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Hello ladies. I am 21 years old, I have a two year...

Hello ladies. I am 21 years old, I have a two year old boy. Ever since I had him, my body was never the same again. I have love handles (flanks) that stick out like crazy. I have a gut that I was never able to get rid of, along with stretch marks, and my butt is very droopy, along with a lot of back fat. My body is just not up to par. I've been stalking this website for a year now! I never felt like I really wanted to go through with it, until now! I haven't saved up much money for it just yet, but I figured I should go ahead and get a quote now, so I can start saving up for my "goal"!

I contacted Yily, she replied to me in two days! Her quote was "6,150. "
That was for a TT, BBL. Lipo on my arms, whole back, stomach, waist, and flanks. Along with a Breast augmentation and lift.

I contacted Duran, and she replied to me the same day. Her total for BBL, lipo on my arms, whole back, stomach, waist, and flanks is "3400". She said she didn't think I needed a TT, but if I did that was an extra 800, and for a breast augmentation, was 2000 extra.

Since they were both really good doctors, I was going to go for whoever was cheaper, and Yily turned out to be cheaper because she charges 1700 for breast, while Duran charges 2000. I was going to do my breast at a separate time , but I decided to get it over it now rather then going back. I calculated everything the massages, insurance , blood transfusion, spare garment, and recovery house that alone totaled out 1,450.

I'm looking to spend a little more than 7,600!!!!!!!!!!!
Would you guys say this is a fair price?
Yes. That is a great price. I had work done here in the states and for a tt alone I payed $6,400 and that was with a 30% discount in 2005!! BA $3,200 that was cayse I worked at the surgery center. It wouldhve cost $5,800 that wan in 2008. And surgery goes up every year!!
Hi love welcome to RS and I'm sure after doing your research you'll know which doctor is better for YOU! Both Yily and Duran are very good dr's..But I will be going to Yily November 5th for the Triple Play..lol TT, BL & BBL...Good Luck on your journey hunti!! Muah xoxo
Thank you! Good luck to you too hun.

I'm so confused...Yily sent me another email.

Yilys quote on the first email was 4,450 for BBL and TT. and another 1700 for BL/BA.
Then she sent me another email with the quote of 4,950 for BBL, and B/A with implants.

I decided to write her in spanish to not put anymore confusion into this situation, ha. I asked her why she sent me two different quotes, and that now I'm leaning towards the second quote. So, I feel like dropping the TT, and going for the B/A. But gosh, I so need that TT I have crazy stretch marks on my stomach.

Aghhh! So much to think about lol.
She did the same thing with me. I'm confused on why she sent two different quotes for the same procedures.
I think the price is great! Good luck to you sweetie and keep us updated.
Oh really? I was thinking about scheduling at the end of next year. Would my quote still be valid?
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