Think i have sufficient fat for this procedure?

Hi, I'm new here.. and i love the bond you all...

Hi, I'm new here.. and i love the bond you all have with eachother and the support you all receive during your awsome journeys so why not i join! ;)
Well lets see, I'm currently 5'4 115 pounds. I'm small and i look skinny but i'm the definition of a skinny fat person. I'm planning to get a bbl/lipo from my stomach/flanks/lowerbackarea. I plan on gaining at least 10 more pounds by the time i get the procedure done.

The thing I'm mainly concerned about as of now is traveling.. the thing is, I go to college but staying with my parents now and they still treat me like a little girl, so if i tell them i'm going to DR for plastic surgery they'll flip out!! I'm planning to keep this procedure a complete secret from everybody except one person, my best friend who i'm planning to bring. But i'm concerned because I heard its recommended to stay in DR for at least 2 weeks? My parents would def. not approve that, me bein in a foreign country for that long, I'm willing to stay 4-7 days :/ Is that realistic?

I still have many concerns but i'll sowly start off with that lol.
My measuremnts currently - 34-27-37. I want my waist to be at least a 22!! That'd be awesome. I love how yily could sculpt a body so maginificentally no matter what body it is it ends up amazing!! I'm not sure if i'll have enough fat for a big booty but i'm FLAT as a pancake it'd be nice to have at least a butt by the endo f this lol. Small waist/a butt = no complaints from me. But a big butt would be GREAT. I'm nervous, I'm pertty young, I'm 19 but i want to get this done young, why not i mean.. I've been considering this since i was 17. It's time i'd be 1234242342% confident with my body! Not just the skinny girl with b cup boobs and no ass :/

I'll be uploading my wish pics/preop pics of me soon..
But thank you whoever read this whole dang thing lol, i appreciate yall. I love reading all your stories, whether negative or positive, their all great!

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Just added pre-op pics. This is me currently.....

Just added pre-op pics. This is me currently.. 34-27-37 i believe.
I don't want to gain so much weight.. that's not what i'm trying to do. But if you see my belly in eral life its very much bloated looking, its the biggest fat area i have!!

Anyway, i have another question for you ladies who already done the procedure!! Is it hard to hide it from people you knew? Like family memberes, co-workers, friends etc? I'm petite and small weight so do you think it'd be easier for me to hide that i got my ass done? I really don't want anyone knowing, not my mother, nada.

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The pics you see with the black bikini bottom and...

The pics you see with the black bikini bottom and blue strapless bandeau is a pic of me TWO YEARS AGO, i never worked out so i was always skinny fat in my opinion but I observed two years ago my waist was more noticably smaller, right now i'm a 27" if you see my pics with my belly peircing thats me currently and its pretty wide.. I'm gonna guess 2 years ago my waist was like a 24 25? idk.. But do you think based on my bone strucutre in the pictures, i'd be able to go back to 24 or even lower? I'm just really anxousss and aghhhhhh haha sorry with all these questions i just am so curious and confused, just all over the place.


My story is very similar to yours im also 19 been wanting to do bbl since 17 also in school. Im telling my parents that I am going to study aboard for two weeks while i secretly get my bbl done. Also hoping to get it done late may/early june as soon as this semester is over just waiting on yilys responce. Just a bit nervous because i might have to travel alone :-/
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Inbox me! That's awesome we should try going together if anything :)
I am half mexican and half vietnamese (asian), my immediate family though is asian and plastic surgery is very much frowned upon. I only told my best friend, and shes planning to go to DR with me when i get this procedure done. She said the typical 'You don't need it, your fine the way you are' but she'll support me no matter what. But other than that, I don't think i'm willing to tell anybody else.. even if my mom and dad are one of my best friends [haha its true though].
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Its been 2 weeks since i emailed Dr Yily, i...

