3 month update and questions on how to lose weight but not lose my booty

Hi my bbl sister. Like many others I have been...

Hi my bbl sister. Like many others I have been reading reviews on this site for months but this is my first time writing to you all lol. A little bit about me I'm 23 years old I'm a mother of a 3 year old and a 18 month old. I have wanted this procedure since I was 14 but of course at that time I knew nothing about fat transfer only implants were out..lol I just knew I wanted more butt. I never wanted one to please a man because I have enough going for myself that I didn't necessarily need a big butt. The doctor I chose is Dra. Yily De Los Santos in the dr. I love her contouring skills. I don't want a HUGE fake looking butt (no offense to the ladies who do) but I want a slimmer waist and a nice size butt. I contacted her and within 2 days she emailed me back and quoted me $3200 for lipo to the abdomen, flanks, waist and full back with bbl of course. I haven't made my deposit yet because I have to make sure that I will the time off work scheduled first. Question Have any of you ladies been able to get time off work on short term disability? I want to take 3 weeks off because I sit at a desk all day and I want to be healed as much as possible before I go back. I have the money for my deposit but wont have the money for the sx until September but I want to have my sx in august so I'm thinking of financing it and paying it off the next month because im so impatient and I cant wait until September lol. Any info that anyone can give about financing as well as how to get time off work other than using my vacation time would be helpful. And ladies who already went to Yily and info on your experience as well as recovery houses would be greatly appreciated.

My stats:
Im 5'2"
currently 157 recently lost 30 pounds since april... I surprised myself!!! but want to be 147 for surgery

My measurements:
38" above chest
36" waist
37" hips
40" around butt
So as you can see Im very straight shaped which is why I want yily because she makes a beautiful waist.

U want to be 34" 28" 43"
but realistically I believe I'll be 36" 30" 43"

Soooo anxious!!!!!

Hey bbl sisters I'm so anxious to have this procedure. I think part of that is because I'm ready to get it over with. Not in a bad way but this has been a long time coming and I don't know if I can wait until August. I'm trying to schedule my procedure with Yily August 4th so hopefully she has an opening. I haven't put down a deposit yet because I'm still trying to decide how much time I can take off work. I sent Dra Yily another email just asking her what she recommends for my procedure. I really don't want a tummy tuck because I might not be done having kids but I also want to have amazing results. I sent her a few wish pics a few of them are her patients but I wanted her to be honest with me and tell me if their results would be realistic for me.. I know everyone is different but I don't want to travel all the way there for results that I know I wont be satisfied with. I love her work and she makes an incredible waist line for her patients but a few of her patients have big butts and a few aren't as big. I don't want a huge nasty booty but I want enough to where u cant say that its flat lol. Not saying that he work is inconsistent because maybe those patients didn't ask for a really big butt. I don't know I think my mind is all over the place. I think once I make my deposit it will feel more real to me. I talk to my mom all the time about the procedure and she isn't comfortable with me going out of the states to have it done. Shes very supportive but is just being a concerned mother. She also doesn't want me to go alone but I don't mind because there will be nurses there to help me but maybe I can find a sx buddy that way it will ease her mind... Ill update another day ladies.......

Oh and here are a few more pics. I can hide my chunkiness pretty good with clothes huh lol

Soooo confused...

Ok so I sent Yily an email on June 17th just asking her what she honestly thought about me not wanting the TT and how my results would be without it. I haven't heard anything back yet but I'm not trippin because I know that shes busy I also sent her a few wish pics of the patients she did who were somewhat shaped like me and who had amazing results..

I'm trying to decide what to do because I wont have the money for the sx until September but I want the sx done in August. I'm thinking about financing it and just paying it off in September which isn't a problem at all but I'm having a hard time finder a place that doesn't pay the doctor directly since she doesn't accept financing... Any suggestions?????????????? I really need this done In august I cant wait until September at all.... My credit is just fine but I need some suggestions on places that will just deposit the money to me instead of the doctor...

Also I'm not sure where to go from here. If I get the loan then I can give her my deposit but what comes next??? should I buy my plane tickets.. order my passport (expedited of course) and then get my labs done? because at this point I have about 5 weeks until surgery..... HELP!!!!

