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Hi RS, I've been "lurking" for a while now and...

Hi RS, I've been "lurking" for a while now and after looking at countless reviews, photos, and results I've decided who/where my best option is... on to the DR I go!

Ok, here's the "Tea" on me, get a cup... I'm pouring it up :)
I'm 26 years young, 5'6' and about 210lbs (I do plan to lose, eating healthy and working out now)
I have NO kids, I work and go to school both full time (please let time off be NO ISSUE)
My goal is not to be skinny, I love my thickness I just want more curves and backside to go with!

My reason for choosing the DR is because they really know how to sculpt the body, Yily and Duran for example, are perfection! I am currently waiting to hear a quote from 3 different doctors and will go with the one who I just have the best feeling about RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH I can see now that trying to get this prepared and in the works may become a bit of a headache but I'm ready. The support on here is amazing, my significant other was a little skeptical at first but I've included her in my research and after seeing some results, she's on board. She works like crazy so I hope she will be able to come with me and we can have a mini vaca... I DOUBT IT! Maybe I could find a buddy to help this be easier. S/o to Victoria316 for all her help, she's a doll!

Ok ladies, I will update you guys when I get a quote, I was going to wait and post until after but I wanted to introduce myself

Smooches! :)


Ok, so blogging is how I relax myself! I have to write or type it out, lol :)
Sooooo, I've reached out to a few Drs (hopefully with the correct information) and I'm waiting to hear something. I would really love for Yily to do my work because the waist snatching she does is to die for!

I just want to feel "beautiful" again... my babe tells me everyday (she's such a sweetie) but for some reason, I find it hard to believe. Its even hard for me to appreciate the compliment because I dont feel it... wow, this is deeper than I thought now that Im getting it out :|

On a brighter side, I want that hourglass figure so bad It's all I think about! Im in the process of a lifestyle change (i hate diets!). My goal is to be under 200 lbs before surgery. I also want to stay healthy after surgery because my money can't go to waste!

Ok, dollz... enough talking your ears off for today! See you on the snatched waist and big booty side!



Ok, so I have to give my BBL sistas, NIKKIBUNZ and Beautiful1980 a S/O! You ladies have been so sweet and REAL (a big thing for me)! They are both confident in Dr. Contreras so I inquired. I emailed him and got a quote within minutes (great start)! I got ptompt responses for every question that I had for him. We are still currently in communication... be back soon!

On Second Thought...

Although I got a reasonable quote from Dr Contreras, something didn't feel right, hmmmm... can't put my finger on it but I'm going to trust my gut and move on.

Back to the basics! I'll wait to see if I hear from Yily so that my BBL sistah that I met here and I could go together *fingers crossed*

Oh, and I told my mom about my plans to possibly travel out of the country, she was so on board, I LOVE HER! She's even thinking about getting a TT, she is a mess!


This is Truly a JOURNEY!

OK, ladies... I see why this has earned to be called a journey. You go through so many emotions and mind changes, it makes you question your sanity! So to update you ladies... I have been in contact with Dr Contreras in DR, he quoted me right away and answered every question I had. He is very professional. I've done my research ladies and this Dr is the Dr J Curves of the DR and with reviews I've read about the numerous patients he has in his office, if he can respond promptly, so can these other Drs in DR... #ImJustSaying

While communicating with Dr. Contreras, Dra Yily whatsapp me but not concerning my procedure, I contacted her on whatsapp to advise of my email, to look out for it and, congrat and wish well to her and the newborn... all she did was advise that she'll be back 1/15. Hmmm but, you have been in constant contact with others... #NotCool. Although, she does great work, I cant play the waiting game nor, nag someone to take my money, not worth my time!

So, all in all... I CONFIRMED A DATE WITH DR CONTRERAS!!! I'm so excited! Although, I researched his incredible credentials, the man has 20+ years in this field! I know of his issues in the past but as of now, he has more than proved himself to be a worthy PS. My only issue from a post earlier was not being able to see his work but with constant searching I was able to see his work from ladies here on RS and in DR who look fantastic! I will I would be able to get the same from Contreras as I wanted from any other Dr...

