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I am going for the yaris sanchez look. I want a...

I am going for the yaris sanchez look. I want a really nice big round butt and a small waist line. I am going for measurements 30,24,50. I am so ready to become a Duran Doll!! I am currently 5'7 195 I have recently gained weight. I plan on dropping 25 pounds before I have my procedure. I want my butt to be really big. I am going for the Nicki look lol. I am just waiting on Dr. Duran to respond to my email. I am super excited.
Good luck on your journey xx
Thanks doll!
Hey ladies I am trying to get an estimate from dr.yily and Duran but they won't respond back does anyone know the best way and time to reach them I'm desperate :-(


I received my quote from Dr. Duran $4,000.00 bbl liposuction to the arm, inner thighs, #team Duran doll

Welcome! Glad you've got your quote and date,

Keep us updated on your progress!


Duran Doll

I have been looking at booties all this week lol! I can't wait to have my hourglass shape! Screaming #team Duran Dolls
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