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After searching I finally decided to go to cipla w...

After searching I finally decided to go to cipla w dr cynthia I looked for her after sEen jn6 post about her and website had b4 and after pictures of my dream boobs lol.I emailed her she responded the nxt day and gave me my awsome quote :) so I spoke t her and got my date. Its gonna b and my daughter


Glad you got everything set! You will love her and your results.
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Yes my friend thanks to u :) I can say I'm not afraid I'm so confident on her now just counting dwn :( lol
I will soon post my pictures b4 and after

disla it is

So guess what ladies lol.I change my day lol a month b4 now m goin in sept 23 havin surgey on the 24 :)

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got the ok

So got blood wrk done.and my hemoglobin 12.2
So she sais I'm good.
I will like to bring it up any seems hard my level always at tht #
I eat meat,take vit c and iron pills and nothin.
So I guess thts what my body wants cause my red blood cell count its high

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gettin ready

Ok this mornin I woke up and the first thing I did was measure myself I'm at 27.5 but wanna b smaller I think this its it for my swell to go dwn its about to b 6 months since I had my tt done on the 10 of august it b the 6 months


Hey there's a vitamin called 'blood builder' and I've heard wonderful things about it for boosting your hemoglobin!
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This is how my tt looks and my bbl what a waist of money and pain.hoping disla can hook me up.never go to dr.molina in sd he dnt have pictures it was a blind game. :( if only I woulded found her b4 and my boobs its an embarasment to post them but I will soon cause I wanna show u b4 and after disla.


Don't worry girl dra. Disla is going to have you looking brand new! Is the other doctor you went to in DR too?
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Yes tht sucker is lol

more ugly pictures

Look at my 6 mnths boob job how ugly big and saggy they r by the way I'm only 4'10" and I was a size b to a c I ask to b high lifted and to b a full c guess what triple ds like really


U keloided everywhere hun thats not the doctors fault. It seems that is ur body reaction to scars so it looks like u keloid naturally I recommend u to talk to ur doctor and start a medication or special cream for that. I am sure u can get it fixed.. Much luck. Xoxo
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i kw its me. :( im not blaming the drs at all but now ima b more aware shes gonna give me something for it :)
i kw its me im not blaming the drs at all.but she gonna give me something for it so now im aware i have to take care of it :)

trying to c if my keloids will go away

Ok I got this med and its my second day using it.I think I see results already my scar dnt look so red and it seems to b flatten some.I hope I'm rite dnt let my mind play games dra gonna give me something b4 surgery to prevent the keloids I think its a silicone tape I dnt kw she said its something only plastic surgeons can get


I'm puTtin meds rite now but srill I nees to get the tt done over cause she says I have to much in the middle part meanin my muscles need to b tightin again.but I'm ready lol I order the silicone strips recommended by my ps and she gonna use a special stitches
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You should try going to a doctor who can inject steroids where keloids are. They do work
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Try the med I just put up.better to try something tht might cost 50 dollars than another precedure.this was givin to my nephew for keloids.good luk

counting dwn

Ok getting ready for my day it can b any closer :(
I'm so excited I cannot wait well now its counting dwn and thinkin to stop at my island b4 heading to sd:)
Have a couple of drinks jijiji


Good luck Hun I will be a June disla doll
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Ty :) Horray for disla dolls Ima b postin pixcts the soonest I can,and look after my daughter also she comin w me to b also a disla doll Her name its beautifulmelody
Best of luck to you! You are in great hands.
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getting closer

Hi everyone,here doin my last min packing and cleaning.Leaving today at 4am w my daughter to the airport flying out at 6am arriving at1:16pm and headin to cipla to consult w my lovely disla lol.may ur prayers b w me and my daughter>touch basics tmrw about my consult w disla
nite nite everyone
disla doll to b and daughter :)


Wishing you both a speedy and healthy recovery
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Best of luck to you and your daughter. You will both love Disla. She's got a great reputation at CIPLA and with her patients. God bless.
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Good luck ladies! Wishing you all the best!
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Hi to rs ladies
I had surgery yesterday took almost 8 hrs but made it thanks to disla and my lord
So we on recoup now but healing fast
I'm at Juana's recovery house w jacuzzi and everything lol
So I had a tiny bbl not to much fat grrrrr but my breast looks amazing and she lower my scar so I'm very happy and she gave me another discount cause my implants were good they only 8 months old so sayin w thy I use my discount chichin for Botox bb lol
Cipla very clean I dnt kW what thr other girl seen but I seen nothin but good.
And Jn61144 lol u wasn't lying she is a firecracker lol I seen it I was rolling laughing and she's so nice I felt like I kW her for ever she's super nice no lie and her staff what can u say the same go w her rules or get lost lol
She's very strict w her stuff
But lovely person
My heart it's w her
I wish Cynthia Disla the best cause she deserves it I heard great stories about her
My bowes to her;)


Happy healing!!! I'm sure you look awesome...Muah xoxo
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Ty not fun but takin day at a time
Glad to hear you guys are doing well, what did your daughter have done? Also, you re-used your implants and got a "lift"? I'm sure that was good news, saved you some money
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Awesome person and plastic surgeon;)

Ok I took my daughter in today her blood level came low so they had her under treatment for 2 hrs.Disla was there from almost to the end it was 8:30pm and she was makin sure my daughter did good, meanwhile we were having a blast DIsla had me rolling laughing w the esthetician name Wilson he it's cool lol tht really meant a lot to me and my daughter she's an awesome plastic surgeon and a nice person she ain't kaki like others can b.Shes so dwn to earth.
Ima miss her when we leave


Glad all went well. Disla is amazing.. I love her
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how many sx do you think disla does a day! did u happen to see any other disla dolls
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She does 2 a day that's what she told us yesterday.and yes her assistance it's a Disla doll and she looks good,we seen b4 and after pictures of her patients.