Did I mention that I haven't started to buy any supplies ladies.. lol I know I'm a mess but I figured I can get that done in one day.. Clearly I need some help lol

These are a few of the wish pics I sent her.. like I said I don't want a HUGE butt but I want much more than I have. A few of these ladies are Yily Dolls and I believe one is Salama's work... but their results are amazing. Not all of them had my shape but I like different things about each photo.

Here are a few more photos

Here are a few more photos of Yily Dolls... she did great work on them hoping that my results are similar.. I've noticed that she has been making smaller booties but I also noticed that those were on the smaller girls.. I'll be around 140-145 for sx so that should give her enough fat to work with lol

Dra Yily emailed me back

Hey ladies... its weird right after I posted my last review.. I had an email waiting for me and it was from Dra Yily. She said that to achieve the results and the size waist I want that I should go ahead and lose 10-15 more pounds which I was going to do anyway I just wanted her to confirm it lol So I guess that I'll still be Ok without the TT which is what I was worried about. So I'm good I have 5 weeks to get to 145 which shouldn't be an issue.. I'm usually a small girl.. right after I had my daughter in 2010 I bounced right back but after having my son..(He's 1) I just kept gaining weight.. but once I made my mind up to lose the weight which was this past April (I was 185) sad I know especially for a 5'2" woman... but now I'm at 155 so 10 pounds to go and then I'll be ready for my dream body....

Ive done enough updating for today..lol

still not prepared

Hey ladies I haven't updated in a while... well I'm still not prepared.. I haven't gotten my plane ticket yet or my passport but im going to expedite service for that since im waiting soooo long... I took 2 weeks off work so hopefully that's enough time...I usually heal pretty quick and im good with pain but I know that this is a whole other ball game lol.... I'm debating on whether I want to get my arms done as well.... I like my thighs but im not sure about these arms... they aren't huge but I want them smaller... I was thinking that since I'm going to lose another 10-15 pounds before surgery then I might not need to get my arms done since I only want them a little bit smaller.... not sure..

what do you ladies think? should I add on my arms or should I wait until I drop these last few pounds and then decide????

Also for the bbl vets.. did your pants size change after sx? and if you got your thighs done did you go down a size in pants?

I'm currently in a size 10/11 jeans....I was a size 7/8 and that was when I was around 140-145 after I had my daughter.. which is what I plan to be around surgery time... because I refuse to get sx if im not at a decent weight... im 154 now so im not too far off.. anyways ..so by the time I have surgery I would like to at least be in a size 9 or just single digits lol.... let me know ladies.....

Didn't get the money i needed for August sx

So I wanted soooooo bad to be a Yily Doll by august 2013 but my money didn't come through so....now I have to wait until the first week in September to get my sx done when I know for a fact that I'll have the money... I was going to travel alone but now I've gotten my cousin hooked on this site and Yily's work so shes coming with me.. She only getting sculpted by yily because she already has a big booty lol. I'm still on my way loosing weight... I'm down to 150 from 157 and I'm 5'2 ladies so 7 pounds may not seem like a lot but on a midget like me its a lot lol.... I'm thinking about stopping at 145 because I need Yily to have enough fat for the results that I want...

Should I take the risk and go down to 140 or should I stop at 145 just in case????

thinking about Ghurani now

I was originally going to yily not only because of her price but because of her sculpting abilty... but ive noticed that her work isnt always consistent some girls have projection and others dont.. it was a risk thst i was willing to take but now im consider Ghurani because his work is really good and always consistent the only thing is...he charges about 4000-5000 more and so i was thinking about financing part of it through united medical financing..not sure what do u ladies think? At this point im really confused

money came so now im more confused...

