Brazilian Butt Lift Quote Requested from Dr. Yily - Dominican Republic, DO

I requested a quote from Dr. Yily. She responded...

I requested a quote from Dr. Yily. She responded in 3 days and asked for photos. I sent her photos and she quoted me $3,200 for BB, full abdomen lipo, inner thighs, lower back and skin grafting. I am 5'10 and weigh 157 lbs. My measurements are:
Breast 36 A (right breast) 36 C (left breast)
Waist 29 inch around the smallest part and 35 inches around the lower abdomen
Hips 39.5
My breast sx will be done in October in Canada before I go ahead and my BB. I will probably book my BB six weeks after my breast lift and head down to DO within three weeks after firming up the date with Dr. Yily.

I will keep you guys updated and post pictures shortly of my before and wishlist.


Hey Hun good luck on your sx and I would also say that 6 weeks is not gonna be enough time. I'm getting everything done at one time!!! Make sure you ask questions there are real drs on here that will answer your questions CLICK THE ASK A DOCTOR TAB AT THE TOP!!! Muah
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Be sure to let her know of the 6 weeks gap after your breast surgery. Because most drs don't recommend another procedure till after 3 to 4 months.
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Thank you Pretty_Lady for that info! I had no idea. I may have to rethink my timeline or let her do my breast lift as well my bbl. Very go information, glad I posted.

Before the Big Reveal!

As promised, I have added some pics. I do not have a lot of fat to transfer so I hope Dr. Yily can work her magic. I do not need a gangster booty, I just need one!

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Side view of ab


She would only do a TT and BBL on me. Told me that a BA would be too much at once. I got the BA done, but only after waiting three months. My BA doctor made sure to wait the full 90 days! Good Luck!
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Yes I'm going to have to wait 90 days before my second procedure:( hope your BA was successful! Post some pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She responded quickly and I was happy with the quote. She was also very polite in her communication.

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