2 new booty pics made by Yily

Hey gals, I'm scheduled 7/19/13 with Yily to have...

Hey gals,

I'm scheduled 7/19/13 with Yily to have lipo, mini TT and fat grafting done and have no place to stay and I leave in about a month!!! I called JM and the dates that I'm traveling she will be doing renovations ughhhh. So if anyone knows of any RH in dominican republic plssss let a sister know because before you know it my time will be here

Changed sx date

So I've changed my sx date because It doesn't seem like I will find a recovery house in time!!! I've rescheduled with Yily August 23rd, so hopefully by then I will be able to find somewhere. How long are you guys staying for after sx? I'm only staying 5 days but thats because of sitter issues but I wont return back to work for 3 weeks

Medical clearance for sx

Hey guys I go for surgery next month with Yily and I know she requests a medical clearance no more the. 30 days before surgery and I wanted to know if you guys have experienced any trouble getting it covered by your health insurance? I know that with some insurance policy's they might consider this 3rd party request therefore not covering it, but if I go in to my doctor and just ask for my blood test do you think I'll have a problem? Let me know what you guys think

Plane ticket booked its official!!!!

Hey girls so its official I bought my plane ticket today and now the real countdown begins!!! Tomorrow officially marks 4 weeks that I have until my sx!!!! Now what I need to do is start buying the misc. items that I'll need while i'm down there, anyone have any good list? I have my pain meds so I'm super excited about that, cause God knows my pain threshold is a -4!!!! lol I just want to pack the essential things cause I only want to have to bring one carry on.

On another note as well I booked with Angie at the Silhouette recovery house, she seems like a sweet heart and speaks perfect English so I hope everything goes well!!

ladies feel free to leave me any recommended items for my list esp you veterans out there who've already been through this experience already

I guess I'll post pre-op pics

17 days and counting!!!!

So I have 17 days before I fly out to DR and I can't wait!!!! I'm a little nervous and this is all still surreal to me....I can't even imagine myself with a slimmer waist and stallion booty!!!!

I'm waiting for my lab pre-req to come in the mail so that I can have my levels checked since I've been taking my vitamins for about a month now. I'm hoping my levels are at least a 13 so that in DR it will come out as a 12. Cross your fingers for me ladies!!!! TTYS

11 more days til I get this waist snatched by Yily!!!

11 days and counting girls and its still all surreal to me!!! I bought most of my supplies that I could online this past weekend seeing that it was tax free weekend here in Massachusetts. I still have to buy some misc things like slippers, antibacterial soap etc all things I can pick up though at my local Walmart.

This weekend I all sent Yily $1600 towards the total of my sx and I just got an email that she accepted it, I don't really want to travel with all that cash so a few days before I leave I will send her the balance. I'm not gonna lie I'm nervous and have been thinking crazy thoughts like what if I don't wake up or if I catch some crazy type of infection??? I have faith in God so I know he'll be by my side the whole time. I've decided that my 2nd faja I will buy when I return due to the fact that I do not know what sz ill be when I get back. I found an amazing eBay store that sells the 2nd stage faja that Yily recommends for only $89 bucks!!! I have it on my watch list so I know where to find it when I be back.

Ok that's it for me gird if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask tootles!!!!

Some wish pics

Lab results

Hey guys I went and got my labs done and I'm a bit disappointed :( in May when I had them checked my levels were at a 12.7. Yesterday when I got my results they were at a 12.4 which I'm shocked bc I've been taking iron supplements for about a month now!! I knew they would drop a little because I just got off my period but geesh!!! So now in a little nervous because I heard that for whatever reasons the machines used to test the blood in DR read the levels 1 point lower, so that means my levels in DR would be at a 11.4!! Has anyone else heard of this??

I called my local pharmacy and he suggested a take an iron supplement with each meal along with a vitamin c pill and I should be good to go. I hope so cause a b@tch will be getting a blood transfusion if not!!!!!

Let me know if you gals have heard anything like this I'm getting nervous...

