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Hi guys im so excited to be here. I love my body...

Hi guys im so excited to be here. I love my body but after having two children it has become pretty shapeless. Im not looking for a giant butt. Ijust want a tiny waist and round butt. I love durans work but she is charging me the same amount that she charges larger women who also recieve a tummy tuck or women who are getting a breast augmentation. I cant understand what she goes by to make her decisions on pricing.I guess I cant complain because she is still cheaper than most. Let me know what you guys think.
Hmm that is crazy

April 22

So my date is set! I Hate that I didn't get the date I wanted but I guess ill live. Im letting the weight gain began. I have 4 months to gain 20 lbs. Im going to feel so gross. as of today im 140 pounds. I have a lot of muscle tone so im trying to get some fat going. I am also looking for a buddy so dont be afraid to contact me.
Hey hun welcome to realself. Duran will give u a good sculpture xoxo
thats my date girl congrats where are u staying
Im not sure yet. Im looking up all of the recovery houses now

Time is drawing near

Is it possible for anyone out there to tell me how to get in touch with real armonia. I really want to go there with my buddy but they never seem to answer the phone. This info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
No she didn't say 20lbs but im getting my butt and hips done so I wanted to make sure she had enough fat. In 150 now and I think she has enough now. Lol
20lbs? Did she tell you too gain weight?
Thanks azzmatazz. I just don't want to look 14 any more

weight gain

As of today i weigh 150.2. I think I have plenty of fat to work with now. Pasta and milkshakes have been my best friends. It's always been hard for me to gain weight. This seems to be the only diet that works. I do not neglect my fruits and vegetables. These are going to come into play with my healing process.

low hemo

I went to the doctor's and found out my hemo was 9.7. I am so upset but I have plenty of time to bring it up. I have gone from 1 iron pill a day to 3 65mg tablets. My doc says it should be at least 12 in two weeks. As long as I take the meds religiously, I should be OK for the April 22nd sx date.
Ugh wish I had your boobs. You won't need to much work you have a great body. Best of luck
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