Butt Implant and Fat Transfer Miss Salama-Mama

Hello Booty Beauties!! I have been lurking on Real...

Hello Booty Beauties!! I have been lurking on Real Self for a while and am finally ready to start posting my experiences and start the ball rolling. I am a 26 year old female, single, no children, 5'3", 120 pounds, 34-24-34. I am naturally thin, petite, fast metabolism and will be feverously gaining weight in preparation for my Booty Blessing :-) LoL. I am planning to have surgery this March/April 2014 in the beautiful Dominican Republic (I've been before) I am currently in the stage of emailing/calling doctors to get quotes and confirm my surgery date. I already have the money, passport, time off work etc. I am considering Dra. Duran, Dra. Yily de Los Santos and Dra. Robles. So for the next few months I will be sharing my experiences with weight gain, finalizing my doctor, prepping for surgery and the whole thing! Look forward to reading others experiences as well. That's all for now, TTYL Booty Beauties ????

Pre-Op Pics....Dying for CURVES!!

Just wanted to post my pre-op pics that I have been sending to various doctors. I generally like my body just want more booty and more hips!!

Changing teams from BBL to BUTT IMPLANT and some fat transfer (BBL)!!!!

So.....I have diligently been researching all things butt augmentation. I have decided to get a butt implant AND transfer any fat that I have (mainly stomach i think) to my hips/around the implant. I want wider, curvier hips and a bigger butt. So for all of you petite, thin, skinny chicas I think this is our best option! I am very excited, I just officially booked my surgery earlier today (Tues Jan. 21st 2014) with Dr. Moises Salama!!! I paid my 10% deposit and am scheduled for surgery on: April 1, 2014. I'm going down to Florida Monday March 31st for my pre-op, surgery Tuesday April 1st, post op Wed April 2nd and staying in Florida 2 weeks. I hope to get between 300-400cc intramuscular soft solid silicone implants and as much fat as possible around my hips. I worked with his coordinator Nancy and ya'll she is amazing, sweet, organized and has helped me a ton with making this decision. I can't wait to be SALAMA-FIED in a few months. So i will still attempt to gain a few lil pounds for extra cushion but I am not pressed to gain at this point. I will be updating as I purchase supplies etc. over the coming weeks.

More Pre-Op Pictures and Prep

Just wanted to add some more pre-op pics. I'm counting down til my surgery April 1st with Dr. Salama. Not sure if I prefer round or oval implants for the wider hips, hourglass look, it is essential that my hips are made wider and rounder....Which implant style do you all think is best??!

Pre-Op Preparations

Hi Beauties!!
I'm less than a month away from my butt implant and fat transfer surgery Whoot Whoot!!! Just wanted to update you lovies on things that I have been doing/am doing to prepare:
*Made another payment to Elite Plastic Surgery
*Playing with my before after looks w the plastic surgery app.
*Applied to Care Credit (I am financing some of the surgery)
*Booked my flight
*Taking 1,000 mg of Vitamin C & 325 mg of Iron
*attempting to gain a lil weight
*Had my pre-op clearance testing done (blood, urine, EKG)
*Confirmed my accommodations in Florida (staying 2 weeks w a friend)
*Obsessing over implant shape, size and big booties in general!!!
I think I want to go with the round implant shape but we'll see once I have my pre-op appointment March 31st.

Skinny Thick

I've been obsessing over booty and hips. I'm 20 days away from my booty blessing surgery and I'm officially obsessed lol! I've been playing with my plastic surgery app on my phone and I have found a few inspirations online as well. Tell me what y'all think??! I don't want anything unrealistic just a thicker, fatter version of what I already have. I think this is achieveable!!!

Night before surgery!

