. However, during the first week, it is important to avoid bending over or performing any strenuous activities that put unnecessary pressure on the chest. Strenuous activity too soon after surgery can slow healing and cause excess swelling and bleeding.

Because smoking reduces circulation, you should stop smoking for two to four weeks prior to your breast lift to reduce recovery time.

The First Several Months

During breast lift recovery, it may take a month or more before all swelling and bruising disappears and the final breast lift results are apparent. Patients should avoid wearing underwire bras for the first month after surgery, and instead wear a supportive bandage or bra at all times.

There tends to be some numbness in the nipples and skin after breast lift surgery; this should disappear in approximately six weeks; in some rare cases this numbness can be permanent. Some patients experience a burning or tingling sensation in the breasts during breast lift recovery as the nerves begin to return to normal function. Breast lift surgery patients should not lift anything over their head for three to four weeks following surgery, and should avoid lifting anything heavy for four to six weeks.

Breast Lift Scars

Breast lift scars will be very noticeable for the first few months, often appearing red and lumpy. The scars will continue to fade into thin white lines over the next several months, but will never go away completely. Cortisone cream and silicone sheeting may reduce the appearance of scars. When considering the long-term results of breast lift surgery, many women feel that scars are a fair trade-off for firmer, younger-looking breasts. However, in some cases, abnormal breast lift scars can form, causing undesirable results.

It is also important that women who choose to undergo breast lift surgery do not plan to have more children, as pregnancy can cause additional sagging of the breasts. Though undergoing another breast lift is a viable option, it will probably result in more noticeable scars.

The surgical technique used during your breast lift procedure will also influence the appearance of your scars. Your surgeon will explain the typical scarring associated with each technique, including the standard (anchor) breast lift surgery, doughnut mastopexy, and laser bra lift techniques; together, you can determine which is appropriate for you. Credit of

Scarring from Breast Augmentation - What Can I Do About It?
Scarring of the skin -OR- “Did the doctor do a bad job stitching me up?”
What is a Scar?

After a surgical incision, we make collagen to repair the gap. Collagen is just like cement filling the space between 2 bricks.Too much collagen is always made, but then we also make an enzyme called collagenase that melts the extra collagen. This molding process goes on for months. Collagen is made and the extra removed in a process designed to mold the original shape of the skin. If extra collagen is left, a thick scar is formed.

A perfect balance between collagen and collagenase will leave the least noticeable scar. Often, our healing process works too well! After the skin has re-formed, we keep on healing. If we could “turn up” the collagenase in our cells, we could melt the extra scar tissue.

Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists have known for decades that there are ways to reduce scars. Until now though, none have been very convenient. Pressure bandages were found to help increase production of collagenase, our natural scar-melting enzyme, and have been used on burn scars for over a century. Cortisone Creams not only soothe irritated skin but also stimulate natural collagenase production. In extreme cases, doctors may use cortisone injections.

Doctors have prescribed Silicone Sheets for decades. Silicone sheeting taped over a scar will help reduce it. This was discovered in the early 80’s, when a doctor tried to apply pressure to a scar more evenly with a silicone gel sheet. The scars treated with silicone seemed to decrease much more rapidly. Vitamin E helps by working on the collagen fibers and makes a scar softer and more pliable.

Closing the Skin after Breast Augmentation Surgery
The first step in getting the best scar we can is the skin closure. Fortunately, most patients go to board-certified plastic surgeons for their surgery. For a plastic surgeon, closing the skin is like breathing. You have so much practice and training, it is second nature and there is truly very little difference from one experienced plastic surgeon to another.

I have had many patients come to me over the years to fix scars left by other surgeons. They are sometimes surprised when I explain to them that it looks like the incision was closed properly, but formed a bad scar anyway. This can happen.

After the skin is closed properly, what else can I do to lessen my scar?
For years, after the bandage or sterile strips were removed all you could do was cross your fingers. In 1938, Vitamin E was discovered. Over the past 20 years painting it on scars has been popular, but as I explain above, it softens them and doesn’t shrink them. There have been cortisones tapes and silicone gels and creams, all of which were helpful, but difficult to use because they were either messy or fell off.

