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March 8 2014 is my rebirth date - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone I was considering having my arms done...

Hi everyone I was considering having my arms done when I found this website and started reading the reviews on Dr Yily and for the price I was gonna pay to have arms done locally I can have all the work I want done for the same price. I'm 43 years old and I've lost a lot of weight and with that gravity has taken its toll. I would like to have BBL, TT, Upper Back and Arms done. I had a breast reduction in 2005 which has held up pretty good I may just need a BL but nothing that a good push up bra can't handle at this point. I'm just reading the reviews now and hoping to make a decision soon hoping to have surgery by mid March. Congrats ladies and good luck!!!!!!!!

Wish Pic

As long as I can remember I've had hips but no but. So I guess I need to start looking for one. I saw this pic now if I could have this body at age 44 life would great. Lol

Weight Loss Journey Starts Today

Good morning I hope that everyone had a great Christmas I did now my weight loss journey begins. I heard back from Dra Yily and I have 35 pounds to loose before I can have my surgery have to be at 180 to have it done. So I've started my low carb regimen with exercise. I am determine to get this weight off and get my surgery scheduled. I get more and more excited reading the post of the ladies who've already had their sx and seeing the excitement of the ladies whose sx are near. I can't wait to be right there with you all.

Wish pics

Wish pic

Quote is In

Ok I heard back from Dr Yily today with a quote and I sent her my request date looking for March 10. So I have started taking all my vitamins especially my iron because I've been known to be anemic. I am super excited!!!!!

From Flab to Fab

I have been overweight for what seems like all of my adult life. My highest weight was 336 pounds I'm now at 215 my goal weight is 175 but I would like to at least make it to 180-185 by the time I have my surgery. With the weight loss I was left with a large panniculitis which is just a large mass of skin and remaining fat. I also have that juicy fat back that I wish was in my butt. Well I've gotten up the nerve to post my starting pics. With hard work determination and the magical work of Dr Yily I'm going to have the body I've always wanted.

Weight coming off

Hey ladies weighed in today and I was down 5 pounds woo hoo moving right along. I'm so excited finally I will have the body that I've always wanted. 2014 is looking good!!!!!!

Happy New Years Dolls

I would just like to wish all the past present and future sx dolls a Happy and Healthy New Year. I'm trying to wait patiently to hear back with a confirmation of my date in March from Dra Yily that would really set the new year off right. I wish you all the best and happy healing!!!!

My date is official

Ok it's official heard back from Dr a Yily today my date is March 6,2014 ok works for me so everything has been shot into over drive. I will be getting my ticket no later than Friday. 2014 started off great and is getting better I can't wait to join the other Yily a Dolls being flat in front/fat in the trunk. I'm ready for my blue pill too bring it on.


Hi ladies as time draws near it seems like I'm stuck on a roller coaster and I cant get off. I made the mistake today of telling my old supervisor that I was going to the DR and she was like why you didn't tell me that and I was so excited before I knew it the cat was out of the bag. She did ask why I was having the surgery and then why over there. I told her remember we just had a conversation over the weekend where you said YOLO so there you go. I'm working like hell to get the rest of this weight off with my frame I cant go below 175 before people will start hiding their stuff when I walk in the room straight crack head action. So if I can get to 180 and Yily remove this is 15 pouch I'm carrying around and give me 5lbs of booty which is what 1300cc's I'm a big girl so I want a big old bootie. 2014 Im stepping out of the box and doing something I've never done before. Here's to loving me and this time I will be loving all of me.

Flight Booked

Alight alright my flight is booked and I have heard back from Yily confirming my date so I'm on my way. I will to get the DR on 03/04/14 hopefully I can go get my blood work and tests done and then Wednesday I will get to tour the city of Santa Domingo and Thursday will be my big day. Unlike some of the other dolls Im running a lil behind in buying my supplies. I did order my lipo foam not sure what garments to get and do I need to purchase a squeem to take with me? Any and all help is requested and appreciated. Thank you ladies in advance!!!!! Im going to be a Yily Doll!!!!!!


