Preparing to Get my Body Back with Baez on 7/8/14!!! Dominican Republic, DO

Hello ladies! I am new to this site but have been...

Hello ladies! I am new to this site but have been on everyday since I discovered it! I am scheduled to have abdominal liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Baez on July 7th. I am really excited! I had a decent body until I had my daughter 3 years ago. I really want a nice juicy booty and my flat stomach back! Dr. Baez has been amazing so far. Gave me a quote the very same day I sent her my information. By the end of our email conversation, I had a date of July 7th. She said she had one patient already scheduled for that day so if I want comfortable being patient number 2, I could choose the Friday of that week. I preferred the earlier date so I opted to be patient number 2. I am not that concerned about that. Patient number 3,4,5 or 6... Then I may be concerned. Anyway, I may be traveling alone so if anyone is going around the same time and looking for a travel buddy, please send me a message! Hope to begin ordering my list of supplies tomorrow!


Welcome to RS and congratulations! Excited?
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Thank you! Yes, I am super excited! Just nervous about being away from my daughter for so long! I have never been away from her longer than 24 hours!
Good luck hun!!! I'm scheduled with her on 06/30!! Never thought I'd be saying "I'm scheduled"! She's a wonderful lady and I wish you the best and a speedy healthy recovery!
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Hi ladies,

So I have been creating a list things that I will need to bring with me to DR. I have taken many suggestions from other ladies. For the ladies that have had surgery, are there any items that you feel you couldn't have survived without? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :-)


Well hello Backtome8 I sm scheduled with Dr Baez on the 9th and also traveling alone. Congratulations on having the courage to conquer this big adventure. Where will you be staying? I will be at Daisy's. Please keep me posted and show pics, I will be posting me pre-op pics shortly
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Thank you! I am so excited! I haven't decided on a recovery house yet... I am still kind of reading diff girls reviews to decide which one to look into. How did you decide and schedule?
Welcome to RS and congrats. Cheers!
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Starting taking the vitamins that Dr. Baez recommends before surgery.... I usually take a multi-vitamin, pro-biotic, and omega 3. She told me to stop taking the omega 3 one week before surgery so I immediately stopped... I also have the Mirena IUD but she told me that was fine. :-)


U are going to love this woman even more after you meet her. She is very young but, trust me she knows what she's doing. I'm on day 3 post op and I already love the results despite swelling and drain. I had a TT and lipo on back, waist and she threw in a bot of BBL for $100 more since I just wanted to fill in some empty side spaces on my butt. Tineo, the anesthesiologist is so friendly with a familiar personality. Good luck on your journey, sistah!
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Thank you HeyNiceBody! How are you feeling? How's the healing process going? Are you staying at a recovery house?
Yes how's the recovery? Especially the bbl.


Hello ladies, so like many of us preparing for surgery... I have been addicted to RS. I seem to keep running across ladies who update frequently and then after the surgery they fall off the map... Maybe I am being pessimistic but do you think these ladies may have died during surgery? It's starting to scare me... I can't imagine never being with my daughter again! I desperately want a new body but am I risking death and potentially setting my daughter up to be motherless? Has anyone else had these scary feelings before surgery. Is this normal? I so want a new body!


Omg I have said the same thing daily. Wth they come on get all their info then say screw all of us and don't update? LADIES PLEASE UPDATE AT LEAST A FEW MONTHS AFTER YOUR SX. I think we all need to pout this in our posts so that they don't forget. I also think that we should all leave our password for RS with a friend or loved one so in the event something happens thru can come in and let all of us know. Come on. Let's look out for one another. Even if you don't have anyone that knows what your gonna do. Please give your password to someone else in RS or you meet while away. I mean it's only a blog password, no real info anyone can get from you off here and steal. You know you would want to know if there were lots of "accidents" happening.
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Stop it Backtome8! I only say that because I went through that stage already. The one where we scare ourselves out of it, or try to anyway. Yes whenever you have any type of invasive surgery you risk a lot. If you have prayed, researched, saved, imagined and deep down you know this is what you want to do for you. ..then jump! God will catch you. Once you get the body you want finding time to post maybe hard for you to especially with a husband. Mines is already warning me.
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But I did make sure all my life insurance etc was I'm order

Recover houses

Hello ladies,

I'm wondering what recovery houses everyone recommends? It seems like everyone has decent things to say about Daisey's and Armonia. What do you all think? Do you guys have contact information for them? I am only 3 weeks away and don't have a recover house yet! Any help would be appreciated. :-)


I booked at serenity. The woman who owns it speaks English and is From here. I'll let you know how it is.
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Awesome! Thanks! :-)
That's a really good idea! I think I will leave my husband my information so if something happens, he can update everyone.

All set!!! Flights and Recovery House Booked!