Finally bought my sx supplies

So I finally went out and got most of my sx supplies the only thing I am missing is the lipo foam and little things like pads, scrub bottoms, slippers, maxi dresses and some face clothes. Anything else is pretty much extra or I won't need it until I get back.

The Faja I will purchase when I get back and the one that I will be purchasing is one that one of Yily doll @lolajae recommened, ( I love her review so detailed and very informative!!)

I also had to print off some pages from my textbook because I'm actually missing week one of my classes so I figured I'd make myself productive while I'm down there. My nursing book is like 10 pounds alone so there's no way I was lugging that with me to DR. Alright thats it for now girls 1 week til sx.....

4 more days til my waist is Yily snatched!!!!

Hey guys just updating you on how many days I have left! I have most of my supplies and just missing some scrub type pants and shirts!!!! It's getting down to the wire

Just a few pre-op pics

Since I'm nearing my sx date I thought I would put up a few pre surgery pics for you guys too see... Be warned ladies lol

At the airport

Currently at the airport waiting to board my flight to DR my nerves have gotten the best of me!!! I will try to post once again once I get all settled in, keep me in your prayers ladies!!!

Arrived at silhouette recovery

Hey guys I arrived in DR around 1ish I'm traveling with my bestie @morrenarox who is also having sx tomorrow. Our flight was delayed about an hour due to rain in NY. As soon as we got here Angie greeted us with open arms and kisses! She is amazing and very personable. We went straight to cipla to get our tests done which all came back fine. Let me tell you guys I was soo nervous because my levels had tested at a 12.4 a few weeks back in the states. We left cipla and came to the recovery house which is beautiful! We had lunch waiting for us and the night assistant will cook us dinner. Well that's it for now the next time I update I will be on the flat side!!!!


So I made it to the flat side!!!

I just wanted to really quickly just update you guys and let you know that I made it and now recovering at CIPLA. This sx is not for the faint of heart, this pain is no joke and hope I can sleep through the night!

For now dolls -muah

1 week post Yilification

Hey guys sorry I've been gone but this recovery process is no joke!!!! Ill just giv you guys an over view if my. Surgery for now and will come back and do a more detailed review.

I want to start of by saying that I love love love Yily!!!! She went to work on my body and was the sweetest thing ever! That morning me and my bestie were her only patients, we arrived the day before to get our labs and exams done which all came out fine. After all that we went back to the recovery house Silhouette. Keep reading for the full review on that

2 weeks post op

I'm adding just a few quick pics with my faja off a lot of my selling has gone done but there's still a lot left as well.


For those of you who have gotten tummy tucks at any point of healing did your belly become hard? My belly is really firm and I'm concerned a little that maybe it's fluid? But I'm still draining so idk... Let me know what you gals think

Pic of my new Yily made booty

My ass is looking really good girls!!! The panties have never fit me like this before!

Silhouette recovery house review

Hey gals so I figured while I have the chance I would give you all a review on where I stayed while having my surgery in DR. I stayed with Angie at Silhouette RH and let me tell you I could not have made a better choice! Let me start from the beginning.

Me and my bestie got to DR around 1 pm the day before our surgery, and was greeted by Angie at the airport with open arms and kisses. She herself has an amazing body that you could see through the fitted dress that she was wearing. She's originally from Houston Texas so she spoke perfect English. We went straight from the airport to CIPLA to get all our pre-labs and exams done where she helped us full out out paperwork and translated for us. Everything for both me and my friend came back good so off we went to the RH which was literally 5-7 min from CIPLA. We arrived to a beautiful high rise condo on the 7th floor that was very much modernized with ikea furniture and fixtures. Me and my friend shared a room I had a king sized bed and she had a queen sized bed. We also had a private bathroom in our room with cable tv, AC, free long distance calls , wifi and hot
water. After we got settled in we were given some homemade Dominican food that I sealed bc I was extremely hungry. We talked for a bit and said good night because we had to be up early for out surgery.