It's the night before surgery. I've made it to Florida safely, flew in earlier today. I went right from the airport directly to the surgery center where I will be having surgery tomorrow morning. I met Dr. Salama, he looked at my butt, we discussed my desires and everything with how surgery will go. I'm set on a round implant and he will decide on the exact size cc during surgery based on what will actually fit in my muscle comfortably he mostly uses 360cc he said and I'm fine with something in that range. Then I went over to the actual office, where the coordinators are (10 mins down the road) and signed all my paper work and consent forms, talked about the night before surgery protocol, how to clean my drains, massages, post op appts. and got my boppy pillow. Next, I gathered my supplies from Walmart and 2 extra prescriptions that Salama prescribed today a muscle relaxer and more antibiotics, I cooked some after surgery foods baked chicken, steamed broccoli and sweet potato so I'll have it ready tomorrow. I set up a table of supplies right next to my bed (see pic) with everything on hand for me tomorrow. I'm very calm surprisingly and not really nervous just trying to take it all in and get ready for my big day. I'm first up for surgery at 7:00am which I'm very pleased to be first! It's about 12:30am and I am going to go to sleep and will update everyone tomorrow after surgery :-)

Surgery Day!!!! :-)

Here's my story so far. Had surgery earlier this morning Tuesday April 1st 2014 7:00am. Went into surgical center, changed into medical gown, compression thigh highs, comfy socks, surgery panty, and hair cap all give. To me. Did a urine sample and sat in pre-op room. Salama comes in discusses all complications/risks and marks me up. I had lipo on my stomach and back. I walk into actual surgery OR which is passes away. I lay down on T shaped surgery table and am covered in blanket and given anesthesia. I immediately knock out and remember nothing. I wake up gently and feel nauseas nurses are rubbing and gently talking to me. They give me a bucket to throw up in and I'm only spitting up, not actual food. They dress me (I wore a loose maxi dress) they wheel me kneeling in the wheel chair to my car and I lay, stomach down on top of the pillows I set up before surgery. Still nauseas, car ride was 25 mins to friends apt. I'm too weak to get out of the car and lay there for 2 hours in the back seat. Finally gather strength, hobble into friends apt. (1st floor thank GOD). I've set up raggedy towels on the bed and cover it with the medical paper stuff they gave me. I sleep on and off for a few hours feeling nauseas and weak. I sip on water and Gatorade and attempt to eat Cheerios, pineapples and apple sauce. I'm holding my pee in bc I don't have the strength to go to the bathroom. I finally go to the bathroom but get weak and have to throw up. I actually threw up this time everything I just ate and my meal from last night. I'm not surprised by this, anesthesia makes me very sick I've experienced this before. My stomach is quick to reject things. I feel much much better and can now eat dinner and sit up propped on my elbows. Right now I just finished my dinner, and I'm going to take my antibiotics, muscle relaxer and go to sleep. Took pics of course the pre-ops are from this morning (so fresh, accurate) and the post ops are from just now! Def got round shape but idk the cc's or how much fat was transferred I'll know tomorrow at my post op and update!
(Shout out to Cinnabunz I met you in passing while I was leaving the surgical center baby got clappers!!!!) lol

Post-Op Appt.

Hey Ladies! I had my post-op today, it went well, and I got to see my booty and hips without the wrap on. Everything looks really good. I don't see any crazy inconsistency on my skin but 1 spot on my left side appears that the skin is stretched and irritated so they put that thick white cream, gauze and lipo foam over it so it doesn't get rubbed (it better not be a burn) I'm super happy with my results so far and can't wait to just heal and settle in. I'm still taking it easy, just laying in bed on my tummy, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty fluids, taking my antibiotics and vitamins and all. I'm not nauseas at all today and not in pain really just very tight and sore.


Okay ladies for all of you who haven't had surgery and are preparing I've gotten a few questions about personal female issues/hygiene and wanted to help everyone out by making a post about it :-) (if you're easily embarrassed don't read)
*Monthly Visitor*
Yes you can have surgery during your "girly week" I did. My cycle started unexpectedly right before I flew out of town for surgery and I was on my cycle during surgery, glad I had gotten my hemoglobin levels up with iron pills and the doctor said that's perfectly fine. We have no control over that ladies. It does make things a little messier but not impossible.
*Going #1*
With all the fluids in you from the IV, fluids you drink after surgery and all, you will use the bathroom a lot. Please stay close to a bathroom with the seat all the way up, spread your legs as much as possible and use a funnel, cup or something bc once you have to go it's coming out. I almost had a few accidents and I'm steps away from a bathroom. Use flushable wipes to clean yourself if you feel tissue isn't enough also use the toilet to empty your drains. Those first days they fill up quickly.
*Going #2*
Thankfully my first days after surgery I had no urge to go. But my third day, today Friday April 4th, I have moved. It wasn't a bad experience at all and I was nervous it would be. I took off all my bandages and wraps, squatted as best I could over the toilet and did my business. I used plenty of flushable wipes to clean everything, and used that time to clean my drains at the base (where they come out of my skin) disinfect them, apply neosporin, apply gauze and tape. I'm not constipated nor have diarrhea just normal movement so I'm thankful for that.
This was an interesting experience. I couldn't shower til after my post-op visit which was fine I had no desire to. Once I was cleared to shower I was very nervous about getting my drains/stitches wet so I did more of a sponge bath in the shower. I gently rubbed Dial over my skin and lightly rinsed where I could. I did not directly get under the water but splashed it up on me. Idk if that is necessary but I was nervous. Also use that time to check for abnormalities on your skin, marks, burns, bruises, blisters etc. I patted dry with paper towels to be safe and cleaned my drains, applied the prescription cream to my skin. I don't apply any lotions or perfumes or any of my normal post shower stuff. And as usual out all my lipo foam, wraps and bandages back on very snug to ensure proper compression.
I hope this is helpful to someone out there :-)
Any questions just ask!