Hi ladies!
I am finally all set!!! I booked my flights and sent my deposit to Daisy's Recovery House today! I chose to stay at Daisy's because she speaks fluent English. If I happen to run into any complications, I know I will have easy access to someone who can translate for me. I have also heard that it is very clean there which is huge for me. I will be arriving in DR on July 7th and my surgery will be on the 8th (Baez let me push it back a day). My return flight is scheduled for the 16th. I know that's only 8 days post op but I know I will be super anxious to get back to my family. It seems like many girls end up changing their flights to go home earlier than expected. My daughter and I have never been apart longer than 24 hours... This will be HUGE for us! And my husband will have to learn what it is to be the primary caregiver... Maybe he will realize just how much us Mommys have to do! :-) I am sooo nervous and excited all at the same time. I can't wait to have a new body and buy new clothes!!!! Of course I am really scared to have complications but that's why I chose Baez as my doctor. I feel safe with her. Just two weeks away!!!


I stayed at Arelis Recovery House. She is incredible. She changed. Y faja and washed me the very first night after I got there so I can sleep nice and fresh. She makes sure you're hydrated and that you are up and walking around. Massages come included I her price, one for each night u stay and she uses ultrasound machines. Her cook is amazing. She feeds you several times a day but only healthy stuff. I feel good. Drain was pulled out on seventh day and it was sooo painful for me. Some girls say it doesn't hurt but i guess my incision was closing when doc pulled it out. I could lay on BBL cause it wasn't really a full BBL, it was just filling in on sides to make it look a little fuller. I will post pics soon as I'm still building profile. I'm on week two and I feel great! I hate having to wear this faja in this heat. Dra Baez also recommended not to shower here unless it's with bottled water and I should even wait to shower in NYC. It's getting tough ladies. Arelis did give me a "rag bath" with soap and water each time but I kind of ran out of money. It's $120/night!
I ended up going with Daisy's too! And my surgery is with Baez on the 8th now. I will see you there! :-) when do u arrive?

Got my passport today!! Sooo excited!!

My passport arrived TODAY! I got nervous about it not getting here before I leave so I called yesterday morning to have it expedited. They charged me $75 over the phone and I got it when my mail came at 10am. Now THATs expidited service for u! Lol


Hey I am Baez patient on the 7th ! Lol and was also going to stay at Daisys as well. She was my first choice until I was contacted by other patients to become sx buddies. Anyway, our day is around the corner ! Super excited. And about the deaths, if you look into them, they weren't surgery related otherwise that would be considered a malpractice and these doctors wouldn't be able to practice in their country. One girl I've heard who died recently died of complications from a previous surgery (a gastric bypass) another one died of an embolism. Totally'll be fine, especially with Baez. Nothing negative from her which is also why I choose her. Don't be afraid, you're going be okay :)
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I was actually going to be her second patient on the 7th (after you, I assume)! I changed it to the 8th for a few diff reasons. I have done a ton of research on how to prevent a embolism and deadly infections after surgery. I am starting to feel better now that I know I can prevent most of the surgery related complications after surgery. I am overall, pretty healthy so I am praying to be complication free! My daughters life would be horrible without me! But it seems like a very slim chance anything will happen to me. Anyway, where did u decide to stay? How r u feeling? Nervous?
That's good to hear, everyone definitely should educate themselves to minimize possible complications. But I will be staying at Armonias recovery house, the building/hotel one. I'm beyond nervous! Lol like I eat sleep and breath this surgery because honestly I just wanna get it over with because I'm so not looking forward to be away from my family either nor am I looking forward for the pain. How are you feeling? Ready to go?

Arrived in DR!

I have finally arrived in DR! Daisy's driver picked me up from the airport and brought me to the recover house. They drive absolutely crazy here! Like NYC has nothing on them! Woa! And i realized when i got to Daisy's, I don't think they even have traffic lights. Anyway, now that I have gone off on a tangent... So I am supposed to be at Dr. Baez office at 7am. I have to get my lab work first and then hopefully I will be her second patient tomorrow. Will give you all an update ASAP!


Prayers are with you Bella
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So happy that you made it safely. How do you like Daisy's so far? I know it's going to be hard but try to get some rest.
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I love Daisy's. Margaret and Lina are sooooo sweet and kind. Sorry, I am just seeing this. I have been in a lot of pain. They are taking good care of me.

I am alive and recovering!

Sorry ladies. I have been in pain and somehow lost my phone charger since i have been here. I can't really do a review yet but wanted to let everyone know I am alive and recovering. I will post pre and post pics once i get back to the states.


how is the recovery going? pics please
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Many blessings on your by day it gets brighter:)
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Happy healing
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baez has been amazing! She is a wonderful, sweet, kind, and caring Doctor. VERY happy with my choice. Dr. Baez puts your life as her priority! And does an amazing job on your body.

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