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Hello to all. I am new to rs. I have been doing...

Hello to all. I am new to rs. I have been doing research for a while now looking forward to getting my bbl done. I am 5'5 270 I am doing this for me. I have gained a lot of weight this year from being on birth control and overly stressed. I want my happy me back. So I have decided to get a pt for the next 5 months see where that goes. I have my consultation appointment next month. Still looking for doctors any suggestions?
I was talking to a few people on here but they are pretty rude. Anyways the beging of something new.
I'm going to Duran she's good I've heard check out my profile if u click on her name it'll give u her info I had a lot of docs in mind but she made the top of the list due to her work being good and the way she treats her patients
Thank you. I looked her up also. When are you going?

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Who are you having your consultation with? Are you looking in any particular city/state/country for doctors?

You should check out the BBL forum for help from the other girls, we also have a great BBL guides area, which has lots of useful information.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


my butt now

Welcome aboard & remember the good people out weighs the bad on RS.
I want to go in like June in time for my big wedding
Awww congratulations!!! I would like to go in June or july and my husband And I would like to renew our vows next year maybe around October.


I am still doing research. If anyone has suggestions on doctors please inbox me information please.
Sounds good to me
Me too!!!!!!
Can you inbox me her information ?please.

received a quote!

I have received my quote from dr. Hughes 8500 he does great work. Also checked out dr.baez and dr.bandy. still waiting on quote from dr.Cortes and yily. Read some good journal's. I am excited! :-)
Thank you
Welcome e

still waiting for quotes

I love how dr.Hughes replies so quickly! However I am still waiting for dr.yily, baez, and dass quotes. Still nothing from dr.duran ans cortes.


Quote from dr.10,300
He is not my first choice plus a little much. Dr. Hughes, and cortes work is what I like.


Down 5 lbs. :-)
Good morning, I wanted to stop by your review to make sure I stay updated with your progress. Good job on the 5 lbs! Keep up the good work.
Awww thank you mesan. I love your support. Thanks I'm working on it.

new year

Happy new year everyone. I am deciding on dr. Hughes and dr. Diaz no one else has responded to me yet but that's okay. Hopefully I can get my new look this year around July! I am working on my weight everything should be good. I am pretty set on Dr. Hughes but dr.diaz gave me a great price I would be saving about $5,000. Wish me luck.
I'm going to Diaz in June. I'm working hard to loose more weight so that I will achieve optimal results. Best of luck to you. #DiazDoll2014
Thank you so much. I read your review maybe you can help me give me some tips on how to lose my weight. :-) I am still undecided on my date.
Good luck! Is Dr. Hughes here in the states? If so remember that he can only remove up to 5 liters of fat with an overnight stay in the hospital. I had 9.5 liters removed in Mexico.

considering a tt also

Now I want a tummy tuck with my Brazilian butt lift. Still doing my research on tt's. Start my work out training on the 13th excited.:-)
Lol they say plastic surgery is as addicting as tattoos. But hey if we can why not? Good luck on the TT research and keep is posted.
Lol the crazy thing is I got my first tattoo about a year an a half ago. And I was pretty good not to go back. I just figure that I go for what ever I want. Especially since I am working hard to get it.

made my decision

I have made my decision on which procedures I will be getting a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck.
I am still undecided on whom my doctor will be it is out of three doctors now.
Dr.Hughes his quote 9500 his responsiveness is incredible work is beautiful.
Dr. Diaz he responds to all of my questions. His quote is 5300. Plus the the airfare. His work looks good not too many reviews wish there was more the few I've seen looks good. I also love his tts
Dr.Robles I love her work even though I read a bad review. Her work looks good. I will choice doctors within the next three weeks. I start my work out classes tomorrow excited and scared at the same time. Not excited to be waking up early. I will make it work. :-)

I forgot

Dr. Robles quoted me 5200.

work out #1

Omg!! That was a work out for real. I thought it would start off on a low level but I was wrong lol. Intensity. But I am happy I stayed and completed my first section.
Congratulations! Hard work pays off :-)
Thank you I'm trying. Thanks for the support.
Good job! Work it out girl.


I am soo tired I felt like giving up today now it's only my second section but Mann I couldn't do everything but I did my best and I didn't give up!!
I know how it feels, that's how I used to feel when I was exercising like crazy, but you just have to push and think of the reward (a hot new body). You can do it!

I know the date I want

I know the date I want it's just hard picking the Dr I want. My heart is telling me dr. Diaz so unsure.
Choosing a Dr. is a very tough decision, but listen to your gutt feeling, everything will fall into place.
Yes it is girl. It's like I know but I want to make sure I choose the right one.
Where is Dr Cortes located?


