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Hello beautiful ladies! I'm still planning to go...

Hello beautiful ladies! I'm still planning to go to DR to have my procedures. I have not a clue as to where I will be staying during my recovery. I just don't want to think about all that right now because it gets overwhelming. I'm just trying to take things a day at a time. I wish there was an all inclusive package I could purchase that covers everything at once. That would make this trip so much easier and so less stressful. On another note. I can't believe how much closer I am to my SX goal! I'm super excited that possibly in a month or so I will have the funds to book my SX The sooner the better! I haven't gotten a quote yet. I'm undecided as to what surgeon to choose. What surgeon do you ladies recommend for in DR? I just want to be sure that I explore my options and find the best surgeon for me because traveling to another country & having these type of procedures is serious business. I'm getting TT, Lipo & BBL. I need a BR as well, but I don't want to run the risk of increased chances of complications having too many surgeries at once. As much as I would like to have smaller breasts, I would much rather have a flatter tummy & better overall figure so I'm going to post pone my breast reduction until next year. The day I can wear a pair of yoga pants to the gym and my hump is in the back and not in the front, I will be a happy! (((Smiles))) Any who, just thought I'd check in on my sisters. Wishing you all safe trips & speedy recoveries. Love you ladies!

Guilt Trip!

I've been so wishy washy about having this surgery. I know that i know that I'm sure I want this surgery, but ladies yall all know how it is when you have a family and children to care for. I know they will be well cared for while I'm away, but I feel so bad about being away from them for so long. 10 days is a LONG time when everyday your with your kids & husband. I have my hubby support, but the thought of being away from them chokes me up. I'm planning to keep them busy with family outings while I'm away so they won't become too overly concerned while I'm recovering. The last thing I need is to know my babies are stressing whatsoever. I don't think people understand that this surgery has to be truly planned and well thought out. I know you have to be level headed and mentally strong pre/post op & I adapt to change very well, but I'm also really protective of my kids feelings and take into consideration that yes this surgery is for me, but it's not "All About Me" Just felt the need to share what I'm feeling. I'm sure someone out there can relate.

BBL Years Later Updates!!!

Where are the reviews for the ladies who have had BBL procedures in the DR 1year + post op? I do understand there is some reobsorbtion but I guess my question is are the results only temporary? Meaning after a few years your new bubble disappears? The post op pics are nice and really helpful, but I really want to see the long term results because they're just as important to me. It has been a question no one has seem to be able to answer with evidence of photos from other clients who have had this procedure, however I did see a post with a young woman who had hers done over 10years ago with no reobsorbtion and her results still looked really good but she had her procedure done in the U.S. Anyone know of anyone or have answers, comments please leave them below.


A little closer to my goal! Will be securing my deposit sometime this week. I'm so excited to set a sx date. Duran it is :)

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