Survived Week 1!

It's been exactly 1 week since surgery and I survived!! Week 1 was really rough ladies I'm not gonna sugar coat it. This is a painful and uncomfortable journey. I don't have regrets or anything but this is a lot to go through so be prepared mentally and physically. I had my first massage yesterday with Celia, she is amazing, sweet and motherly. The massage was painful your numb yet sensitive lipo'ed skin feels like its on fire is my best description and you can feel the fluids under your skin moving around. Like many other ladies however after the massage I felt a lot better! I also got my actual faja/garment after my massage and got my front drain removed!!! So I have 1 down 2 to go as far as drains. The garment is much better than the white bandage strap things. It's a small and it is tight idk if I'll move to the XS bc I'm not very swollen or draining a lot only my actual butt is swollen.

2nd Massage Today!

I'm one week and 1 day post op. I had my 2nd massage earlier w Celia. She was great and it was less painful, and I felt great after. Also I used the transportation service Justin the driver was a great resource if you don't have a way to and from the office ladies. Still have my 2 back drains in, Salama was almost ready to take them out bc they are low but decided to wait to play it safe which I wanted to wait as well, the drains are a pain but I'd rather have annoying drains than a Seroma fluid build up. Anyway still healing, feeling much better today than any other day, I've been lightly stretching, walking around, running errands and I have full energy back but I wake up very stiff in the mornings still. Nothing new to report my butt is still very hard, the shape is slowly coming around but it has a way to go still. I bought a heating pad and will be warming and massaging my skin myself bc I don't think I can afford the $75 massages.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I had an excellent overall experience with Dr. Salama. He was professional and very knowledgable. I felt comfortable with his expertise in shaping a woman's bottom. I'm still very early in recovery so I don't know my final results as if yet but I'm confident I will have beautiful, natural results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi, I hope you will get my message. I just send you an inbox. Please respond. Any help will be appreciated.
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Hey sweetie I've just found ur review on butt implants/far grafting with dr Salama and I'm truly sorry for whatever happened that is making decide to remove them. Do u mind sharing the reason with me? You can send me private message or email me please? I'm about to have the same Sx with him and would really appreciate ur input and experience especially on what went wrong if anything. Thks hun and hope you r ok whatever was ur decision to keep them or remove them.
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I hope you are okay :) with or l without the implant I hope u r healing fine.
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Yeah girl! We all miss ya ... and hope all is well! With or without a booty! Xoxo
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Hey babe... how are things? Did you get to speck with doc?
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I'm sorry that your not happy :( There was times when I was like what the hell did I do. There was times when I cried because I couldn't put socks on and I didn't think I was going to be normal again lol. I know what you mean about the sides and how it may look like there up to high. Me and you are both very tiny frame and that was the most noticeable part that everyone told me did look a little fake. I'm going to take a pic from that side angle for you to show you it will come down and look more natural. If you want, send me your number through message and I can send you a video. Hope I can help you out a little !!!! TEAM TINY WOMEN lol :)
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Im just under 5 foot, 98lbs so im tiny, and find it hard to see the results on someone as small as myself. have you done a review on any blog sites? i would love to see your results.
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sorry i se you have done a review here, but i meant your final results - showing the implant line :)
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Can I see the implant line ???
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Oh my gosh!!!! Sooo sweet :-) Everyone is so concerned it is amazing the love!!! I've been laying completely low trying not to obsess but I check in here and don't want to alarm everyone but I am having these implants REMOVED! I wanted to wait to update my profile after Monday when I go back into the office and speak w Salama. I'm still here in Florida for another week. I'll go into more detail with my actual update post but just know that these implants are still rock hard, it's been 12 days, they are very uncomfortable, look cartoon-ish, extremely unnatural, they jut out on the sides bc they are either too far apart or too wide for my frame and overall I hate them. I'm not sick I'm not dead just trying to hold on til I get them out. I did change my name and remove my pics. I will add pics of exactly what I'm talking about and pics after removal. Thanks everyone!
