Yily has chgd my life, 5weeks post opt healing well!

I had lipo & fat grafting done last year with...

I had lipo & fat grafting done last year with Dr. Salama. Let me say he made me look alot better then I did before he worked his magic. I'm in my early 40s with 2 kids. So I think to myself why do I want to put myself thru another surgery? Well I still have upper back fat and one of my cheeks is smaller then the other. I would have loved for Dr. S to take care of these issues for me because I think he is an Awesome Dr. but he was not able to complete what I desire in one surgery, he prefers to do them seperately. I'm having lipo w/ fat grafting, full tummy tuck & breast lift w/ implants. I really hope I end up with a small waist, added hips and perky boobs. So my journey continues!!

I wanted to know if Dr. Yily uses drains? I read other reviews but don't recall seeing drains mentioned.

I'm waiting for confirmation on a April date, I'll be staying at Jacqueline''s and plan on being in DR for about 10 days. I need to figure out how I will get a rx for medication since I was told US meds are better also how will I get pre surgery test done without a Dr request. Hopefully this all gets worked out. I'll be posting a pre op pic soon.

I hope realself changes their rules on member access for deleting photos. I get why they do it that way but I still don't like it. The whole privacy thing is the reason I deactivated my facebook acct.

So close yet so far. Waiting to hear from Dr. Yily...

So close yet so far. Waiting to hear from Dr. Yily got me trippin'

I'm all set for April 1, 2013..super excited!!

I'm all set for April 1, 2013..super excited!!

I wanted to know what it means to buddy up? does...

I wanted to know what it means to buddy up? does it mean your surgery is done at the same time? share a room? followup appoints? do buddies have to arrive and depart on same day? just wondering

I hope my pcp gives me a rx for pain meds &...

I hope my pcp gives me a rx for pain meds & antibotics. Not trying to be in alot of pain n want to avoid infection. Dr Salama gives good pain meds & antibiotics I didn' t have any infections not even a fever and very little pain n after day 3 stopped the percocets. I hope things go really well with Yily!

How is it possible for (2) girls to be told they...

How is it possible for (2) girls to be told they are booked as 1st patient of the day??
This needs to be fixed ASAP! I'm not for the shenanigans I need to be stress free for this trip.

I called the office, I need to be at Cipla at...

I called the office, I need to be at Cipla at 6:30am and will be the 2nd patient of the day I'm getting alot done(bbl,tummy tuck & ba so its probably best that Dr. Yily gets warmed up to tackle my issues lol

I ordered my passport 10 days ago and its here...

I ordered my passport 10 days ago and its here already. I'm trying to avoid putting my life on hold until my procedure. I just want to show off my new tummy & boobies on our summer vacation & family reunion. I only took one suit case & small carry on bag for my 1st bbl. This time I'm only trying to take a carry on bag. I spent so much money on supplies that was not needed.

My list: The female urinal, chux pads, flushable wipes, maxi pads, antibiotic ointment, gauze & tape, robe, sundress, tshirt( for under the garment) footie socks, pair of panties( to hold maxi pad incase period starts) all fits nicely in my cary on

Its been awhile since I logged in so I have been...

Its been awhile since I logged in so I have been away for awhile hoping I didn't have to post a dear John letter because of so many unexpected things that came up but fortunately everything worked out and me and Yily are still on for April 1.

I really hope my stay at the RH is uneventful, just want to recover with the best care as possible. although I'm getting a tummy tuck and breastlift I still would like to be semi independent after the 1st couple days and from what I'm reading on here about the RH that may be exactly what I get. If I'm paying $1,000(inc tips) for 10 days I don't think having my questions answered, food&bev, and heated water in a timely manner is too much to ask for. So I'm going to keep that in prayer along with this surgery.

I was getting worried about not being confirmed by...

I was getting worried about not being confirmed by JMSpa so I sent Yily a message and she emailed me back saying not to worry she would tell them to pick me up so a couple hours later I got a email from JM Spa confirming my pick up. 9 days till take off!!

I put on a push up bra & small waist cincher today and I was thinking Omg! I hope Yily gives me this shape ;-)

I'm packing my things to fly out Sunday and its...

I'm packing my things to fly out Sunday and its becoming apparent that this big ol' boppy pillow is taking up precious cargo space. Wondering if its needed? Also do you share a room even if you don't have a buddy? not a biggie just wondering.

The time is finally here! I'm praying for all the...

The time is finally here! I'm praying for all the girls who are on this journey pre-opt & post opt. I wanted to say fuggit-it many times but stuck with it and made it work. I'm running around doing last minute things to prepare my family for my trip. I cooked a few big meals so they can eat my love while I'm away. Did all the laundry and cleaned the house. My husband is a beautiful person who supports me 100%, he & our 2 sons wants to come with me so bad but it just works out much better this way especially since I'm staying at the RH. I had planned on taking just a carry on but the pillow, chux pads, maxi, supplies, snacks, a few clothing items and my toiletries, I ended up buying a 32in expandable duffle bag from walmart for $10. I'll be using everything packed in it so my return flight I will only have my carry on. I ordered wheelchair service & 1st class for my return flight. I'm changing $180 into pesos for tips & misc and I already paid for my surgery so I wouldn't have to travel with a large amount of cash. Rapid Rover will be picking me up & taking me to the airport tonight. To Yilydolls Sweetp123 & Audrey2013 I'll see yall 2mrrw

Just landed from a long exausting flight. I would...

