Round 3 with Contreras - Dominican Republic

Im having my third round with Edgar Contreras....

Im having my third round with Edgar Contreras. This time breast implants with lift and bbl. I was going to do my surgery in the states but I didn't want to take a loan out right now. A friend of mines just seen Contreras last month and I love her results. I was disappointed in my last 2 bbl. Im pleased with my upper body work from round 2. This time around im going to bring someone with me. I had too many surprises from my last visit to the Dominican Republic, which im not going to go into. Columbia was my first choice but the prices the doctors wanted, it wasnt worth going. I could've just stayed in the USA after I added up all the expenses. Miami was good, but they wouldnt do my breast aug with bbl. I didnt want round 4 too much. I read some bad things about Contreras, but my friend had a good experience with him. He always answers my email right away. He is certified, he emailed me his certification, he is board certified in Brazil not D.R, which is good. Every question I ask he responds without leaving me hanging like some doctors in D.R. No more recovery houses for me, im going to look for hotel. I really like Contreras work, he is good at breast jobs. Right now im 2 months post op. My hemoglobin is 13.1, im losing weight and exercising, and sweating out my calories. Im still on my 1,200 a day diet. Im using phentermine to control my appetite. Im still getting treatment for cellulite. Right now my measurements are 34c,26,40, Im 158 pounds now. I cleaned my colon and lost 6 pounds of water and waste. The intestines can hold 20 pounds of feces, ewwww... Im conditioning my body for the next 6 months. I add pics...
If that's you in the picture your butt looks great.
Of course it's myself! I guess u havnt found part 1 of my blog with Dr.Almonte. Thanx, for your comment.
What did your friend have done with Contreras?


Happy Mothers Day to all the mother's..

A pic of me giving birth to my son whom I love so much! If it wasn't for the love of my baby I wouldn't be here. My tummy wasnt the same after giving birth. I still have stretched skin

Dr. Edgar Contreras..

I forgot to mention Dr.Contreras is performing breast aug with implants. I decided I want silicone under the muscle and my bbl, I want fat injected. My friend talked me out of the bioplasty, too much complication and its just as high as the fat transfer. I was thinking Mexico at first but after seeing my best friends results, I choose Dr.Contreras.

more closer pics

Closer pics, I dont know anyone that would get on blog and dont use their pics. The point of having sx is to improve yourself. Please no negativity...
Congrats doll! Looking Fab:-) I'm not as brave as you in going for many rounds but you look great! I'm glad you finally achieved the body you was aiming for.. Can you share why didn't you go bk to Dra Almonte for your r3? Just curious because I'm going to her as well for bbl and BL w/ implants
I didn't get good vibes at the clinic. I didn't like waiting for check up for 2 hours, i was dealing with the uncomfortable feeling at the recovery house then have to deal with going to the clinic. I enjoy being around a loving environment not judgmental. This time Im bringing a family member with me. I'm going to give it another try this time and hope all goes well. Dr. Almonte is a good doctor but our personalities didn't click. You made a good choice for picking her. I need someone that is more experienced with bbl.
Sorry to hear about your differences, Ty for sharing your journey:-) & answering my questions. I'm hoping my experience is more pleasing I'm also traveling with a buddy so I think we should be ok. I'm not sure on our arrival if we will be staying at the clinic or the RH. Depends on the avail of the room. My main concern is my mid section and if she snatch my waist and remove all back fat and rolls I'm a happy doll. I'm hoping that she can BL w/ implants and bbl only if my hemos are high enough. I def want to get as many massages before my leave and also hope that the drains are out before traveling. I'm not a quick healer since the last time I had sx I was in the hospital 9 days and that was for gall bladder so I can only imagine. Praying that it goes easy sailing:-)

This blog

I was asumming this blog is for people who want to share their experiences with others and give good tips on how
to improve our bodies. Bashing people you dont know is unwasted energy, use your time on earth for something more worthy. We all going to leave this world sooner or later. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it will fade as we grow older. I love my life, love my family and not worried about others. More ppl are worried about me then myself. I want to improve my body, I have weight issues right now. I dont like the thick big leg and thighs look. Im hoping to get smaller.

My diet plan

I get up every mouring and run the treadmill for 30 minutes. That keeps my metabolism going for the rest of the day. I take my diet pill mid mouring about 10am. I eat some kind of hot cereal and take my vitimins. I dont eat much meat at all, if so its only fish and chicken. I eat alot of salad. I dont drink juices only water.

plastic wraps plus infrared blanket

This is the way I sweat my calories everyday. I always drink lots of water of course. I burns off 1000 calories just wrapping myself up and using the blanket. It help me lose the water weight and trim my waist line. I hope this advise will help someone who wants to lose weight quickly.
Did the fat last from Baez? Almonte? Did Almonte use all or most of the fat she liposuctioned from you?
Dr.Almonte took fat from tummy,back,flanks,and inner thighs


Im only 2 months post op from my last sx with Dr.Almonte. My surgery date with her was March 6th,2014. Im not completely healed right now. I have to wait 6 months before i can get my breast done. I couldn't get my breast done from round 2 because of risk of complications.


I was told I cant use phentermine anymore it raises my heart rate too fast. My ass hole doctor refused to prescibe me any diet pills. He told me I have an image problem and need to see a psychiatrist. Im like WTF? Im crazy for wanting the body I want? He says my bmi is under 30....Im like how fat do u have to be? Im not skinny at all! Im 18 pounds over weight. I have to find a way to control my appetite now. In the mourning I use the tredmill for an hour now. Im now waiting to use my sweat box at night to burn what ever calories I ate earlier. The wrap really work to shrink my tummy more everyday. There are times when I feel so bloated. I dont believe that I have an image issue. People will try everything to put u down or make u seem less then what u are. No matter what a hater might say, God will always have my back. I have to always keep my head high everyday and dont let folks get to me. We all have a past, good or bad. Its for God to judge us not others, or we will have to answer to him in the after life. Now I will have to start using the colon cleanse more so I can loose this fat more quickly.


Everything took a turn

Im continuing to exercise and sweat out my calories. Since i had to discontinue my diet pills, i feel like I'm over eating. Hopefully i can find a mild appreciate suppressant. I'm starting to feel extremely fat and bloated. My menstrual cycle have a lot to do with me feeling bloated especially the end of the month. I'm trying to get a certain weight before my third round to get better results. Summer time
is around the corner and it would be nice to slim down.
How did it go mama?
I heard he was in jail or something like that. Contreras. Please correct me if I am wrong
yes i read that in dominican republic newspaper.
Dr.Edgar Contreras

Arriving in September 2014.

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