With that being said, if God's willing I will be going on the date I have set with everything aligned and come back with my new body. My mom and I will use this as a mini vaca, I want to treat her because we both have never been out of the country.
Happy journey ladies, Smooches:)

Let's Get Prepared!

Ok, ladies... I NEED HELP! Lol! I have no clue where to began with a supply list. Some things are a no brainer but I need your help!! I have a clue on airline tickets and so on but help me with the pillows, creams and other things!

Thanks in advance!

Let's Get Prepared Part 2!

Just wanted to let you ladies know to not stress about the supply list. Take what YOU feel YOU need. I've seen very long and drawn out list and people realizing that as much wasn't needed. It's simple, take your desired personals, Rx meds and medical/post op supplies and you are set!

Good luck!

Still Planning...

Hey ladies! I'm still planning to have my surgeries done, just been putting my focus back into school. Work and school started to take it's toll... with the overtime and extra school work piling, I had to get my head back in the game.

I've been pricing tickets and preparing to get my passport, when my money comes in next month that I'm using to pay for everything I can start securing and booking. Just wanted to update you guys on what's going on, I know I've been M.I.A. ...

Take care loves!
Smooches :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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hey i'll be having surgery with dra robles same day. good luck!
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Hey! We have the same sx date!! I'll be in DR as well, but with Dr. Fernandez Goico. Where are you staying? How's the weight loss coming? (Update, update!!) Haha!
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hey girl you haven't update are you ok!
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Hey SIS wats up I know you're busy living I'm just dropping in showing u luv..
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Omg I'm soooo excited 4 all the future Yily dolls
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Im not going to Yily
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Ok I just the change! Well gd luck!!
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Today is holler at my girls day & show some love & support to all my sis hope all is well God Bless x
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Hey girly!
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You got this sis. Do your thang baby. It will all pay off in the end.
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Im on it sis! Thanks for the support :)
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U sure have been but it's all good do what you have to do school & work heavy load been there plus raised 3 solo so I applaud u sista but after the sx u still need to eat and live secure yours...
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Hey sis! Yea, idk what i would do if I had kids... I struggle just managing myself.
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U don't have any so don't worry u stay focus on what's on your plate u eat that your life and enjoy it to the max.. Kids will come in the future and don't worry u will EXCEL at being a mom
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Aww thanks! Although I'm not planning to have them, i would give my all... I do that in everything i pursue!
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Good to know that you are still planning and preping! I don't know who told me to take 4 classes this semester... its obvious I am on crack and should probably get off before my sx, LOL!!!! I'm 5 weeks out till I am on the flat side!!! I think I might go to the DR with you to show off the new tummy!
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Come on! We can soak up the sun, lol! Yea, idk what I was thinking, taking 5 courses! Im going to get it done though!
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THATS RIGHT SIS THATS RIGHT!!!! Take only what u NEED everything else is not necessary
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Yes! I only plan to have one bag. Ima be sore and mom have a bad back! We dont have time for that, lol!
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OMG, I've been looking for his work everywhere!! I'm scheduled for Feb 18 but I still haven't really seen his work. Who are some of the women that have gotten work done by him?
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Look up painla and shillary here on RS. If you look up _boniitaa_ on ig, she said she went to him well. Its rumored that some popular women in DR went to him like, google Yaris Sanchez, on instagram look up carolineaquino1 and _candyflow. Hope that help you with your decision
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Girl thank you so much!!! I've been looking for girls who had work done but weren't skinny. I'm not big but I am a size 12. I was reading reviews that he only knows how to work with skinny girls and I was skeptical lol. But now I'm convinced that he's the right choice!!!
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You're welcome hun. Im convinced that he can do something with us thicker girls. Ive really expressed to him my expectations and he has assured me he will do his best to give me that. We just have to be realistic about what we want. You're so close. Make sure you keep us updated on your journey sweets!
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Lol u still making me laugh sis!!!! How everything going don't tell me u was about to buy the stores out!!!
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Noooooo,sis! I started looking at those list and was like, "uhhh...too much!" Im keeping it simple, lol!
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