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I've been stalking this site for some time now and...

I've been stalking this site for some time now and I finally decided to get the procedure. Are there any ladies here who've had Yily and if so how can I contact her???  I would really appreciate everyone feedback on what I should do.

4 Comments For a fuller picture of Yily's work and patient outcome Check out some of the Yily Gurls: ittleboypink msjittybugg kisses1986 superflyygurl87 mermaid2013 laury130 petitemami mzjuicyfruit87 treeclimber4 ready4newbreast and here are a couple of more that is either in surgery now or just coming out so you can follow them as well: redonkulous secretcharm qurvacious biggestbootayeva Also, there is one Duran gurl you should check on on RS who has pics up... Mz Yummy Booty... Duran Dolls, add who ever you followed on RS for Duran... I only know this one member...
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Please read Ensureaddict`s story. She just had surgery with her and is in the DR right now.
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Hi- you should read superflyygurl87's story and blog on her experience. It's super informative and I think she is the best person to answer your questions. Right now I am confused between Dra. Yily and Dra. Agustina...
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