Hey Dolls I pray that everyone is doing well and Happy Healing to those that have already had their surgeries. I did do a lil shopping today and I feel so behind when I look at Afterlife83's list. I did see where Walmart has memory foam boopies on sale for $5.00, the EmergenC was cheaper at Walmart than ordering it online. I'm in the process of moving and I really don't wanna have to take this stuff from one place to another. I have my wish list on Amazon though and I did order my Epi Foam directly from their website was showing sold out on Amazon. Wish me luck ladies I guess I'm still in denial it hasn't kicked in for me yet.

Starting To Get Excited!!!!

Hi Dolls hope that everyone is having a great day. I sent off for my passport today I have a passcard which is really only for going on cruises so I had to get the actual card. I also did some more shopping Walgreens has the Bio Oil on sale so I picked that up and some other stuff. My friend who was also trying to get in touch with Yily heard back from her today and as able to get her surgery scheduled for the 6th of March as well. So in 49 more days I will be heading to the DR and in 51 days I will be a Yily Doll. I guess with each day it hits me more and more I'm trying to make sure I eat right the weight is coming off good doing 2 Atkins shakes a day and either a lunch or dinner high in Protein and low in carbs. I have been trying to eat foods high in iron at least 3/4 days a week because I would hate for my hemo level to be the reason that I'm not able to my surgery. I have contacted Armonia Recovery House so I'm just waiting to hear back from them and then it's a done deal. With each day I guess I'm starting to get more and more excited this is really going to take place. I told my best friend who's wedding I was in this weekend that I was going to have surgery she told me to take that money and invest it. I told her that I was investing in me and that is one of the best investments I could ever make. So Im happy with the decision I have made and that's all that matters.

BBL and TT Vets Info and Help Requested

Ok where are my vets who have had the TT and BBL together with lipo. I have read several blogs of ladies who had everything together and everything went well. I guess Im getting big day jitters and just concerned about not being able to lie and on my back or my stomach. And if you have lipo to your flanks how do you lie on your side. And the infamous plane ride home my flight is 2 hours and I think 30 some minutes how do you sit when you really shouldn't be sitting. I know we all have boppy pillows but is that enough or do I need to bring my flotation device? Ok ladies I need your help because a sister is getting nervous now. Reality sat in and so did the nervousness. If I'm paying for this butt I want it to last long enough until its mine. Please share any and all advice, suggestions comments I would greatly appreciate them trust I am taking notes. I pray I don't have a heart attack before my surgery because right now it feels like its going to beat out of my chest.

33 days to a new me

Hi ladies I have exactly 33 more days until the new me. I have been ordering my supplies and waiting for them to come in. I want to make sure I have everything in order before I leave. I have been working on my weight and why of all places to loose my boobs are disappearing. I think I'm in an A cup now I had a breast reduction in 2005 and with most people they grow back mine are doing a disappearing act. To my ladies trying to loose weight before surgery my prayers go out to you this thing ain't no joke with me it's not even about being hungry it's the cravings. I just want some of everything sweet to eat but I refuse because I want the best results possible. I can't wait to be transposed and have the body I've never had. We are in February and I wish all my February Dolls the best, a safe and uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery.


Hi ladies if you have had surgery or having surgery in the very near future I ordered 1 box of Mederma off of amazon and the sent me 4 boxes so I have two extra boxes but they expire 05/14 so they need to be used right away. If you would like them please pm me and I will send them to you.