The next morning Angie picked us up and we were on our way to CIPLA. We were Yily's only 2 patients that day so as soon as we got there we got marked up and ready to go Angie was there with us the whole time which from what I was hearing from some other girls they are just being dropped off. The next day Angie came and picked us up and brought us back to the RH where she made us comfortable and ordered our meds for us from the pharmacy. I must say the whole time we were there she made us feel at home she is very personable. The girls at the house helping out our very good as well they helped me and my friend out the beds at all hours of the night, made sure we took our meds on time, bathed us, washed our fajas etc. our last night there Angie took us for a treat and got us some Dominican Chinese food that was actually really good! Lol from there she also took us to this huge supermarket that sold liquor so that we could bring some back home. I would recommend this RH to anyone having surgery whether it be with Yily or not. If I ever go back for a second round without a doubt I will be back to Silhouette! I made sure to tip all the girls before I left because they were all soo much help, I even have one of them one of my maxi dresses that I had bought because I took such a liking to her! So for all you girls that are having surgery make sure to hit Angie up and tell her that her Boston boo sent ya!! Lol

New pic

Yily doll update

Hey guys I know it's been a whe but I've just been trying to recover!! I had sx back in August with Yily and I'm still not at 100% yet. I got a tummy tuck with lipo to my back and fat grafting to my buttocks. My stomach is still really tight and I still get some burning sensations in my back at night too. Overall I am very satisfied with my results and think I have a small case of booty greed!! Lol I want a bigger butt!!!! I'm in love with my shape and get tons if attention when I go out, yily is god sent!!!

New pic!!! Yily dol

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look Good.. Congratulations to making t to the other side!!!
  • Reply
How much was Angie's a night?
  • Reply
It was 85 but I emailed her yesterday she said it went up to 90 a day
  • Reply
70 with a buddy
  • Reply
Can you please give me her email address I'm trying to book
  • Reply
Looking good! Question: What are your measurements now?
  • Reply
loved your review!!!so u definitely recommend Silhouette? i am debating between them and another place. did they pick u up from the airport? or was that a separate price?
  • Reply
Thanks I'm glad my review was of help, when you ask for a quote ask her to include the price of the airport pickup. Angie was amazing, spoke perfect English and very easy to communicate with. Hope that helps!!!
  • Reply
I'm looking to book my sx for Mid July early August, seeking sx buddies.
  • Reply
Wow . . . huge difference
  • Reply
I keep hearing great things about Angie. I think that will be the best recovery house for me.
  • Reply
yea she's awesome!! I would def make her your first choice.....
  • Reply
You look GREAT now you making it hard to choose RH.. Do she have a website besides the card info you provide??
  • Reply
I guess I'm sold
  • Reply
Thanks girl for keeping us all updated and motivated I hope all is well with you and your new body!!!Muah xoxo
  • Reply
You look great! You know how much cc was added to your butt??
  • Reply
What's Angie's rate?
  • Reply
Angie is 85 a day but if u bring companion or buddy it's 65 a day. 3 meals and 24 hr nurse. Transportation is 80 roundtrip but if you buddy up y'all split expenses. Hope this helps:)
  • Reply
When you made your reservation was it for the 5 days because I'm trying to make sure 6 days is ok but no response and I wanna reserve my flight. Don't want her to say she won't do me if I can't stay 10 days
  • Reply
To be honest I didn't even ask her I just went ahead and book my things because that's the longest I could stay and she was either gonna do me or I was gonna find someone else! But you shouldn't have a problem
  • Reply
Thanks! Yes she just emailed me back and said 6 days was fine but if anything goes wrong will have to stay longer. I can deal with that just don't want my booty to go away from the plane. Just so nervous bought it disappearing
  • Reply
Being that you stayed 5 days were your drains removed before you left DR??!
  • Reply
Yes on the 5th day they usually remove then take you to airport but I actually stayed a extra day after drain was removed left the next morning.
  • Reply
I actually flew back with my drain it all depends how much fluid you're leaking before you leave. You need to be releasing a certain amount of fluid so it's case by case basis
  • Reply
Yily gave you the BIZNESS!! Happy Healing!!
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