Ok ladies so as mentioned earlier i was thinking of going to ghurani instead of yily because his work was more consistent... well i initially wanted to go to yily in august becuse ive been waiting for ever to get this sx done and i knew yily would have the availability not to mention the PRICE lol so when my money didnt come i figured ill wait until September and just deal with it but then in doing further reserch i noticed thather work wasnt consistent so i wanted to switch to ghurani but his price is a lil high... so now that my money came through shoud i just schedule with yily for august since i really dont want to waitny longer... i trust her skills and i know thteverybodys body is different so i cant say that just because ididnt like their results that mine will look that way....so maybe i should go back to yily or should i use my money as a depositfor Ghurani???? Please help ladies i need advise asap

scratch that last though im going to wait until September lol

Im just going to weigh my options and make a decision from there because im all over the place lol

Ok heres what nancy from dr. Ghurani's office said

Good morning. I hope you had a great night.   Dr. Ghurani was able to review your pictures and he had the following comments:

“Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, and back. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape especially the flanks. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. The waist size will certainly be reduced due to the aggressive liposuction, so that will be a tremendous change in body structure. She will probably need a tummy tuck in the future but after reading her email I see that she understands that. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results.  “

“Surgical opinion is based on photos and Dr. Ghurani reserves the right to change opinion at time of live consult”

As you can see based on his comments, he’s quite comfortable with what he’ll be doing with your body. The total cost of the BBL is $7,799. If you would like to add additional areas of fat with liposuction, it will be an additional $500 per area.

We require 10% non refundable deposit to schedule surgery and hold your pricing.

Please let me know your thoughts and when  you’re interested in scheduling your surgery.

Thank you again I and look forward to hearing from you

So i really love his work...i mean i really do but should i feel bad because i feel like this is all coming down to price.. both yily and ghurani have great work... but with yily im not sure if shes going to give me enough booty but i love her sculpting so much idk ladies

Yily doll to be. . again lol

Ok so after long hard thinking Ive decided to stick with Yily. I really do love Ghurani's workbut after seriously looking at my finances I cant afford to spend all of my money on sx. I need to have at least 4000 left over for down payment on my house. I hope that it doesnt sound like im only chosing Yily because shes cheaper because clearly ive been doin my research for a loooong time now. Yes yily is less expensivebut her sculpting abilities are great and i truly believe that she can give me what im looking for. I was a bit hesitant in the begining because of a few girls i saw whose results were barely noticeable but i also had to take into consideration that they didnt have lot of body fat to begin with or they had more muscle than fat... and i definitely am not lacking in the body fat department lol so i cant base someone elses results off mine. Also we can only see pictures so it might look bigger in person. I also got more support from my family by stayin in the states but oh well.. im grown and im going to do what i want anyway lol plus im being very safe i did my research and im finally doing something that ive wanted to do since i was 14. So i am going to be a yily doll in early September......woot woot lol

is it too soon to leave after 4-5 days????

Im going to dr to become a yily doll and im debating on if i should take my mom with me because she worries too much lol i know shes just being a mom but im also going tobe staying in a recovery house for the first few days im not sure which one because ive heard negative things about both yasmin rh and angelas rh.... but anyhoooo im wondering if staying there 4-5 days instead of 7-14 is pushin it? I know that i may still have my drains in but i have help back at home and someone who can pull them out for me. I just dont want to be gone too long from my kids and i do pretty well with pain and i only want to stay just make sure im ok then i wanna come home where im comfortable... am i pushin it?

should i stop losing weight?

Im in the process of losing weight for surgery but i dont want to lose too much because i want yily to have enough fat to work with. So in my first pic posted i was 160 im currently 153 and on a 5'2" woman its noticeable which is a good thing but shen should i stop? Im not getting my thighs or arms done because i thought she had enough fat just from my belly flanks and back and i know my body whenever i lose weight my thighs are the first to go lol so should i stick with my original plan and go down to 145 or should i stop at 150??? Help ladies... ill post a current pic so u can see the difference

Date moved to October 10th ugh!!

Ok well i now have to wait until october 10th to get my sx.. i was originally waiting for my school money to come in but they just changed the disbursement date to September 30th and i emailed Dra Yily and her next available date is October 10th so looks like im waiting.. i was considering just using a dr in the states and just get financed but im trying to buy a house soon and i dont need to extra debt sooo looks like im playing the waiting game....lol

Added a new pic of me

Im thinkin im gonna stop losing weight...150 is good i think Yily can work well with this lol

56 days left and counting

Ok ladies i havent really updated in a while but Im so excited to be going to Dra. Yily!!! My date is confirmed for October 10th although i still dont have my passport or tickets for my fight lol or supplies... but im sooo ready.. ive decided to add my arms because i thought that when i lost the weight my arms would go down but no they want to be stubborn so i will be getting my arms waist flanks full back and abdomen Lipoed...no need for the lower body lipo because i already feel like im shaped like a dorito lmao! so im just trying to get my upper body smaller and add some booty and hips to my lower body... im a mess i know lol

