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Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last...

Finally! I been wanting to get an bbl since last year but it didnt happen:-( So this year. I plan on getting lipo from my abdomen flanks back and arms into butt. I am also getting these low riders (my saggy DDs) lifted. I already sent my deposit, just need 2 confirm my date towards the end of july. I am nervous and rxcited. I have type 1 diabetes. Dr. Yily's assissant said i could have this done as long as it is controlled which it is Dr. Yily i will go!

I set my date for July 22nd!! Now i just have to...

I set my date for July 22nd!! Now i just have to book my flight. Anyone going around the same time hit me up!

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Am I reading correctly that you're going to be having surgery in July, or this is when you will be setting a date?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


Okay so here's something thats crazy coincidental....

Okay so here's something thats crazy coincidental. I called american airlines to see if I could get my itinerary emailed to me again since i deleted it accidentally. So after I wait for like 20 min i finally get someone and give her my information. I told her i was going 2 santo domingo then she said what for if you don't mind. I say for surgery??...Then she says who do you have Robles oi Yily? So now im like ohhh okay. I tell her yily then she's like omg ME 2! She tells me her profile name(totally 4got 2..:( young body old mind:) and said she was having her surgery in march. She was super nice and told me her sister
went to Robles. I told her my profile name and told me to post pics which i
havetried to off my phone but with no success:(
Good luck on your journey
Thanks you too

MAN! Trying to loose some weight but it has been a...

MAN! Trying to loose some weight but it has been a slow process for me. I weigh 180 and im about 5'10. I work with children and they eat three times when im with them. Plus, it seems like everytime i turn around we are having some kind of party with tons of food (sometimes i think they just make up a reason like the same girl doesnt need a baby shower everytime she gets pregnant) I live in south MS too were we fry just about anything..and its Good (were number one for obesity for a reason) Got to stay focused and think of the results long term
Good luck wish we could've traveled together hope yil delivers rights god bless u honey
Stay focused Ma... I'm going to Yily on June 6th... Cant wait...
Hi, I was trying to get a date for July no one has emailed me back, I emailed tonight again we will see, good luck to you!!!
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