My Journey -I am 5'8, have long legs and for that reason I want a very natural look - Dominican Republic, DO

Im sure that I am Like Most of you ladies on this...

Im sure that I am Like Most of you ladies on this website, I am very interested in getting a brazilian butt Lift! My body is great, I just wish I had more shape on my hips/Booty. I am 5'8, have long legs and for that reason I want a very natural look ( Nothing too exaggerated) for my body. For now I am gathering information as well as calculating expenses. I Really have to save up if I plan on getting this done.

I have not emailed Dr Duran for the reason being that I am still trying to marinate everything in my head. I think that once I have enough information on the procedure, date of surgery, finding someone to go and help me through my cooperation etc. I will then email her!

I have a question, hopefully one of you lovely ladies can answer this. Why is that doctors in US forbid you to sit on your booty? Whereas Surgeons in the dominican republic actually recommend it? Isn't sitting on your booty bad for your fat cells after surgery?

I will definitely keep you guys updated and keep reading all of your reviews!


Hi! I am also 5'8" with long slender legs. I want a very natural, not exaggerated look. The doctors say that in order to survive, fat cells need to create their own blood supply after transplantation. This requires oxygen and continued blood flow. If you cut off that blood flow they can die. At least that's what I remember reading. Good luck on your journey!
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Thank you for the info ! :)
Welcome and good luck with researching :) I don't know which surgeons in the US recommends no sitting. 
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Wish Pics?

Hey guys! Hope all is well!

I have a couple of my "wish photos" and I want to share them with you lovely ladies! Like I mentioned before, I am looking for a very natural look on my waist and booty, but I still want my booty to POP (lol). Anyways, I need something that Will work well with my body type. I will add the photos, so check them out :]

I have another question, for the lovely ladies who have received a quote, what should I include in my email to begin with? I've heard of ladies who have sent photos, who have asked questions off the bat etc.

So from someone who has had experience, what should I include? Please Post Below! :) Thanks

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Hey guys, just wanted to share one of Dr.Durans new doll ! She looks amazing! Her waist it's too small for me, but her ass is beautiful!! :]


Hello I'm 7 days post op with dr Duran n I can sit . I also have to lay on my back with a boppy (got my boobs done too) but I believe it's her technique that allows her patients to sit n not lose volume :) can't wait to c how I look in a month.
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Thanks so much for the info!! I just finished reading your review and I love all the great details! Keep updating us, Im following your journey :]

Emailed Doctor Duran

Hey lovely ladies!! So i have finally brought myself to emailing DR. Duran. As soon as I emailed her I received a machine operated message letting me know that the doctor will get to me soon. (This was pretty freaking awesome! Because it let me know that she received it!)

In the email i sent her my info (height, body measurements, weight, my photos and wish pics)

Im very anxious to read her reply just because I am very picky with what I want done, I let her know that. Hopefully she can give me her honest opinion and send me the prices!

I told her that I really wouldn't know if my back, love handles, thighs ,etc should be lipoed to get my desired look. So I gave her the choice to tell me what needs to be done to get my deam body. (i sent her my wish pics) Now Im just waiting for her professional expertise! :]


Can you tell me durans email I've been trying to contact her
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Yea sure! its good luck!

Duran is taking too long

Can you believe that it's been a week and Duran still hasn't replied to my email? I know she has a lot on her plate but I am so eager to read her reply!! Maybe im just too impatient, I'll give her another week.


I got frustrated to .... I called the office almost everyday until they replied
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Oh wow really? That sucks, I think that as clients we shouldn't have to call or keep messaging to get a doctors attention. But hopefully she gets to me soon. :)
Her prices seem to be going up and up.
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Pros And Cons

So, Duran has yet to respond to my email. Im trying not to give much taught into it since I do plan on having the surgery in 2015. It still sucks that we as a "patient" have to chase her around for a quote. So I've decided to come up with a list of pros and cons for the brazilian Butt Lift, hopefully this can help you and me come up with a great plan when our turn comes!

-After surgery, there is little downtime, we can return to work after two weeks of surgery. (I will probably take more)
-This surgery last less risk of infection then other surgeries because we use our own fat, not implants.
- It is a quick fix and you can get a rounder bigger butt without any personal effort
- We get a very uniformed natural butt! It looks REAL
- The lipo will make us look slim, while actually giving projecting our butt.
- We will get our "Dream Body" :]

- U.S.A Doctors wants no pressure on the butt for at least 2 months after the procedure!
- The fat survival is very unpredictable, only 50%- 60% of our fat survives.
- Studies have also shown that injecting too much fat at once decreases the retention rate, so if you want a significant increase in your buttocks fat, you’ll have to go through a round 2.
- The cost for procedure is very expensive. We also need to think of all the materials and medications we need to get. If you are traveling abroad we will need to get plane tickets, hotel, etc,
- Recovery sucks (from what I hear)
- The doctor might screw you over (we need to research our doctors, especially if they are not in the USA!!)

It's a lot think about!!

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