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The owner of the rh and the driver r siblings and the worker r close friends very clean place and they r very aware of the patients needs.any complaints they call ur dr and have the driver take u w no hesitation I will recommend this place 100% to anyone coming for surgery and in need of a safe rh


it is a nice rh
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Keep lookin soon I will:)
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I can't wait to see some after pics!! Speedy recovery chic!!
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We just got our first massage and what a relieve for the pressure tht drain wasn't collecting fluids so once she finish the massage she went hands on and I was like WOW I couldn't believe how much fluid she pressure with tht saying massages r important I didn't think so but yes they sure r and now I feel more relieved from the pressure and less stiff.


How are you doing? Do you feel like you'll be ready to get on that plane Tuesday?
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I'm good I'm walkin, we just got bk from the salon, and yes il b ok to get in the plane
Glad you're feeling good. Do you have a doctor lined up when you get back?

Saying bye :(

Today it's gonna b our last massage and last visit.after heading to the feelin good but not about the flight we have to wait in Atlanta 5 hrs hopefully il get in an earlier flight.when I get home il post picts


No disrespect to any of the ladies below but this is someone's page who is posting their experience. Why accuse them of being fake. This forum is of positivity not negativity. Who's coming and going for should not be brought to this page. IJS!! Anyway, happy healing Olivia09 - please do post pics - I have my date with Baez but I'd love to see your end result! And thank you for the RH info - that was helpful!
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honey I am hoping you feel good - can you please post pics? This is how we help doctors by getting the word out with pics.
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It seems like all of these profiles are fake humm
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17 days post op

Sorry ladies it took a while.ths is the only pic i taken so far,hope u like Disla tt low still in some pain but its a process what can i do just sit tight and wait.cant wait to try on my cloths lol

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17 days post op

compare b4 picts w now pict she really made a difference cause there was really nothing else she couldnt do to meke me feel better im so happy w my results


Hi ladies hope everyone is doin good.I have a ? Do u think its good to take muscle relaxers its tht I'm still in pain but I dnt kw if it b good for a tt
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Do you have a doctor you can ask or call one of those nurse hotlines where you can ask medical questions. I don't think it would be a problem to take the muscle relaxers but I'm no doctor...
good idea,ty

7 weeks postop

Hi ladies
Sorry i havent updatemy profile w the latest pics.
I have some issues w one of my boobs,i have open wounds due to reaction from the stitches ive been dealing with this like for 2 weeks now.But its getting way better was using ointment antibiotic but i stop now im using cocoa butter to c if i can prevent scars :{
It aint fun i was healing beautifully til this happend i was so dwn i even cryyyy.But disla told me not to woory tht if i needed a revision she'll do it at no charge so thts a good thing.But do i really wanna go bk????no lol
If i go bk u bet i will want something else done like my arm pits lifted.
What u girls think lol
Il b posting pictures when i heal :}

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2 Months Post Op.

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2 months post op

so its been 2 months since my surgery.still in recoup but feeling way better,had some issues w my left boob i had some open skin due to a reaction to the stitches my body was rejectin the stitches,so now they finally close it took like a month because i was healin them w antibiotic ointment and then w cocoa butter i didnt let it scab cause i dnt wanta scar so now im puttin a cream tht was givin to me by my massage lady its a vanishing cream so keep fingers cross lol>
what u girls think about my boobs like i really wanna go smaller i think they kind of big for my size im a 0 jeans and a 30 D my waist its 26 and my hip size 34 :) so if i get smaller boobs my butt b lookin bigger
advice please lol


How deposit is required for Dr. Disla??
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Western union
I have a question, how soon did you use scar cream on ur tummy scar? Do you feel your scar from the sides got lowered or are about the same? The reason I ask is becuz I really want to get my side scars lowered and my BB fixed. I plan on going to the DR also for my BB. Thanks!!!!
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almost 3 months

Feelin sad
I keepgetting swollen and I dnt think the cg its any good anymore. I even took it in and wear the board under get massage every week
and I get big on my stomatch
I hope I don't have to go tru this procedure again cause stitches can get loss
this is my second tt
il b insane if I have to do it one more time
can anyone please te me if they still vet swollen and after how long it stop
disla says it can take from 6 months to a yr


Hey hun... Just wanted to let you know it's VERY normal to still be swollen. I heard some ladies still swell up to a year after op!
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Looks good. Did you get any lipo or just the tummy tuck & breasts? If you did get lipo where and was it aggressive?
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4 months post op

hi girls its been four months since i had my surgery. feeling good looking better my boobs scars are lighting but not the TT ones .
ima try the plasma :)
its also a natural form of rejuvenation
ima go on sunday and also gonna apply it on my booty for lift not for augmentation
so you'll see before and after pic.
(ps) thats not gonna be done in santo domingo its a massage and spa place :)


Hey I hope all is well with your recovery! :-) can you post before and after pics so I see your results
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Im scheduled May 26 :-/ looking for a buddy. From NY
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Hi, Olivia09 I'm so happy to see how great u look after your tt revision, I'm considering disla for my tt revision and bbl, can you please explain if she fixed your muscles agAin or only lower the scar, cause I need a whole 2tummy tuck, cause when I eat my stomach bulge and my scar is high and super croked.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My loving caring dra its an amazin person she treated me like a patient not like a bank,she took good care of me not just her but her team (smh) she couldnt have a better team.i highly recommend her 150%.she also treated my daughter like one of jelous a little lol cause my daughter felted better when she knew disla was around thts how loving she is

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