Its been 2 weeks since i emailed Dr Yily, i translated it in Spanish to. Wannnh. *must remain patient* haha


You have such a great shape already. You are going to look unbelievably amazing!! I think the biggest obstacle to hiding it will be the sitting. My doc told me I could sit as long as my weight is on my legs, not my butt. If you're hanging out with your family, you may look a little strange sitting straight upright while they're reclined and relaxing. (Did that make sense? :-)
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Thanks love!! Your body is def. banging i would love to have it haha. And sounds a little confusing at first but i get it ..i think haha :) n i hope u dont mind but expect some pm from me sometime soon in the future , for advice/tips/and just conversing , aghh im excited for ths
Thank you Hun! :-) PM me anytime, I'd love to chat!

Okay so should i gain any more weight? I've been...

Okay so should i gain any more weight? I've been pigging out the past weeks! I think my stomach is chunky enough.. I'm currently 115 pounds 5'4. [i added three more picture its me in a sitting position] Also with my body type from what you see, do you think i'd get the look i want? [Small waist, actual hips big hips to, and a bubble butt]


How is it going? Did you hear from her?
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I sent Yily, Perry, and Campos pics and email requesting a quote. I even translated the emails sent to Yily and Campos into Spanish...that was last week and Campos responded the next day with his generic email response. But no word fRom the other two. I am trying to be patient, but DAMN... how long do I have to wait?
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I emailed Yily about two weeks ago, she finally replied but i'm highly disappointed, its the same plain general message everyone receives. I've aready read what she sent me on many many boards/forums!! I replied again asking personal questions i needed answer that they didn't answer to my other message

SMFH. I haven't heard a response from Yily in...

SMFH. I haven't heard a response from Yily in about 2 months, and whenever she does reply its some basic asss stuff. Still like her work, but w/e i choose not to go thru with her i don't want my short temper going outta control knowing more ish would happen.

Anyway, i'm pretty sad yall. I'm 5'3 120 pounds, i realized my bloated stomach is probably mainly 'visceral fat' which is fat in the intra abdominal area where lipo cannot be done. So basically i have all this dang fat but won't be able to use it. It sucks so much. I'm guessing its my half asian genes since asians have that. [most at least]
I'm messaging surgeons showing pics, when i stand i look pregtt slim but when i sit and lay i could grab an easy chunk of fat. WTF.

I'm thinking either Perry, Salama, Ghurani or Pazmino. We will see.. I have no credit but hoping care credit may be able to work with me on the $$$ issues.. I could probably pay 1000 cash up front only.
But i'm sad about me, my stupid a** body.


Awwww baby I understand about da Chunk I put on 5lbs and I can barely fucking move... Have you decided not to go to Yily?
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I feel you on the skinny fat thing. That's me.. and when I tell people I'm skinny fat they laugh and act like they don't know what I'm talking about.
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Sorry about ur dilema and I hope u find the perfect Dr for ur body!!
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My stomach is loose out of shape for somebody my...

My stomach is loose out of shape for somebody my size. Areas i'd like to have lipo - that, arms, and lower back.


I am 5'5, typically 115, but i have managed to gain 5lbs. Im having surgery friday(april 5th)!!!! Dr. Jimerson. Hes hella expensive but im thinking he is probably best to give the biggest booty that I can produce. anyway, I have never seen him in person since he is in a diff state than me, only pics. I was told by one of his patient coordinators that i need to gain 10-15lbs, but since then ive only gained 3 lol. Its not easy!! i have not worked out, and am eating like a nasty pig. I just dont gain easily. anyway, I was told by other surgeons, that a good surgeon CAN find the fat. So, im just hoping. Guess we will see friday!
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Try calling the offices directly! I said the sane and no one really was getting back to me until I started calling! Where do you live? I'm in the same boat tooo yup still looking off the right guy!
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do you have a number other than the 809 number? I keep trying to call that and sprint keeps saying my account won't let me but then I call and they csr say there is no blocks. Very frustrating
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Haven't had the procedure done yet.

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