12 more days and I'm DR bound

Hello ladies I pray that all is well and that everyone is healing and enjoying their new booties. I have been celebrating my birthday I got myself a new car all I need now is a new body to go along with it. I have my suitcase almost packed I followed a list one of the vets had posted and just minimized everything:

list of things I purchased:

1. boppy pillow
2. Memory foam pillow for my back
3. Compression socks
4. Maxi pads
5. Benadryl Extra strength itch gel
6. Antibacterial soap
7. Hibiclens
8. Chux
9. Adult wash clothes
10. Desitin Diaper rash cream
11. Bacitracin ointment
13. Medi sol remover
14.lipo foam
15. Maxi dresses
16. Granny panties
17. Flip flops
18. Pez urinal
19. Rubber gloves
20. Gauze
21. Arnica gel
22. Hand sanitizer
23. Tide pods
24. Gas X
25. Probiotics
26. Dermoplast antibactertial spray
27. Ab board
28. Arm compression garment
29. Clorox wipes
30. Lysol spray
31. Arnica pills
32. Face wipes
33. Bandaids
34. Bandage tape
35. Gown and robes
36. socks
37. Blanket
38. Stool softner
39. Diapers for extra protection against leakage for the ride home.
40. Meds my pcp filled my prescriptions for the required meds
41. Silk head scarf
42. Alcohol wipes
43. Toiletries
44. T shirts
45. Lioton Gel

Snacks: pineapples, apple sauce, tuna salad packs, protein bar.

I think thats pretty much it if anyone can think of anything I left off that I will need please let me know. I have cut everything down to a minimum a lil of this a lil of that.
Im finally starting to get excited also a lil scared but all I can do is put my faith in God cause on March 6th its going down!!!!

Ok Vets what do I need to take with me to CIPLA??

Ok dolls what do I need to take with me to CIPLA other than something to wear home?

Ish just got real on my way to DR

Wow you would think that I have never been out of the country before my nerves are on over load. I havent been able to keep anything down the last few days but the scale is climbing. I stopped taking my water pills so some what bloated but I will be on them as soon as land in DR. Im having my surgery in two days juicy and all I will just have to get the bootie extra juicy for the weight I need to loose. Gotta go see you soon in DR

Made it safe to DR

Good morning everyone we made it safe so thankful for my cousin being my interpreter because very few people speak English. Note to self learn Spanish as second language. DR is every crowded it reminds me of NY people every where they drive crazy and I promise you I saw four people on one scooter. As Americans we are truly blessed but they probably appreciate life as a whole a lot more than we do it's definitely different here. Rented an apartment off of home away haven't been able to locate it but the part of town that it took us to was worse than any hood I've ever been in here in the US so please be careful ladies because if I have to come back without my cousin I definitely will have the RH pick me up from the airport and that's where I will be until it's time to go home. Gonna go get my blood work done and try and take in some of the country.

DR phone number

Oh almost forgot my number here in DR is 8098025983 call me!!!!

Down but not out

Got to CIPLA this morning but not able to have my surgery. My hemo is a whopping 11.9 so I can't have my surgery until Saturday. Bring on the iron spinach liver no beets though. Just keeping the faith.

Heading back to Cipla

Good morning I'm up and waiting to head to Cipla praying today is my day. I know we can't promote RH but I have to say the ladies here have been great. Knowing my situation they have done nothing but try and get my iron up beans, liver, wine and even made me a black bean shake ( not bad but I would rather just eat the beans) They don't speak much English but they are as sweet as can be. Well say a prayer for me prayerfully see you all on the other side.

Today is my day where is my blue pill

Ok the verdict is in hemo is at 12.2. I wanted higher but I will take that. Thank you dolls for the well wishes and continued support this is truly a journey. I stopped by to check in on Missbigbooty she is doing fine she made it to the other side keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery also Nina and Yasmine. Prayers going up.

Thank God I see the blue pill

I can see the blue pill I almost didn't make. Thank you Lord I'm on my way!!!!!