So I asked a Dr I was considering how am I supposed to sleep or just relax after I have my tummy tuck with Brazilian butt lift and my answer I got was just crazy to me " lay on your butt" really what the hell?
What would be the point of me getting a bbl done. I would lose the volume right?
Yes lay on your back. The doctors in DR tell you its OK to sit and lay on your back. Tons of RS girls have done it and didn't loose volume.
Wow that doesn't sound right, but I have read of a few drs that allow their patients to sit immediately after sx, so who knows maybe his technique allows for that, but I would still be worried about losing volume.
It was one of the lady doctors I was considering. Even if I am told to sit or lay on it I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that after spending money on something I want.

losing weight

Got complimented this week on my weight loss!
Good luck. Many ladies on here have said they slept on their butts after surgery. They may have used pillows or a child's flotation device but I believe it can be done. I am getting a bbl br with lift and tummy tuck. I'm still trying to figure out how to sleep after surgery too. Lol Good luck on weight loss.
Good luck
Thank you

Dr Robles or....

Dr Robles or dr diaz.? I am so stuck between the two im thinking dr r can transform my body and make it more beautiful. Dt d only has one bbl review with picture's shes nice but Dr Robles transforms the ladies. I was hesitant on going to dr Robles because of the bad reviews on her staff but I will make my decision soon. Gn

I feel like shit!

So I have been feeling good about my body losing my weight. Today I looked in the mirror when I was shopping and I felt so ugly I looked huge I don't know what it was today I just felt up my whole journey!! Smdh! Idk
Sweetie don't give up. How u felt today is exactly why u shouldn't give up. It's going to be a long and tough journey but I promise u it will be worth it.


My doctor will be Dr Robles. Laura has been good to me so far and she has answered all my questions and I ask a lot of questions. Dr diaz guzman has ignored my email for two weeks once he gave me the boa account number he expected for me just to send my money in with out answering all of my questions and dr Robles transforms the bodies amazingly I have not set my date yet I will be talking to my husband about the dates. I am feeling better about myself I will not give up. I would like to send a special Thank you to mesan for supporting me on my journey. :-)
Aw I feel special :-). Congratulations on choosing your Dr, I knew things would fall into place for u, a dr that ignores you for more than a couple days is just wrong. Keep us posted when u set a date and keep up the good work!
You are a special part of my journey your encouragement and motivation kept me going when I felt like giving up. Yes I believe Dr Robles will give me what I need and want.
Congrats and good luck

thinking of the date I want...

I will choose my date some time next week before Sunday. Then things will get soo real! :-)
15lbs since Jan 6

looking for a surgery buddy!

Anyone going around july 16th I need a buddy :-)

I guess I will be solo

No buddy
Laying on your butt is fine. Just put pillows under your knees and use a boppy pillow, with pillows on your back. I am over two weeks out and never really stressed over my bbl. Sleeping on my back hasn't had a negative effect. Good luck on you upcoming procedures..
Have you posted on the forums about finding a surgery buddy? Also check the surgical calendar, you might be able to find someone that way.

just an update

I am considering juicing this weekend my husband said he will do it with me we will start with 3 days first then add on if it helps me. I am feeling better about myself. I am waiting for Laura to email me the information so I can reserve my date. Well that's it for now! :-)


I have been going through a lot of things someone stole 4,000 $ from me that was my surgery money for July someone that I trusted but I will still get my surgery done I just have to go in December my husband will be coming with me. I have cut everyone off out of my life except my brothers. I am nervous to go in December because I can only take 2 weeks off. Anyway I have been losing weight getting compliments keeping up with my work outs but I still need to get my eating habits together. Well adios. :-)
I'm sorry to hear this but I'm glad you're still going to be able to get it done. Keep up the good work on the weight loss.
Thank you. I'm just trying to stay positive because if I don't it's going to be bad. I'm doing really good with my work outs I still need to add more healthy foods to my diet. I wish this didn't happen to me and that I can get it done in July but it's okay I will be there in December.
You're right, a positive mindset will take you a long way. As for the healthy eating, little by little try to make changes, eventually they will become habit. Nutrition has always been a challenge for me, I love food, the fattier the better but going into this journey I knew I would have to change my eating habits once and for all, and while I'm not the healthiest eater in the world, I do make better choices and try to eat healthy for the most part, but I also allow myself treats often.

quick update :-)

Hey all my sexi sexies lol. Just here for a quick update. I am doing great I've lost 15lbs I have not been taking my diet pills but I would like to start taking them it's hard for me to remember to take them so idk when to start or how to remind myself to take them. I'm happy staying positive. I have more time to lose weight so I can't be mad at that. I had a dream two nights ago of me and my flat tummy :-) well have a good night.

My Date!

My date is December 16 2014


So originally my husband was supposed to come to dr with my for my surgery. ....
Well my honey got a promotion a week ago which is really great news but he doesn't know if he can take the days I need off I'm not comfotable going alone and do not know how to find a buddy on here. I need help.


With me
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