I recommend a product called ScarGuard. This product combines all of the treatments that I described above into one liquid. It is a clear liquid that forms a fine flexible film within a few seconds after painting it onto the scar. This film helps to protect the scar from irritation while delivering silicone cortisone and vitamin E throughout the day. I have my patients start using ScarGuard right after the steri-strips or bandages come off. Treatment is continued twice a day for 3 to 6 months or until the scar has almost disappeared.

Nothing will completely remove a scar, and a few will heal badly no matter what we do, but I believe that using a product such as ScarGuard makes a very big difference in the end result.

What if I already have a bad scar from a past Breast Augmentation?
The first step is to see your doctor for an evaluation. Sometimes, a second minor surgery to revise the scar is advisable. If scar revision is not indicated then try using ScarGuard. ScarGuard works on old scars as well as new ones. If you undergo a scar revision, talk to your doctor about starting ScarGuard as soon as the bandages are removed. Credit of

So after doing a bit of reading I have come up with a regimen tht will suit me best when dealing with preventing breast lift scarring. I am gonna purchase the scarguard nd use it for the 1st 3 months along with scarguard or scar away silicone sheets for the 1st 3 months. I will be applying a vitamin e nd grapeseed oil mixture to my incisions after the 1st 3 months

Yily vs. Duran

Many ppl ask me whts the difference between Yily and Duran and here's the gist of how I typically answer.
***This is the thing...if u already have sum butt Yily will make u look amazing once she sculpts u removing all ur upper body fat. BUT if u dnt already hav an ass to begin wit it will depend on ur frame of whether or not Yily will b able to deliver inches when it comes to ur butt measurements. If u are a thin girl talk or short with a small or thin frame Yily will work her magic with you. On the other hand if ur on the bigger wider side of things with a large frame Yily is NOT going to give u a big butt. Too much surface area to cover with us more wider girls. I honestly believes she has a set range for big nd small nd she doesn't go above tht for safety reasons. She doesn't inject as much fat as Duran or Cabral. Big girls = Duran thin girls = Yily . I am happy with wht she did with my body I am not happy with the size of my butt. It looks much better but it ws gonna look better even without the bbl bc she took fat off my top. My goal was a bigger butt...ya kno at least a couple inches. I only got one tho which is better thn nothing;) so thts y I'm doing round 2 bc my ultimate goal was ass nd still is. Chances r if u see a girl who went to Yily she already had butt before her surgery or she ws a thin girl. I hav yet to see a single person who went to Yily who ended up with a nice bottom tht ddnt fit into one of those 2 categories. I think they are all (yily Duran nd even Cabral) equally great at sculpting small waist they all jus dnt give out the same amount of fat . Ppl hav to keep in mind tht we are all built diff nd some of us hav hips some of us dnt, some are naturally curvy some are not, some of us naturally hav tht dipped in waist under the fat nd some of us dnt. Thts y I wish ppl wldnt get so enthralled in other ppls results bc no body is gonna turn out like the next person. Jus bc u see it delivered on such nd such doesn't mean tht dr cn deliver tht for u. Go with the doctor you hav seen deliver the results u want on ppl who are built as closely as possible to ur own body, frame, nd height. Hth

Eta: left out a few words above

*chances r if u c someone who went to Yily nd she has a big butt it's most likely bc she started with a butt or she was a thin girl

Date confirmed!..again nd pics

Took a few pics without pants so y'all cld get a good look at my butt. There r some dimples there. Idk if it's from me not working out or wht...I hav Bn eating a lot of bs tho nd haven't hit the gym in long long time. I also posted a pic so y'all cld get a better look at my tummy nd back. It's hella flabby nd I cnt wait til
It's sucked off lol. My back has rolls too jus depending on how I'm standing or bending. My waist is 26.5 which is pretty small but the amount of fat on my midsection I'm assuming a person my height my build 5'1 shld hav a 23 or 24 inch waist. Cuz there is a lot of extra meat . My goal is 24 tho.

I contacted Durans office this morning to reconfirm my sx date. I hav read a cpl blogs where ppl were not confirmed every time they called to check. It ws 930 dr time nd I spoke with Elizabeth. She had me confirmed in the schedule for May 22 nd also had my surgery cost included in her notes as well. Thank God! Now tht I hav tht out the way I cn purchase my flight. Thts all for now:) xoxo

Switch date

I'm thinking of switching my May 22nd date for a date in late July. If anyone has a late July date nd may be interested in switching with me inbox me pls

Canceling my May 22nd date.

