My day is fast approaching! I'm excited! #teamcontreras!! - Dominican Republic, DO

All booked and ready to go. I'm super excited! I...

All booked and ready to go. I'm super excited! I am 5'10" and 200lbs. Haven't had surgery yet, but have been researching for 2 years now. Decided to go to Yily for her sculpting skills. My deposit is paid and airline tickets are bought. I have all of the supplies I need...just need a buddy. Will arrive in the DR on June 9th surgery is on June 10th. Yay!!

did you get your surgery with Yily?
Good luck
hey, we are about the same height and weight, im 5'10-5'11 and 235 but i plan to lose 35 before i go for this surgery, am also looking at dr.yily and i was wondering did you have to fly down for consultation ? and where are you staying afterwards ? am just trying to figure out how much i would have to save ect....

Changed up!

Will update later but I chose Dr. Contreras!
Hi love did you do your surgery with him?  
No Hun, something came up and I had to cancel. But now I'm going to Dr. Contreras

Surgery March 17, 2014

Did go yet am scheduled this March!
No I go in March.

My Time Is Coming Soon! (But not soon enough...LOL)

March 17th can't get here fast enough. I lost a total of 21 lbs. I was 217 I am now 192.8. I want to get down to 185 lbs. I am 5'11" though. I will be going to dr. Contreras, sweet guy by the way. I will be having bl, lipo, and bbl. I can't wait. Summertime, here I come! I will post before photos soon.


I already bought my airline ticket. I also started taking my vitamins. I have been taking liquid iron, iron pills, chlorophyll drops (nasty stuff), folic acid, vitamin c, and b complex. I also eat lots of iron rich foods and vitamin c rich foods. Watching what I eat has helped me with my weight loss. I also work out...i do Les Mills Pump. That workout is intense, but I am more toned now. My measurements are as follows:
Waist-36 1/2"

I already gotta booty and hips so after this surgery I will be shutting it down...j/k LOL! Well, I might be serious! Either way LOL!

A few before pics...

More pre-ops

That's what up congrats on losing the weight and getting toned u look really nice your results will be great I must say DAMN girl you all ready and shit lol!!! mad cause I ain't lose 1lbs didn't buy shit IM NOT READY TO GO NOWHERE shit u might get your buddy after all messing with my never ready ass... I will pm u in a short while!!! thanx for the luv... Keep us posted with any new pre sx changes...
Nikki u crazy girl! LOL!
Good luck doll. I go to Dr. C April 2. I will be following your journey

My workout routine....Les Mills Pump!

I do this workout 5 - 6 days per week. It's a cardio and weight lifting workout, using light weight on the bar. It's intense but, I feel great afterwards. I do squats, lunges, ab workouts, biceps, triceps, clean and presses, and dead lifts.

The 'Diet'

I have been eating very healthy. Now I don't eat healthy all of the time. I wanted pizza yesterday so I had Dominos Pizza....yes I did hunny! But I eat lots of foods rich in Vitamin C and Iron. This morning I made my favorite smoothie: avocado, cucumber, banana, almond milk, and guava juice with a tablespoon of chlorophyll. Yummy.
I also eat lots of:
-spinach (vitamin c and iron)
-Broccoli (vit. C)
-Rice and beans ( great source of iron)
-Orange juice (vit c)
-Lean meats like chicken, fish and steak (iron) very little fat on those.
-Whole grain breads and also
Dates (iron)
-Prunes and prune juice(iron) and it keeps you regular because iron pills will constipated you.
Here's a pic of my smoothie and the ingredients

Vitaminzzzz Oh My!

I do admit, I have so much more energy from taking my vitamins:
- liquid iron 1/2 a dose
-iron 1 pill
-folic acid
-b complex
-chlorophyll (disgusting stuff) and
-vitamin c
-don't forget the pre-surgery and post-surgery vitamins from make-me-heal

My results of Les Mills Pump

I have toned up a little and lost weight. Pics with and w/o clothes. I am pretty much happy with my body but I hate my stomach. It refuses to go anywhere, I could workout all day long and I have a pooch. SMDH!
Thanks Nikki! But you still crazy lol!

Forgot one.

hey sis congrats on your weightloss!Good luck with your journey!
Thanx sis!

Received my board today! Yay!


How are you? Im considering Contreas.
Dr. Edgar Contreras

I will be going to Dr. Contreras.

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