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Hey so I'm going to see dr yily in may to get lipo...

Hey so I'm going to see dr yily in may to get lipo and a Bbl so far I have made a traveling buddy and we would like to go in a group of girls from NYC or new jersey because you get an discount and it will be a great experience.. Any girls wanna buddy with us? My name is kiana and I'm 24.. Anyways can't wait ttyl..


me me me im located in md and also am looking for buddies to go with please email me @
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So we have a group of 3 girls so far from NYC...

So we have a group of 3 girls so far from NYC Samantha Stephine and I we text all day and plan to meet up next Friday to meet face to face now I'm very excited to go on this journey with new friends interested in the same thing as I am we would love more girls from NYC who wants to go in May with us...


aug 14th anyone ?
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Hey ladies I am booked for May 3rd Let me kno if thats around your time
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So it's officially 9 weeks away and I'm very...

So it's officially 9 weeks away and I'm very nervous after I had my sony blood count was low but I went to the doctor yesterday and I'm waiting on my results to see if my blood count is ok it's been two years since I had my son so I hope I'm okay and just incase I'm taking iron pills 60mg and folic acid to help. Besides that I'm very excited one of my concerns is yily don't really give that big o ghetto booty most girls are looking for I hope she does mines good because I have a butt already I will be posting picks up today To show what I look like before surgery.. I already have my group we all live in NYC and we became really good friends we text everyday and hung out already even had a slumber party lol..


also going in may and from NYC !
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I'm from Brooklyn. I want to go on the 22nd too. We should go together.
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Hey aime we going on the 15 but we will still be there when u come so keep in touch babez
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