OMG Its Finally my Time! Hoping for Bbl with Dr. Yily Sometime This Spring! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello my BBL sisters:).. soo i've been lurking on...

Hello my BBL sisters:).. soo i've been lurking on this site for about 3 months now but have been considering the bbl for about a year!.. and finally i have made a decision for myself to finally go through with it. My name is brielle i am 22 and i have no kids but my body tells a different like i gave had maybe 2..lmao..i am 5'5 and i wight about 210 lbs :( .i am so impatient i just want it done! i love myself but my body needs a lil adjusting:). i want curves, projection thinking about 1400cc's each cheek and fat grafting to the hips ( want an hourglass figure)! i am considering going to dr yily sometime this spring i love her work and her prices! and also looking to buddy up if possible!!! im just waiting for her to email me back with the pricing. and also where is a good place to stay at a good price,?.what do i need to purchase before hand?.. meds?. garment ect?


If you translate your emails to Spanish she responds faster. :)
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ur a life saver im going to try that!!:)
bootybeauty78 has an amzing supply list of everything and i mean EVERYTHING u may need. #teamjimerson
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Still awaiting for a quote from yily..-_- !

still awaiting for a quote from yily..-_- ! soo anxious!! and also im starting to second quess the TT ..but i want the BEST results! just worried about the pain AFTERWARDS!.. i even wanted to add a breast lift but i think that would be to much on my body and how the hell would i be able to sleep!?

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Whats the maximum cc's yily can transfer for bbl

whats the maximum cc's yily can transfer for bbl


Holy up ur 210 lbs? I woulda ever guessed ! U look way smaller ; u carry ur weight very well!
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(Go girl!) lol
Congrats on ur date!!!
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FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!! so happy right now i finally...

FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!! so happy right now i finally got my quote!!!!!!!!! shes quoted me $3,350 BOOKING MY DATE NEXT WEEK!!


So what date did u decide on?? R u still going to yily?
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My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be flying in April 9 or 10 –when is your operation?
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hey girl i will need a buddy as well, i asked for a date 2weeks ago, and response yet i would do 4-10/ if i could get i orginally wanted the 3-5th which ever day was open but we will see, im also your size as well
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

after researching i found she is the best dr who will give me the results that i am looking for!

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