So me and 2 other girls are going to be buddying up and staying at terrazas del mar and hiring a nurse and masseuse and driver etc. to save some money...shout out to LolaJae for giving me all the info thanks girl!!! Lol
However if one of the girls cant go and we cant find another buddy then we will most likely be staying ar The Real Recovery Armonia because it would be best for just the two of us...money wise and i havent heard anything bad about this recovery house... so if anyone has stayed there please give me any additional info that you may have!!!

Well im at work so i guess i better get back on these phones lol ill update later ladies!!!!

Sx date bumped to October 3rd..staying at Real Recovery Armonia!

Hey ladies just a quick update.. Ive been emailing back and forth with Dra Yily all day. Maybe because she doesnt do sx on sunday she responds faster idk but im happy about so anyway I have my deposit confirmed and my Sx date has been moved up to October 3rd me and another future doll MissShay will be buddying up and staying at the Real Recovery Armonia. I saw the pics on Facebook and it looks beautiful. From the girls that ive heard of going there i havent heard anything bad plus its $75 a night everything included. I so excited!!!! Im almost down to the 1 month mark and the nerves are setting in but not the bad ones just good...

My next move is monday im going to get my passport expedited of course so it should be here before my surgery.. im going to wait until after sx to order my garment or faja or whatever i chose..

Soif any girls have any more info on the real Recovery Armonia please feel free to leave a comment or pm me. Thx :-)

34 days to go but what about birth control?

Ok so im sooo excited about my upcoming sx!!! I cant believe its really about to happen!!! Im so anxious and i can barely sleep im not nervous in a bad way but its just seeming soooo real now.. i keep looking at myself in the mirror just imagining how good I'll look with just this belly and back fat gone!! And add a booty to that woop woop!!! Lol

I am a little worried because i have the nexplanon birth control implant in my arm that lasts for 3 years ( ive had mine for 1) but im getting arm lipo so i know it has to come out which isnt the problem but since it stopped my period 6 months ago im afraid that once its taken out I'll have this massive Niagara falls of a period which will make my levels too low for sx. I'm already anemic but my levels have been pretty good everytime i get my blood checked so im gonna start taking my iron pills to maintain my levels but if any ladies have the nexplanon or implanon and have had the sx how soon should i take it out? Im planning to get it taken out on September 12th and my sx is October 3rd.. or is it safe to wait until October 1st to take it out to avoid the ridiculous period im afraid of having lol... i heard that keeping it in too close to sx can possibly cause blood clots but idk how accurate that is...
I sent Dra Yily an email asking her but no response yet so ladies feel free to weigh in

Until next time :-)

30 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

Ok ladies quick update..Im sooo excited about my sx with dra. Yily!!!! I havent been able to sleep because of it but thats ok... the days do seem to be going by sooo slow im so anxious!! Ive been looking at reviews of yily dolls over and over again lol i know that im making the best decision for me...the waist that she gives is amazing especially for women like me who have no shape or waist at all so it looks like even more of a transformation lol im soo ready ladies!!!

Ive ordered my passport so it should ne here in 2 weeks or so
Deposit is sent ive emailed dra yily and everything is confirmed as far as i know its 4 of us on that day scheduled for sx.
My family has always know about me getting this i think a few of them think that im still joking but i guess ill have to prove them wrong lol
The only thing is is that they still think that im going to Dr. Ghurani in florida which they are still trying to understand why i would even go that far so i havent even told them that im going out of the country

Clearly im grown so im not afraid of mommy or daddy but i know that if they knew then they would be completely against it and i would be out of babysitters lol so im going to tell them probably right after sx lol dont judge me... i do have everything in place incase something goes wrong so im completely prepared im a mom of 2 so i was definitely thinking about them first.

Well i still haven't booked my flight im waiting until last minute for that because mycompany gives me 50% off if i book within 2 weeks of flying out so of course thats what im gonna do lol im trying to cut costs wherever i can.