Change of plans

Because of my hemo and being a post bariatric patient my hemo isnt high enough to get everything done and my bmi level didnt help. But Yily is going to do my tummy tuck and lipo my sides still sculpting me and I will have to come back later for that big ole bootie. Im good with that safety before vanity any day. Doll in the making

Three Days Post Op

The time change and being over here has my sleeping off. It seems like the nights are long as ever. I had my tummy tuck on the 8th so far that pain has been tolerable. Its the pain in my head the anesthesia left me with a nice sinus infection which needs to drain and as soon as it does I start to cough OMG talk about pain. I go for my post op Wednesday and will be on my way Friday prayerfully. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and my girls bossbooty msbigbooty and afterlife83 and all the dolls here at Armonia and Sandy for interperting for me. I know I wanted both procedures done at the same time and a lot of the ladies did but I can only speak for me I will have a round two. Good luck and best wishes to all of you dolls this a true journey.

Cipla where Dolls are born

Home Sweet Home/Freaking Nightmare

I followed finally made it home safe last night the flight wasnt bad but when you take off you can feel the change in compression and I still had my drains in. I got home was able to relax took off my garment and applied some real soap and hot water to most of my body. I laid down to have a freaking nightmare about some freaking tarantulas wtf and I can feel my body jerking I woke up sore and mad as hell. I will post again later for the first time since surgery I dont have a headache

Calling Tummy Tuck Vets HELP!!!!!!

Hi everyone ok today is day 21 and I'm suppose to remove my stitches well it's one stitch I'm suppose to cut and pull it through. I'm not sure how to do this and not sure if my PC will remove it or if I should go have them removed in the er. Lord please someone help me.

Stitch Removal

Ok I went to urgent care to get my stitches removed and they are like your surgeon did a beautiful job but we only see one stitch and we can't tell where it goes so they didn't want to remove it. So they referred me to a plastic surgeon to see if they can remove them. Wish me luck.

Stitches out finally

Good afternoon dolls I apologize for not really posting pic still a work in progress. I went to the ps here yesterday he cleaned my navel and removed my stitches and removed some of the scabs. He was very impressed with Yilys work told me I was healing very well and the lil area where he removed the stitch should be closed in 5 days.

24 Days Post Op and all is well

My surgery was initially scheduled for March 6th but because of my hemo I wasn't able to have my surgery until the 8th. The RH I stayed at the staff was great and very caring but the owner over booked the house something awful, we ended up with 4 ladies in what was suppose to be a 3 bed room. Would I go back there to be honest yes I would just because of the care I received from the nurse when I was at CIPLA the $50 I paid was well worth it she stayed with me through the night and made sure I was taken care of that morning. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and my pain was minimal I haven't taken any pain meds since day 3. The epidural did give me a awful sinus infection. Dra Yily to me was very nice and her bedside manner was great she took the time to sit down and talk to me to explain what she could do, what she couldn't do and why. Dra Anna and Yira were also very nice the office was a lil too small for the number of clients they have but neither her nor there. I bought a ton of supplies and found that a lot of that stuff I didn't even use and even when I go back for my BBL I see no need for it. You will definitely need a lot of pads, adult wipes, chux, toiletries, some thing loose fitting to wear, pillow, blanket and pillow for CIPLA cause it is cold there. On the way home I got held up in Customs at SDQ it was ridiculous I'm not sure what they were looking for they took in the back room and all. I've read were some of the ladies have asked whether or not to have surgery in the US or aboard which surgeon does the better work. I think it depends on the surgeon and their experience also your body and if you have realistic goals. Unfortunately I have seen some results first hand and I had to wonder what hell did they have done and I've seen some great results both performed by Yily not sure what happened to cause the difference between the two. I'm very satisfied with my results just working now on getting my hemo levels up and dropping 15 pounds before October when I plan to go back for lipo of arms, inner thighs, flanks and bbl. Stay tune for part 2 Best Wishes Dolls.

