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I am excited to be getting to bbl! Before I had...

I am excited to be getting to bbl! Before I had children I was a size 3 with a very small waist & a huge butt. After having to kids. I am now a size 13 in Jeans and I weight 158. And I'm ONLY 21! I know I am a young mom and everything but no one here is to judge. Everyone has their different story and I am brave enough to tell you guys mine & my journey to getting my bbl. My Fiance didn't support me decision at first but he knows how much this mean's to me. He is okay about it now and that makes me really happy. We met when we were 15 and its been 6 years. After I had my second daughter in 2010 I thought about a tummy tuck but then I found out about the bbl & started to take that into consideration. I feel very excited and determined to get a sexy body! I deserve a sexy body! I work hard. I am young and beautiful. I shouldn't feel depressed about my looks. I want a very small waist & a big butt & hips. I was also thinking of getting my boobs done. That's a maybe. I need to know the prices first. I sent out an email and my Pictures to Yily and I am impatiently awaiting her reply. I am just so excited. I will be updating every step of the way. I have a question. I get a week off work every week But how can I use my Sick time off for this?

Haven't heard from Yily yet. I'm getting impatient...

Haven't heard from Yily yet. I'm getting impatient. I want to know what she would recommend me to do before SX. I figured out I can use MLOA and get paid for it. I wouldn't have to enclose what surgery will be done. I will have a total of 3 weeks off when I get my sx! I was also thinking if it is possible to get fat injected breast augmentation. Well I'll just wait for a reply. :)
All the best to you on your journey! I talked to Yira Perez Dr Yily's assistant at (809) 331-5050 ext 208 She was very helpful, confirmed my date & answered all my questions she speaks english & spanish
I am also waiting on an email back from yily I emailed her on Jan 29th and still no reply..:(
I emailed her on both emailed in both English & Spanish Jan 30th. I'm really excited & about getting it done. It's a for sure thing I just have questions about price, possible breast augmentation w/ the fat as well. Hopefully we get a reply asap :)

Woke up to am Email from Yily. She quoted my BBL...

Woke up to am Email from Yily. She quoted my BBL $3,200 BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, and waist. That's w/o the breast augmentation. I was hoping to set my date for end of march but she if full so I am thinking of having my sx the beginning of April. Her recommended stay is 2 weeks but I would only be staying for 8 day's in DR. :) Excited!!!
can u give me the email u.used to contact yily plz
Reply * I sent her an email to both. but i she emailed me through the site request
Congrats! And good luck!

I understand Yily is busy. Well I am just waiting...

I understand Yily is busy. Well I am just waiting to see how much she'll charge to get my boobs done. I'm also thinking about getting my inner thighs lipo'd as well its an additional $250. Depending on how much my boob job will be i might get it done. Keep in mind I am a single mom and this is a gift to myself. I deserve to feel sexy in my body. :) Well I plan on going in April. As soon as she emails me I will respond with the date I will be going & wait to see if its ok with her so that I can book my flight & send the deposit :) Excited!!!!
Thats awesome! I cant wait to see your post op pics. I'm trying to decide between Salama and Campos.
Please share whatever she says about fat injections to the breast. I was interested in this as well but heard it doesn't take :-(

Ok Finally got another reply from Yily ;) For the...

Ok Finally got another reply from Yily ;) For the Breat Augmentation & lift its $1,700! That's not bad at all! I'm happy so I need to plan on the date I want to go and confirm it :)
hEYY!! im going in sept ! let me know if your going somewhere close to that date
R u still going to yily.?? U hav a date yet?
Hi- My buddy for the Jacqueline spa just cancelled on sharing a room with me from Arpril 10 to 18...want to share a room?
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My sister told me about her. She just came across this site and was amazed with the results & my sister really wants me to be happy w/ my body. She know's this will be a good thing for me. & she is right! Well I started looking up Yily & her work & I love it! I want the hour glass shaped body & the perky full booty.

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