Hey girls so am new to this . I have been doing...

Hey girls so am new to this . I have been doing research on this for a while i been looking forward on having a bbl , am 5"2" weight about 140 23 yrs old i have 3 kids . I am thinking on having surgery next year but haven't decide neither contact any drs yet . But i do wanna go to dr and get it done any suggestion girls??
I'm also new the 3 doctors that's been floating around are Duran, yily and baez... Duran Is the best in my opinion but she is crazy busy.. I got quote from both baez and yily within a day... I'm going with baez she's new around the block so she's cheap ($3,700 for bbl including hips, tt, lipo on 5 areas) but I think that she will get the job done just as good as yily and Duran. Duran was my first choice but I'm going with baez no turning back...

I heard back from dr. Duran so excited!!!:)

So after sending my pic this morning to Duran she responded back to me within hrs with a quote us3500 for BBL with lipo .. All I have to do is tell her how I have my hemoglobin n I can call her office n reserve my date ... Am super excited but am not sure about if I should stay in a RH or just stay with one of my relative out there . I do have family and can save me some money :) I been reading girls blogs saying you need to pay a deposit to secure ure date. Am trying to go around April after 13 .

Wish pics

Havent checked out baez work...hmmm should check it out
Yea she doesn't really Have much work to show but the ppl that have gone to her say she is excellent...


So today i called dr.duran office to see if i can set up a date for april. I got my date all i have to do is send the deposit and choose a RH if am gonna stay at one.. So happy . Do you girls think i should wait until am close to my surgery to do my physical with my dr please let me know thank!! N god bless all of you guys:)!!

i would like a buddy for recovery house

anybody trynna fo for surgery on april i would like to buddy up together instead of going alone :(
Good luck on ur journey
hello! is scheduled for April 13? I'm trying to schedule for those dates ... but I need my job and holidays not yet have assured me my dates ..

my culito lol ( my booty)

Hi I'm going to DR on April 3rd & I'm scheduled to have the procedure done (bbl) the next day. I'm also looking for a buddy & I will be staying in a recovery house. I live in NY & I really don't want to go alone.
Iwanted in April too but idk why i was thinking is too 2 early to talk to surgeons heck no I need to get moving.....&how do u go about checking ur hemoglobin how much is that itself?
Im going in April too leaving the 28
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So I decide to go with dr Duran I love how she works and I hear positive things about her

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