No supplies yet im gonna get those in one trip to walmart sometime soon again dont judge me lol
Im getting my nexplanon taken out next week so i can get my arm lipo so im happy about that :-)

Well thats all for now i guess that wasn't so quick lol

Is it ok to lose 10 lbs after my bbl ????

Ok so i was 180 lbs in April 2013 since then I've lost 30lbs so im happy about that.. by the way I'm 5'2" 38-36-40 so i have no curves at all lol so im getting yilyfied and my goal measurements are 34-28-43 no too much to ask for lol and i think yily can make it happen



booty or house???

Well I'm in the process of buying my first home not to bad for a 23 year old
:-) but the process is going faster than expected i was supposed to get my surgery in october and close on my house in January... well now my house is closing early which im greatful for but now i have to come up with an additional $1250 in november for my house im using all of my money for my surgery and i was taking 2 weeks off work and 1 of them would be unpaid. What should i do? I can come up with 900 of it but should i cancel my sx over 300 dollars? I dont want to i want this soooo bad or should i try to scrape up the extra 300 somewhere? HELP!!!!!

are the post sx meds included in quote?

As you all know im in the process in buying my first home so im a little strapped financially especially with getting this surgery at the same time.. i didnt plan it this way i wasnt trying to buy a home until January but it just ended up this way so im happy but broke lol :-)

Sooo all of the meds that we need sfter surgery are they included in the quote or do we have to pay for them and if so how much are they? I know some doctors here in the u.s may prescribe them for us and i dont think my doctor will but ill ask...please help me out ladies!!!

2 days to go!!!!!




here are a few recent pics of me.. im going to compare these with my post op pics


Hey ladies my flight just landed in Atlanta and I hoard my next flight to Santo Domingo in about an hour...I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED I'll keep you ladies updated... Keep me in your prayers

SX DAY!!!!!!!


1 week post

Hey ladies sorry i havent updated you or posted my full review... i promise i will soon but theyre are soooooo many details that i just cant write right jow because im stiff/lazy/pissed etc. Lol

What i will say is that my body is slightly better than it was meaning.. i have no back fat and a slightly bigger butt but my stomach is not flat and was basicallynot lipoed on at all.. i know you want to say that its swelling but its not this is the same tummy as before.
Yily is a great surgeon but she is 7 months pregnant and is scheduling too many girls and shes not performing all of the surgeries.. if its 2 ppl scheduled then yes you can expect yily to do her magic on you but 3 or more and you can bet that its not yily.

I paid for a yily waist and butt not a student surgeons body.. im happy with the improvements but yily would've made it better.. yes i woke up during surgery a few times and saw a man. Im not putting down yily or her skills but im very upset that i didnt get the results i could have. Part of me wants to say that my stomach isnt flat cuz she wanted me to get a tummy tuck and we already discussed through email that i didnt want one and that i knew i might have some loose skin. But she got mad and kept cuttin samira off as she was translating i dont want to think that her attitude would negatively affect my results

Like i said i love yilys work i just didnt get that... ill post pics tomorrow goodnight ladies

2 weeks

Well ladies im feeling much better no more stiffness.. i just get those little stings in my back.. i got my itching 3 days post op and it lasted almost a week so hopefully no more of that....

Im still upset because my stomach couldve been lipoed better but it is better than before.. my booty id definitely bigger than i thought i was so im happy with that

Although she didnt get my stomach very well she did get my waist and lovehandles etc. I definitely have an hourglass shape now...

My garment was too small which caused my ankles and feet to blow up like balloons so my friend bought me a temporary one until i have the money to order a real faja... honestly i like this little one from jcpenney outlet much better than the cg that yily gave us lol

Ive been sitting since day one and no booty loss yet...im not worried about it..

How long does it take for your booty to soften up? Mine isnt hard anymore but i need it to jiggle so i can put it to work lol

Ill post pics later ladies... thanks for all of the encouragement i really love you ladies :-):-):-)

Just added a few pics for you ladies..

Im going to add more pics but i have to take better ones... these pics really dont do my booty justice now i understand what u ladies mean when you say that lol ill post more later... :-)

another pic

lost an inch...

