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Hi. Im a 20 year old girl who's looking forward to...

Hi. Im a 20 year old girl who's looking forward to getting my body done in DR in 2014. I've been researching Yily for the pass week & I'm in love w. All her work. Everyone says its soo hard to get in contact w. Her its reallty not I received my quote within a week.I'm planning on getting lipo on the abs full back armpits flanks & waist. BBL via fat grafting to buttock & a breast lift.
Hey girl wishing you the best of luck!! am planning on getting on getting the same procedures done as you...I can't wait to see your result
Thanks I'm so excited
Good luck to you sweetie! Yes, I have no problem communicating with Yily. She answers all my email within 3-7 days and my text right away.

Can't wait a few months , I need ass ASAP!!!

So I was planning on goin to DR after thanksgiving & before the new year.. now my dreams are crushed cause Yily will be on maternity leave. Sooooo , I need to find ass shot lady near NY my friends referring me to one in PA. I don't mind travelling.. i don't want too much ass tho cause I do plan on having my surgery w. Yily still in Feb 2014. My friend said I can have anything from $500-$2000 injected in me. I'm thinking maybe like $800 worth hmm... idk & what's this cc thing? Can I get some knowledge on these booooty shots?
I'd suggest looking into other doctors who have open dates before you rush and get pmma shots! There are tons of surgeons out there who would do a great bbl, don't limit your options hun!
I love Yilys work.. I might wait. Does medical grade silicone mean anything tho? Is that still bad?
NOOOOOOOOOOO..Pleaseeeee wait and think about this! You can even try another Dr but dont do the PMMA shots. Im here whatever decision you make..Can you move your sx date up before or on November 18th?

Need to Research new Doc :/

Its 2:30am but I'm thinking bout my Transformation. So obv. You guys know Yilys leaving for maternity leave this Fall/Winter & I'm having 2nd thoughts on the Med Grade Silicone don't think I want ass shots just yet.. maybe ill wait till after sx if I do decide I want em. I've been researching other Docs to keep my options open but I want you guys opinion.. either I'm gonna becomae a Yily Doll , Duran Doll or Baez Doll. Again my procedures are as follow: Lipo to arms underarms flanks stomach fullback inner thighs BBL grafting fat to buttocks & a breast lift.

Wish Body

Must loose 10lbs before surgery

My 30day challenge starts tomorrow. Excited as fck lol
Today is holler at my girls day & show some love & support to all my sis hope all is well God Bless x

Wow!! Haven't posted on here in a while :-x

So I went & got Biogel Butt injections not much 200cc for $800 not too much of a difference but I love my new booty!!! Still no BBL or breast lift :( but I will be getting it done before the summer time. I don't think I'm going to DR for this procedure at all.. I rather be extra safe and stay in the US. So I will be going with Dr. Jimmerson from ATL or i will be having to find a doc in Miami. Anybody know any good docs in The Miami area for a bbl& breast lift???
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