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My surgery is slowly approaching. Every one is...

My surgery is slowly approaching. Every one is telling me not to go, but this is something that i have decided to do on my own for my self. I am a little nervous due to all of the negative comments i have received towards it. But i am still goinq. I will be using Dr. Aquino for a brazilian butt lift. I have meet him before, and him and his staff are amazing, friendly, and speak good english. I also meet the anesthesiologist. I cant wait. im so excited.

Here we go again

So i missed my november date. but with determination, I'm back on! March 4. Talk about butterflies im so nervous and excited, its killing me. I also started my iron and vit-c pills today.

New Date

My new date is set for March 14, 2014. This time it looks lime its really going to happen. Flight all ready booked. BTW, i love Dr. Aquino and his staff. We are in constant contact with each other. Almost finished packing! I will be posting my before pics later today.

Tummy tuck

I have been to 3 doctors in the U.S. and all 3 said i am a perfect candidate for a bbl.
I just got off the phone with the doctor in DR, and they are requesting more pics to make sure i wont need additional work. I am afraid that they will say i need a tummy tuck or that i need to loose more weight 1st! I DO NOT WANT A TUMMY TUCK!
1. i havent had kids yet.
2. it to invasive/paiful/to many risk.

I hope this wont cause a problem.

Before photos

Sent these photos to the doc. He recommend a tummy tuck as we'll. but also said since I haven't had any kids yet, with hard work I can tighten everything after the lipo. GREAT, because i don't want a tummy tuck. But he's going to smooth my back out and add som curves!!!!!

Wish pic

Here is a push pic. I'm not expecting to look exactly like this my main expectation is to be well proportioned.

Not a good day!!!

Today is not a good day dolls! I cried until i gave my self a headache!! Im tired of the negativity. Im all ready nervous, and every one is making it worse trying t talk me out of it!!! nA this point, all i need is support. I just want the day to come and go. FYI...for any one who needs advice, the #1 tip can give is to keep it to your self until after your done! Save ur self the stress and aggravation. Im gonna have high damn blood pressure by time i get there.

The big day!!!

My flight is tomorrow at 5:45 am. I will be gettin my surgery as soon as I land. So many emotions. So much anxiety. But DR. Catherine is the best!!! She's so comforting.

On my way

We'll I'm headed to the air port. Idk of I forgot anything. But most importantly, I have my self, my money, and god! Let's go. Lol

Getting blood work done

I arrived. It was a little chaotic at the air port. But once I got out, my driver was there waiting. He was nice! When I arrived I went straight for blood work. Then I signed my consent papers and made my payment. I'm now waiting for X-rays and EKG. They are very through! After I will beet with the doctor of the labs come back clear and prepare for surgery! I'm not so nervous any more. They make u feel at home. And when u see every one waiting to see different doctors and coming in and out of surgery FINE, it's very comforting. And my RS family is amazing. Keep praying guys. Xoxoxo


All I remember is the nurse grabbing me by my hand walking me to the or.
I said see ya, to my mom that came with me. No hugs or kisses or extra stuff. I said I'll do that when I get back. (Assurance that I would make it) The nurse held my hand so so tight, it felt like she was an angel. They put a iv in, and then the angel nurse folded my arms and then hugged me. And that was it. Before I went in, the doctor did say that he may wake me up in the middle to make sure I'm still responsive. And he did. All I remember is saying, I'm up! I'm up! Then I was right back out. I felt them putting my girdle on at the end. I also remember saying I got, I got it. Let me do it. They all laughed. I was knocked out again. Inext thing I kno I woke up in my room!!!!!

I was still so high, I was drifting in and out. I was shivering like crazy. They said it was the anesthesia wearing off. But this is where yoga came to handy. I just chanted, "I am so still" in my head to control my body from shivering so crazily. And I was back out.

The nurses came to check on me every 2 hrs to change my iv nd catheter. My 3 time waking up, the shivers were gone. The pain is not unbearable. My ass hurts because I'm laying on it. They said I need to lay on my back for tonight. Tomorrow I can turn over.

I've been dying for water and ice since I woke up. But I can't yet.

I still didn't get up to look and the mirror and see my results. I've been poking body parts to see if they still jiggle, and no jiggling!!! I just hope my butt is big how I wanted.

Tummy Tucker's!!!

At first I was sharing a room with a nice girl from Texas who had a tummy tuck and implants. She was in terrible pain. She complained that she couldnt breath. And she had to have a blood transfusion. She is here by her self and she didn't even have enough strength to drink her juice. I had to help her.

When I leave tomorrow, I will offer her to come sty with me at my hotel.