Hey ladies have any of you geen sitting since day one? I lost an inch but its pretty typical for girls to lose an inch between 2 and 4 weeks but then i read profiles where all of a sudden those inches come back and fluffing begins... like i mentioned before ive been sitting since day one... i mean i sit on the couch to watch tv.. i drive everyday to work.. i sleep on my sides and my back lol i do it all i know im sooo bad but i havent lost any volume yet except for 1 inch but thats normal right? Ill be 3 weeks on thursday so help me out ladies lol

heres a pic at 3.5 weeks

1 month post op loving results but still have round 2 in the back of my mind

Hey ladies i hit 4 weeks last Thursday and im liking what im seeing so far. I definitely need more compression on my waist but my body is ten times better than what it was however lol my butt isnt as big as i want it and of course my stomach isnt flat... i know i should wait 3-6 months before i judge but i know that my butt isnt going to grow 4 inches even after fluffing so in the back of my mind i want to do a round 2 with duran but i will never get back lipo again its so tender and it was the only lipoed area that gave me problems.. i never experienced any pain but just the discomfort was enough for me lol u never realize how much you actually use your back until after u get this sx lol so if i did do a round two i would only get my stomach and some other body part lipoed.. the first round with yily i didnt get my thighs or arms so maybe ill consider those since i only want a lil bit more booty

As of now i feel 85% back to normal.. my sides and back are still a little tender but getting better. My booty is almost fully soft and it jiggles a bit but its still firm i hope it softens up some more.. i still havent had any massages because im in the process of buying a house and im broke lol but the only lumps i have are around the back of my shoulder area kinda by my arms its really tight so it limits my stretching ability and when i push on it or try to rub it.. it burns a little.. well thats all for now.. goodnight ladies

6 weeks 4 days post op.. round 2/revision wanted

Hey ladies sorry i havent updated in a while.. but ive been dealing with the ups and downs of recovery.. let me start off by saying that i love what yily did with my body my confidence was already high but now it has skyrocketed lol im about 90% back to normal its just my back that still gets that burning feeling.. i swear if i wouldve had this procedure minus the back lipo i wouldve been so much more mobile esrlier in my recovery.. but of course that is where she got all the good fat from lol

On to my round 2/revision my butt just isnt big enough and this isnt booty greed its just not big at all my overall shape is beautiful but theres just not a big booty back there so thats my reason for a round 2. I want a revision because i noticed some dents in my booty that i want filled in plus she didnt make my stomach flat at all if i suck it in like the pics i have posted above it looks good but its a pudge without being sucked up.
I havent emailed yily yet asking for a revision but i figured it wont hurt to ask if she says no then im definitely going with duran because if im going to have to do a round 2 and pay full price then i wont go back to yily because she had too many things going on but maybe shell do better when shes not pregnant so well see but ladies give me your feedback in this please
Also im looking to do my sx in april

Got a response from yily

Hey ladies sorry I havent updated in a while its just that not much has changed. I sent yily an email asking for a revision to my stomach because if im not sucking it in then I still have a gut. My but was never big to begin with but now ive lost almost all of my volume so its now smaller ppl still tell me that its big but thats only because my overall shape is better. Yilys response basically said that she wouldnt mind doing a revision if it were for the right reasons but she didnt mind doing a round 2 for me and she quoted me 2900 and thats for lipo to the arm, thighs, (I didnt have those done the first time) and lipo to the abdomen waist and flanks with bbl thats not bad even though its only 200 cheaper than what I paid the first time..

give me your opinion ladies. Should I just be happy with what I have which I dont mind doing or should I go back for my dream body???
I know youre wondering why would I go back to yily but honestly her work is good and im positive that she didnt do my sx the first time and im hoping its because she was pregnant so maybe things will be better the second time..idk my mind is all over the place just tell me what you think... ill post pics later

heres a pic of how much booty ive lost

After sx my butt wasnt big to begin with but it was more than I had.. my measurements were 36-32-43 at 3 weeks but now im 36-32-41I was a bit depressed at first but now im fine I honestly feel like my body is 100% better than what it was so part of me just wants to tone up and be happy with my mediocre booty lol the other half wants to go back for a round 2 im really torn but I have a few months to think about it...