Just landed from a long exausting flight. I would recommend a non stop flight post opt. (Seriouly)

Thank you for all the well wishes.

I will post a detailed review about my experience & postopt photos but I need to get some rest. I can honestly say Yilly made me a doll I had a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo and fat transfer (I Love My New Body) and my stay at Jacqualine Spa was positive. They took good care of me and I appreciated every one of them. Jacqualine, Jr, Anna,Riza, Mercedy, Momma, the night nurses even Angel who watched the door and kept us safe.

Tips go a long way and so does a lil understanding

in the AM!


I'm currently 5weeks post opt and everything is...

I'm currently 5weeks post opt and everything is going very well. I still have swelling and stiffness in my back from the lipo which is normal but I'm sorry I haven't updated my detailed review yet but I decided to wait until week 6.

Yily is an amazing doctor who really cares about the well being of her patients but I realize from watching her interactions and talking with her before and after surgery is that with the girls who were dramatic and didn't want to follow doctors orders, Yily has very low tolerance for the BS she will go off if she feels like there is something Amis. However she was always professional with me. She gave me nice perky ta ta's, flat tummy and a hourglass shape. I LOVE MY BODY, I didn't have a lot of fat for the BBL due to previous lipo so I asked her to add it to fill me out and that's what she did. I will be taking pictures in my yellow bikini and like I said I wanted to wait for the swelling, stiffness also the lumpiness to subside because from reading other post some of these girls are harsh with the comments. I will post my photos hopefully next week.

FYI post opt: a low sodium healthy diet,...

FYI post opt: a low sodium healthy diet, compression garment/waist cincher and lymphatic massages are Very important. They will definitely speed up your recovery.

In reference to post about infections. I didn't...

In reference to post about infections. I didn't get any infections,fevers or any of that the only problem I had thru out my recovery was a headache, I had a tummy tuck & breastlift and I'm healing very well. I followed all of Dr. Yily's instructions. She said not to get my incisions wet until they heal so I waited 3weeks to shower, I kneeled in the tub with hot soapy water and bathed and only use alcohol with every dressing change. The antibiotic ointment shouldn't be used on open incisions that are going to be covered or bandaged tight or they will take longer to heal. Also I read a story on realself where a girl used antibiotic ointment on her breast incisions and her nipple started to seperate from her breast, her incision opened up all around and the areola started to dissapear. She was left with exposed flesh and no areola. So Please follow doctors orders. I just started doing some light exercises to help ease up the stiffness. after my massages I feel great but then I put on my garment and waist clincher wake up the next day and I'm stiff all over again so I continue my routine. the healing process will take discipline and won't happen overnight.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Yily from reading about all the up & coming soon to be Yily dolls. I was skeptic about choosing a docter with very little real life postopt pics for me to look at but decided to take a chance. I received my quote back from several doctors (Dr. Campos, Pantoja, Perry & Yily) I tried to get a quote from Dr. Jimmerson and Cardenas but no response. I will be sending my deposit and applying for my passport first thing Monday morning. That's $500 for deposit and $165 for passport bk & card=$665 and that's just the pre- planning(wheww) alrighty then!!

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Ugh 5+ weeks of stiffness? No bueno. Thanks for update hun.
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Happy healing and congrats on your new bbl ;)
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Happy to hear you are healing well!!! Can't wait to see pics! I'm off to Yily in 3 days!
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Glad to hear all is well. Happy headings to you
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Glad to hear your doing well hun! I know your are looking great!
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Nice to read your story! Hope you're well, can't wait to see the bikini pics!
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Looking forward to pics. Thank you. I'm still here in DR recovering ;+)
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hope your healing good!! cant wait to see your results! my day is coming up very soon! cant wait to be a Yily Doll!
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Hope all is well :) Can't wait to see your results!
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I'm excited , please rest and come back to Report! Thanks
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Yay, Congrats .......Glad your safe. Is round 2 the charm?
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hope ur having a smooth recovery :) u already started with a great body so in excited to c u post op. heal well hun :)
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Hi Rd just dropping in wishing you happy healing.. visiting all the post op Yily dolls:)!!
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Safe travels
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Be safe and have a speedy recovery. Also good luck.
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Good luck
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Good luck. Ur gonna look great!!!
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Hey ladie can't wait to see ur results!! I pray u have an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery!
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HeyConfident Thanks I'm goin2 need it. Sending well wishes and positive energy your way. Can't wait to be on the other side hoping for great things to report to my RS sisters!
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Please keep us updated rather positive or negative!! I will be there a couple days after u but I'm staying at Angelas Recovery house.. It seems really nice and alot smaller then JMSpa.
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How did you get into Angela's did you have choices or were you assigned?
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Actually I found her page on FB and called her. She also has a private page on FB and I was added by a girl. I begged them to squeeze me and my BBL sister in and they did. I am so thankful!! Because its only 5 girls at a time. She seems very nice and the food looks goood. She can also speak and understand english. She also has hot water. I am so so greatful to have found her RH. The JMSPA seems to be having to much drama with girls and staff..i want to recover in peace
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Hey, girl! I was seeing how everything is going for you!
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Hey Lady! All is well, sorry for the late response. Hope everything is good with you"
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