Changed my doctor to the great Dr. Cabral

So Dr. Yily have me a same day response and she...

So Dr. Yily have me a same day response and she quoted me 3500 for bbl and lipo of abdomen, back, waist, arms, flanks. I'm so excited just waiting on a reply back for a surgery date. Also if anyone is interested in doing the procedure with me and me a message she gives group discounts. I plan on doing it sometime next year... she told me to lose 20 to 30 pounds and that's no problem.


Welcome to RS and congratulations and happy New Year!
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Hey girl, I picked Dr Yilly too. I was told I need to drop 15 to 20 lbs. I did ot know she did group discounts. Thats great! Im trying to go in March. When are you going? I think imma have to end up going by myself. Who are you going with?
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Girl, I'm going in June!!! Hopefully I'll be going with a buddy.

Okay girls Dr. Yily finally replied back

Ladies just give her some time she just had a baby. But I'm looking for more travel buddies I have one already and anyone else is welcomed it will be fun...I looking towards May 5.

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?Ladies I know so Dr. Yily may be taking forever to respond...

Ladies I know so Dr. Yily may be taking forever to respond to emails but please be patient with have to understand that she gets a ton of messages a day almost everyone wants her and don't forget she just had a baby last month. But anywho I tried booking with Yily for May 5th and I totally forgot it was a holiday "Cinco De Mayo" but she told me the remainder of the week is available so I will try May 6.


I'm African too, I'll be following your story to see your updates. Good luck!
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Happy New Year and welcome! I've been on for a while but like you finally decided to become a Yily Doll! I am sooooo excited for my next bottom. I'm a tall glass of water with no bottom (6'2 176lbs). I was quoted 2900 and no weight loss, so things are going good. I see there are a few dolls going in June, I plan on June 11th for an 8 day stay.
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Congratulations and I will follow you on your journey

May 6 is the day

I'm patiently waiting for May 6 and I'm so excited. I have a travel buddy to share my experience with so that's even better. I'm also thinking to get a breast lift and she quoted me 900 so I might as well get it over with....can't wait till I'm a Yily Doll


Good luck on your journey hun
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Thanks hun
My buddy travel partner. .we're going to look so good in may !
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More wish pics

I can't wait to be a Yily Doll on May 6 and I wish she would give me a 42" or better ass. I just love how she shapes the body so perfect.

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Patiently waiting

Okay I've been a bit lazy and this Ga weather isn't making it any better but I know I know no excuses lol.....I need to try can lose at least 20 to 30 pounds. This is me now at 210.

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Before pic of me


I'm going in early June. When r u planning on going?
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Ok the end of May? Well gd luck

I love Yily but Dr. Cabral is a beast. ..

Im following Dr. Cabral on instagram and I fell in love with his work and I want a 45" ass and I believe he will work his magic to give me that. I got my quote of 4500 and he told me to only lose 15 pounds but I scared of that incident that happen a while back ago. Any dolls that had work recently done by him please tell me I hace nothing to worry about

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So I changed my doctor ladies. NO MORE YILY!!!!!!!!!

So I decided to go with Dr. Cabral because his is truly a Magician. I started following him a while back on Instagram for a while and I mean all of his patients are BAD!!!!!!! I mean their bodies are BANGING and I know i will be pleased with my transformation.


What is Cabral's instagram?
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I have surgery w/ Cabral May 9th. Hopefully I see you there :)
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