Hello to you all!..i have been a member for a year...

Hello to you all!..i have been a member for a year and after just months and some years of debating..i am (i thank lol) ready to get a BBL. i have a butt but its not round like i want it to be..my butt looks like...forget it..ill just post pics..then to top it off, I got side swiped by a car in 2008 (hit) and so it left a dent and i believe it also did some muscle damage on my right cheek..(ill post a pic to show as well)..i never tried to accept it and quite frankly i just dont like it. I hope to gather knowledge still and book an appt. (Yily De Los Santos, MD

....or maybe

Yeah i have been non stop shop looking for theeee perfect doctor to get me right..and i think i might change it to Dr. Duran....shoo...i wanna be a fun size doll whilst you at it lol.

Finding the right doctor...

I am on the thicker side and i want to know which doctor would be perfect for that frame. Im 5 foot 1 and right now i weight 184 my normal approx. weight is like 165 (i just had a baby 2 months ago). Anyway, can someone help me with that...it can be the states or the DR...(P.S) im not sure if i wanna post pics on here of me because if i were to google my email or my username google just might filter those bad body pics of me from this site...so im iffy on that..lol...

Friend button maybe??!

RS needs to go ahead and give in....add a "friend button" lol...im over here favoring profiles haha

The waiting game...

I am now waiting on the quotes from Dr. Cortes and Salama...im trying to see whose quote is reasonable and such. Nice quick responses....still havent even heard from Dr. Yily...this is why i had to start searching outside the popular box.

4 months away!

im going to go ahead and put that money down tomorrow..id rather stay close by than travel to a foreign country..


Deposit down...!!! This January 2014 ill be walking out with the same mind but with a different body!


I at least hope for some close results..

**HOUSTON** !!

11-12-13 is my body date..I'm ready!!

Now im nervous smh....

I understand that there are good and bad outcomes. Im just going to leave it in Gods hands..what else can i do?...i want to also see if i can perhaps see if i can have help paying for this procedure..anyone know of any good finance health companies that are good to help? Thank you for taking your time out to respond if you do :-)

The wait..

Again! !!!????

I just had a baby 3 months ago....I DREAD epidurals.... you mean I have to get
a-nuh-vuh one.!!!!!!???


12 nov. 2013

I'm a couple n some change away from my surgery...and I have yet to Get any supplies. .What do I need to most?

Dr. Cortez...I'm ready......kinda

I'm actually a lil nervous....10 days away. .

2 more days. .the heat is on!

I will be in Houston tommorow...I'm ready to get through this...

Hotels in Houston near the northwest medical center

does anyone know which hotel is the best/closest one to stay at?


Something came up so I have to postpone my surgery until further notice. ...I'm already here. .why me..oh well, I have a better idea on hotel stay and how far/close things are..I'm going to stay off until I get it done.
Dr. Cortez

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When are you rescheduled to go?
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Congrats......It's your turn!
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Actually, Real Self has a shopping list of things to buy. Go to the "forum" and it's a few posts down. You'll see something called BBL preparation guide. I'll be happy to help if you need anything else!
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No worries if you don't have anything, the stuff you need is fairly easy to come by. Your Dr should provide a prescription for post op meds like percocet/oxycodone for pain, phenergan for nausea, a muscle relaxer etc. OTC meds you should probably buy: ibuprofen, arnica tablets, stool softener, neosporin ointment, benadryl anti-itch (a lot of girls say they itch really bad post op but you may not have this problem), medicated scarring gel like Kelo Cote or Biocorneum, pineapples/pineapple juice (not considered meds but helps slow blood clotting). Don't forget knee high compression stockings.
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Thanks...LOL I kno I'm not the reviewer but this list is real helpful.
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Make sure you have a compression garment if your surgeon doesn't provide one. Boppy pillow, scar gel, post op meds, loose clothing like maxi dresses and tank tops, epifoam, female urinal, chux pads, bromelain for scars....those are the important things I thought of off the top of my head. I know I'm late so you may have already gotten everything. But my surgery is 2 days after yours, I'm so excited but starting to get nervous. Good luck!
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I have NOTHING. .so thank you!! And what type of post meds?
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Im also going in november I arrive the 13th my surgery is the 14th with Duran hopefully I can met you as well. Im sure I have bought ENTIRELY TOOOO MUCH STUFF
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Good luck to u!! Ur day is the same as my fabulous sx buddy (see HersheyPooh below?) lol. We posted what we're bringing with us to DR. What doctor did u choose to go with?
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Heyyy good luck lady...my date is the same as yours!
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Yaay I'm about to check your profile out!
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Welcome Doll...you about to be all dolled up!!!
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Thank you!! Yes ma'am, in thoroughly ecstatic.
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Your welcomed...enjoy
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Welcome gril and may the lord watch over you and help you choose the best PS!! Good Luck on your journey...I'll follow u hun!
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thank you much!!
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Welcome gril and the lord watch over you and help you choose the best PS!! Good Luck on your journey...I'll follow u hun!
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Congratulations on your decision and well wishes through your journey!
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Thank you :-)
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cool ! m goin with Dr Yily too Oct 16. you can hit her on whats app and Speak spanich and she will answer on some hours back as me..
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..i think i changed my mind EEEEK!!..i have been doing so much research on here its not even bothering me one bit...im still looking..
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im in the same level... i stuck on this site ...:) do your reserarch girl ..im doing the same as well... ' 'inreded ''... good luck ... kisses !
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Thanks girl :-)
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I bet ya look better than ya think gurl we judge ourselves & scrutinise over things that other people wouldn't even notice like my bf he doesn't see my stretch marks & my hip dints but it all i see ha it's horrible wish I had like $50,000 ha would be great! Goo luck on ya journey hun x
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