Every day is a journey. I will say that the pain is not what I expected its not a excruciating pain. But just a sore ness. The girdle is so tight I can't breathe or eat. Yesterday was the worst hands down. I was so Nauses I cried. Idk what was going on. But I was ready to throw in the towel. Also, this girdle it's killing my vagina!! I'm going to look for a new one tomorrow. I can't take it. I'm starting to get a pain full rash


I am not very happy with my results. They told me the put 500 cc in each cheek. But I can not tell. I'm so disappointed. They are saying wait 3-4 weeks to see a difference. But u should still be able to see something now!

Still nothing!

I still do not see the results i was expecting! i am not in the process of scheduling a 2nd surgery with Dr. Duran as soon as i heal! this was such a waste. but a lesson. You have to tell these Dr.'s EXACTLY WHAT U WANT! Closed mouths dont get fed!

Before and afters

More pics nd up date

Don't let me forget how sick the pain medicine made me!!! That was the word pain of it all. Try throwing up on a empty stomach after abdominal lipo!! On top of a yeast infection from the antibiotics. I threw in the towel!!! I ripped that faja off, and said fuck this, I'm done then I cried. I gathered my self the next morning. Tylenol pm was my outlet.

More details

Oh yea. The faja cut the sides of my vagina. To where I was chafing. It helped to wear panties. That hole was no help! And getting In and out of the bed for the first week Is hell. And so is trying to sleep.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I had surgery with him back in October. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl....however I specified I wanted to look natural and just to fill in the dents and round my butt. He did just that..600 cc to each cheek. Now I wish I went for bigger plus hips . Would like to go for round 2 with another doctor that specializes in bootys. Overall my tummy tuck is amazing and I look very natural. Keep us posted on your next having the hardest time trying to get quotes for other doctor's.
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Well 1. I'm glad you're ok. 2. Sometimes you have to go with the brand name. They must stand behind their work and guarantee it (even if they have killed a few patients- o.0). There are 4 major heavy hitters in the D.R. and you should have surely went with them if you went out of the states. I see he works on a lot of small woman. Woman our size over that 200 mark you have to find someone who has an eye for your body. Then you have to be careful because past a certain amount of removal and transfer you have to have a transfusion while in the OR. So yeah that is crazy he said he could do something he never even touched. Did you ask him to remove your back fat?
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Oh mamita hang in there hope and pray that everything is ok and that you will love the new body you are in. I will call him and let him know exactly what your complaints are and hopefully with a faja you can mold your body to how you want it to look. I read that it takes 3 months at least of wearing te faja and getting frequent massages help. Please keep us posted. Thank you for sharing your journey.
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If you wouldn't mind sharing some pics. I never heard of this dr, have you see previous reviews?
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Sorry that your results are not to your liking. Hope you feel better and know and love the skin you are in.
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Yea. I learned that his speciality is tummy tucks and implants. Not body sculpting. I found this out a little to late. I told them to to go as big as possible. Idk what they did. I just kno what mistakes not to make next time. I need to specify the amout of cc's I want. Wish pics and stuff don't help. I kno now I want 1000 cc's in each cheek
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Did u see any girls he had done
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What did he do ? Omg I don't see drain holes or anything
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Can we see pic !! I'm sorry u don't like ur results
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Same thing I said. I was told I didn't need drain tho. Drains are only needed when u are having major surgery like a tummy tuck or implants
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Check ur inbox
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Im praying for you a speedy recovery. I am very sad that you dont like your results. I no how you feel and that is my very concern with people I cant see their work... show pics
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Glad you are ok... Hope you a fast recovery ")
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Hey doll hope all is well please post/post op pics as soon as your feeling better!
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So glad you made it through prayers are still sent up so keep up posted and I'm getting a tummy tuck to so def keep me posted about your neighbor
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Glad that you made it through glad that you could be a blessing to someone else. ...I praying for both of you guys a speedy recovery. ....and you butt is going to take a while before it softens don't worry about that........can't wait to see that big olé butt lol
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Wow you are a brave lady:)Well it is 10 pm here in Louisiana so I know you are done and I pray you are sleeping!!!I will keep praying that you make it home safe and skinny of course:)
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No I'm still in jersey I'm going to my physician in the morning and what are you doing on here it's maradi gras lol
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OMG I'm glad you made it there safe keep us posted sweets
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I will say a prayer for you right now. please post/post op pics as soon as your feeling better. I cant wait to cross over, but I am scared.
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I'll be keeping you Okay my thoughts and prayers
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Praying for you. ....praying you LOVE your results
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Good luck!
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