New Start- Lipo, BBL, Implants. Future Yily Doll - Dominican Republic

I am a mother of 3 children looking forward to...

I am a mother of 3 children looking forward to making some changes to my body. Ive spent quite a bit of time reading and researching sites and have reached out to Dr. Y and awaiting a reply. A friend of a friend has made the referral and although I'm nervous, anxious is winning. Hope to receive a quote and availability SOON.


Have you received your quote? When are you planning on going?
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Congrats and good luck
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Welcome to RS and congratulations! Dr Yily is a great choice n ps! Chk out UPSCALE recovery home ! Brand new facility clean and very dependable!
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Finally a Reply!!

Well ladies I am happy to announce that I have received a reply and will be confirming an appointment, wiring deposit this WEEK. It's officially on and I am super excited. Out of the 3 girls trying to travel together 2 of us have received responses. Operation NEW body is in full effect!


Anyone scheduled for 4/3? I'm scheduled for then with yily. My friend would love to get in with me too cause I don't want to travel alone :( if anyone you know wants to trade dates with her she want a beggining of april. She is currently scheduled for 5/1.
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Hey I'm lookin to go April 3 with yily I need a travel buddy lmk
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I'm scheduled for April 3rd as well. Will arrive in DR the day before.

It just got REAL!

Hey everyone it's been sometime but I've decide to update before going to sleep. I am mentally ready and luggage almost packed. I've picked up some necessities today (Pads, creams, wipes etc) and loose dresses are packed away. My date is April 3rd and I will be flying into DR the day before for blood work etc. I've been taking my vitamins daily and scheduled to see my PCP next week to check my levels etc.

I've booked my RH and I'm ready for my Yily body. Anxious and ready to get this over with...

Now I'm eating everything in sight trying to make sure I gain enough weight so there is enough fat to transfer. I think I want a lift instead of going to a D cup (currently a C). Hoping I don't need a Tuck just Lipo but I will see what she suggests.

Counting down to my sexy!!

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Mentally Ready....

Well everyone my SX is getting closer and I'm mentally ready for it. Still prepping other things though in the meantime and continuing to enjoy people's post on real self. I'm taking all my vitamins; vitamin C, B12 complex, and Iron. I recently read that someone was taking pur absorb so I bought that from Walgreens yesterday (I am not taking any chances).

Schedule for my doctors appointment on March 26 to get some medication and blood work done.

I plan on completing the task of packing my suitcase on Sunday. Getting my hair braided as well and I will get waxed next week.

The good Lord tapped me on my shoulder and told me to check my passport, it's a good thing I did. It expires on April 14 thankfully I'm scheduled to return on the 11th. Again since I'm not taking any chances I will be at the passport office at 8:30 Monday morning renewing it just in case! I am not planning to be stuck in the Dominican Republic, mentally preparing myself to be there over five days is already taken it's toll on me. I will take lots of preop pictures on Sunday and post with my measurements as well. still in the process of gaining weight totally over it but it will be worth it. Later Dolls

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Anyone on RS scheduled for sx 4/3/14 with Yily?

Just wanted to reach out to anyone else scheduled for that date. Thanks


What rh are u using????
My sx date is 4/2 but I'm planning on arriving the day before...
I'm staying at Angie's RH and will arrive on April 2nd.
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