Call and get it if u want it. I would like to go back in sept/October but haven't scheduled it yet. Wish I cld go next month as plAnned but I dnt hav all my cash yet. Will update with pics when I'm
A year post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Will review after sx.

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I love your shape girl you got it going on. How much in total cc have u injected in your hips love your hips very nonce and curvy.
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U really look nice....
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Omg you look great! Round two??? Why?? It's your money but I think you look awesome :)
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Your body is amazing and I totally disagree for wanting to get it bigger. I think what u need is a round 2 doing lipo just under the butt cheek so you get a very defined crease, you don't have much crease now so that's why you don't have much projection and lipo on your entire back and tummy, but you need the lipo done with a very good doctor to give you that lower back arch that makes your butt look wow. You are my wish pic :) congrats
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Love your results hun!! I'm looking to become a Duran doll between now and the early winter!! How did you contact her?
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OMG BECKY... damn girl you got it! If you do go back are you staying at the same place?? I was trying to find out info on where you stayd... thnx
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OMG girl your body IS an After pic! lol Crazy! but like the other girl said sometimes we can't let go of what we envision. I am going in october just waiting to hear back from Duran on FB. I was considering the breast lift but to be 100% honest I saw 2 unsatisfactory jobs here on Realself by her and the nipples were not where I'd want mine to be ... Maybe the results weren't what I expect bc I dont want implants either and both had implants. I think I'm gonna save up and go to a surgeon in the states and take out a loan or use a surgery credit card and had cute breasts with thin scars and ensured checkups than something happening where my nipples lose sensitivity or develop necrosis and fall off. I know we are supposed to be supportive and I DO NOT want to crush your dream but boobs I'd recommend loaning or doint the credit card and paying off monthly. Eff it. Yolo.
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I meant save up a portion and do the rest on loan or surgery credit card. BTW I am still going (hopefully) in Oct for a tummy tuck and liposculpture cuz her work in that department is amazing and I want allllll the fat sucked out of my mid section lol.
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Yeah I agree. I dnt think ima do a round 2. I'll b happy with wht I got nd focus on getting my body tighter. I have 2 us surgeons In mind for my breast lift. I def dnt want deformed b pissed. Good luck boo
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Honestly you look amazing from yily in my eyes your overall shape nd booty is on point!!! But I know how it is when we hve a vision and we will go for it until we get there! I will be following ur rnd 2 hun xoxo
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girl ur wish pic is crazy lol omg that ass in ur wish pic gon be a show stopper ! .. btw how do i make a bbl part 2 it doesn't let me
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Lmao. Ikr maybe I took it too far. If I cld get my waist to a 24-25 ill b happy with wht I got. Email Kristy on here nd she will do it for u
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Where can i find her email
  • Reply attn kirsty but I'm sure anyone can help u get it done
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Yes I'm going October 2nd. Let me know if you go around then but I think you look amazing already. I just want 1/2 of your butt now.
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Let me know if you go in Oct.!!
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Again? Have you seen a therapist? Maybe your issue is mental and not physical. You look fine anything more is grotesque...
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Do u not hav a life? Y continue to visit my page with ur negativity after damn near an entire year? Diff strokes for diff folks right...or no?
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When your boyfriend and friend say you don't need round 2 and that they're concerned that you're getting too much, I don't think they're doing it to judge you or be rude. They're doing it because they care, and they don't understand why you want more of something you already have enough of.
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My boyfriend thinks my butt is big enough nd prob more thn tht he prob just doesnt want to pay for another rd of surgery lol. My friends butt is 50 inches after going to duran so she cnt possibly know my struggle when mine is 45 after sx. I got an inch nd she got 5 from her sx with Duran. It's big but it's not big from the side it doesn't poke out how I want it to. I get wht ur saying I jus dnt agree. Bit thanks for ur concern
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I can understand the back lipo and breast lift. And I see what your saying about everything else. Just, your review hit a chord with me. You remind me of my best friend since elementary school. I think she looks beautiful the way she is. But she seems obsessed with trying to achieve "perfection". I try to tell her, as long as she looks for something to fix, she'll find it. I just want her to feel beautiful they way she is... So I'm sorry if I was getting on you too much.
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For real. Looks overboard as is...
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Psychological issues. Empty souls..
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Thanks for posting all that info on breast lifts, I found it really helpful! Good luck on your upcoming surgery. :)
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