Random pics

Good evening dolls decided to try on some bra and panty sets Im loving my new tummy still a lil swollen but such a big change.

one month post op

Good afternoon ladies I pray that everyone is happy healing and my condolences to the friends and families of the ladies that have recently lost their lives and how reckless of the doctors who are practicing without the proper creditials. It was a month ago yesterday I had my surgery and I thank God I had no complications whatsoever. I had some concerns being diabetic about my navel but it appears to be coming right along as well. I still have some swelling and areas in my upper sides that are still sensative to the touch but I was told that's to be expected. I posted a picture of my navel and my incision which is still scabbing so I have lil pink areas I've started putting shea butter on them until the scabs completely fall off and then I will start using the scar away strips. Ive started back exercising mostly walking and a lil on the elliptical machine no lifting or sit ups yet. Still very happy with my results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I've read many reviews here and everyone's is going to be different. But for me I found Dra Yily to be great she was very nice and caring. She came in and explained to me the procedures I wanted performed and why she couldn't perform them. She talked to me about my hemoglobin levels as well as my BMI. She said she could perform my tummy tuck and lipo my sides and I could come back and she would complete the rest. I was fine with that and it made me feel good she put my health before a dollar sign. I witness some ladies going off acting a plum fool because they could not have their surgery done for one reason or another which most would have put their health at risk. The only complaints I had was the lack of communication because of the language barrier but Yira (Yilys assistant was great and answered most of my questions). The biggest complaint was the lack of organization but I guess that's compared to standards set in the US but I guess it works for them. A lot of the ladies had complaints about the nurses at CIPLA but my nurse who worked at the RH was great she was there when I woke up and stayed with me through out the night. Only problem again was lack of communication language barrier. I'm now planning round two to finish up my bbl. Thank you Dra Yily De Los Santos see you soon for part 2.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Congrats doll... Looking great!! Ty for sharing your journey:-) safe healing and keep us posted:-)
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Happy for you darling , God def is good , and his many blessings are wonderful . You are looking great;)
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You're definitely healing well luv. For ur belly button place a round cotton ball to assist w/rounding out your belly button. Clean area w/normal saline. Gd luck luv & ur looking great!
  • Reply
Thank you will do, yes that's what I've been using saline to clean it.
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@mzeyez gd luck. & keep me updated w/the progress.
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Looking good girl!! Ur pics look really good, and I love the black and white fit;)
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Thank you
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When in Oct. are you going?
  • Reply
Im hoping for oct 27 or 28
  • Reply
1st week in Oct
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Hey girl! U made my stay tolerable. You are totally prepared for round two after enduring what we did last month. Sending my love xoxoxo. Oh yeah got my stage 2 taken in again and DAMN the struggle is real... Lol xs waist now :)
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Hey honey I enjoyed you guys as well. I know you look great all that you went through to get there. I will be so happy when I can reach my goal. I will definitely call you when I get to Fort Lewis. Kit
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Congrats ! You look great. Hey I saw you mentioned about mederma ... Has it worked for you???? My scars are pretty dark and am looking for a treatment
  • Reply
Thanks I haven't started the mederma yet cause im still scabbing. I have some scar away imma try that first right now just using shea butter and massaging the scar to smooth it out
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Wide hip r great....lol:-)
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Lol I think so im just naturally wide and now that my waist is smaller that stand out like POW!!!!! OMG when I get my booty she gonna really hate me lol
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You look nice! Congrats!
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Thank you
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U look DAMN GOOD TO ME!!!! We both had some big ass stomach....look at us now...
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Thank you honey yes we do look fabulous darling!!!! Hows you wound doing?
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It's doin well as expected that part that reopened is still seeping fluid. But, I dont mind that. The fluid had to come out somewhere. I had a ruff road and I cant blame me nor robles but i think u should stay in dr until both drains come out to avoid going through what I did.
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I just viewed ur b4 pics. I must say ur transformation is astonishing. Please enjoy the new body luv:-)
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Thank you yes Yily did a great job
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Best wishes to you! Congrats on your new beautiful body
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Thank you
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