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Thank you hun , i am sure it is swelling , hang in there it will get better ! This is just a emotional period everyone goes through ! They need to settle in and drop! Give it some time ! I am sure Salama will tell you the same ! Good luck girl ! Keep us posted
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Oh no! Positive thoughts and vibes being sent your way doll...
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Oh my gosh .. I'm so glad you are ok. It's your body and you are the only one who knows exactly how that feels. I support either decision you make.
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Oh no please give it sometime hun as 111116 said it might be swelling. I'm glad you ok.
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Awe :( well I truly hope ur okay. I was literally praying for you honey. It's your decision so if u want them out then that is okay u still have those hips ;) just an FYI a lot of implants look fake ish but it gets so much better in a month. I've seen girls have their implants super high and odd but in a month it went down and dropped nicely.
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thank god your ok. thanks for updating us, and i can understand if your starting to question the implants, and although some surgeons here say "the dont settle" that is incorrect as you start to move normally the gluteus muscle stretches more to accommodate the implant, which means the implants wont be so compressed. each surgeon on this site have different opinions and techniques, but i purchased the aethetic plastic cometic surgery books they use to study to become qualified, and have been studying up, learning as much as i can. The books show the whole procedure from consultation, surgical markings, implant size, locations and complications, theres 4 different gluteal augmentation books written which are used via the surgeons during their studies to become qualified, and in two of those books they say the muscle stretches over time, but not to force it, let it happen naturally. it also says in the books swelling and true results wont show until 3 months after surgery, and in some patients it takes up to 6 months. Once your healed - 3 months, then start doing gluteal stretches very gently to slowly stretch the muscle so it takes on its natural shape around the implant. Also if after the swelling resides, and things begin to settle into place, the outlines are still visible, a repeat of fat grafting to "contour" the buttocks shape. As you have to remember, implants do NOT provide a rounder buttock, they simply add projection to your buttock. The buttock shape is aquired through fat grafts around the butt, and fat grafts arnt always garanteed. Now you have the projection, all you need is the shape, and this may take future fat grafts. But hey, you didnt go through all this pain to back out now, all that money to turn back now? You have made it so far, but still as far as the appearance and result goes, have alot more changes in the buttock region to make. Dont be disheartend girl, focus on your healing rather than the result. The result can be made to look exactly like your wish pic once your healed and another fat grafting is done to the area. 12 days is soo soon, their gonna be hard and funny looking for a month or two hun, hang in there - dont back out now, the hard part is the implants babe, and you've done it!!
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R u ok......I hope all is well with u......I'm praying for u
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Hey baby we are all concerned and worried!!!
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I can't see your pics anymore hun..hope you healing well
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did her username change to 'unsure' or was it unsure to start with? i cant remember, i thought it was something else. Im kind of worried for her now, i hope shes ok... bit strange her name changes then her photos are removed. I have my fingers and toes crossed thats shes safe and healing well, with good results.
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Yes I am very worried also. I know for sure her name was changed and her pics removed. I pray to god she is okay. I understand if she is privacy concerned but I hope I hear from her to know she is okay and safe.
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yeah i remember her original name, didnt want to mention it as she oviously removed it for some reason, and i too respect her privacy concerns. If she doesnt post here, and you hear from her, could you let me know how she is? i would be so greatful. Iv been following her progress, and so intrigued and excited for her, i sort of feel like her experience is a little bit of my own really. Lets all pray its just a little concern for privacy and nothing has gone wrong!!
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Her username was Raeigh? ? I don't know if I got the spelling right. I'm so worried. I pray she's ok
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U look great.......keep updating us Dollxoxo
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Looking good mama!:)
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