If I dont do a round 2 then I would like to just lose about 15-20 lbs im at 160 so 140 or 145 would work for me cuz thats the size that im usually at. Have any of you lost weight after bbl??? I dont want to lose the lil bit of booty I have left lol

3 month review

Hey ladies sorry I've been gone for sooo long but I've had a lot going on.. well I feel good the only issue I still have is the tightness in my back but it's not that bad I never had any massages after surgery so I'm almost positive that's why... Don't judge I know I'm bad lol but I was in the process of buying my first home and I was flat broke so anyway lol I'm pretty happy with my results because I finally feel great in anything I wear but my booty still isn't BIG lol it's nice and jiggly and get the job done lol hut I want more so I am set up for a round 2 and revision on my stomach with yily for early April bit I might not go I think o might be satisfied with what I ya e Idk I'll keep u updated on that

I did need advice on something I'm about tostart the weight loss process again I wantt to lose 20 lbs but I don't want to lose my butt how can I do that???? Thank ladies I'll post pics tomorrow
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Girl you look good. I like what she did. I just think the girls on here need to calm down with more rounds of surgery. It can become an addiction and it will often lead to dangerous situation. Just work out to maintain your body, don't do surgery again. Surgery should be a once in a lifetime experience for everybody. It shouldn't be a routine because you're putting your own life at risk. Please think about it and make a smart choice. Don't feed into what your mind tells you but also be happy with your results now since they are better than before. I think once we like results we want more and more results which is all in our heads. We aren't perfect and we need to accept it pre-op or post op. Best of luck to you... once again, you look awesome!
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I agree with. All these rounds are out of control! And honestly I don't understand the hype with big ole baboon asses. Yes i want a bigger butt, but one that looks proportionate to the rest of my body.
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I agree.
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Can I get Yily email please?. Me and you are the same size and height. I already have my date, I'll just need a date.
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Girl we all get the booty greed lol I have it to ur butt looks good working out will make it better and u may still fluff!!!!
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Your booty is big theres no booty greed needed on your end lol but my booty looks almost the same as it did pre op and fluffing isnt going to give me 3 extra inches lol
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How was your surgery? How did you feel before the sx? I'm scheduled to go on Feb 13th and I'm nervous and I feel scared. Is a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel like canceling everything but at the same time I want to look good again.
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Sx was fine I woke up but felt no pain I didnt have any fears going into it because I knew it was something I wanted.. you will be fine lol
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@ chocolattecakes312. Thank you so much.
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I think u look great as is but I'm all for striving for your dream body.. I'm waiting to fluff myself although everyone sez my booty is huge but I still want inner knee lipo
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U look good. But. I think if u are not satisfied go back hun
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Hey my sister you r looken good so far Yily will give you that look,,,I had to go under 3 surgery to get my look ,,:) it takes time for Beauty ,,,,go with what's on your mind my sista,,,,it gets better and better,,,,go back to Yily I say""""work of art I say
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Thank you and youre right it definitely takes time :)
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Hey chocolate cakes... U look great! Wouldn't mind seeing some new pics ;) but I say do whatever makes u happy. U may wanna wait for that 3 month fluffing to come before u set any dates tho.. I have read reviews were they didn't feel like they had a booty then the fluffing started and they were happy...
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Yea im waiting for the fluffing fairy to come by lol but I wouldnt be going backfor round 2 until april or later if I decide to go lol
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I need a round 2 because of yily too. Ur right shes good for overall shape but not a donk. I need a nice BUBBLE..even the bigger butts she does dont have much shape. I wanted to go to duran..but havent been impressed in her results either. So im on salama cuz hes king of bubble butts but the recent burns scare me :-/
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I agree but I do like the big butts that she has given shes just been inconsistent lately I like salama and ghurani both but I know I cant spend 8000..but its still a thought thanks girl
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Ur welcome hope u can get the look ur after! I know im tired of surgery lol
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You look great...I think she wanted u to get a tummy tuck, so your tummy can be flat as you wanted.
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What did you do to loose weight?
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Zxt gold pills by floyd nutrition
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You look great my sista happy healing,,,
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U look good. Take it for wat it is...happy healin.
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Stop sitting on you beautiful assets!!! You still haven't "fluffed". And stay away from tight clothes that won't let your booty breathe. You're going to love the results. Give it time. You're only at three weeks. :)
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