"LET MY BBL JOURNEY BEGIN" I'm Ready....Follow Me! - Dominican Republic

Hello Real Self Community.....I too have caught on...

Hello Real Self Community.....I too have caught on to the BBL bug along wit a tiny waist line.....lol..... and so crave a nice round bubble butt wit. One i had once before.....now its a Lil droopy and cellulited up. I'm hoping to pump as much fat in my already phat booty that it fills in those unsightly fat pockets commonly known as cellulite and become even more juicer.

Hey Ladie.....

I would first like to say that.....that i am not quite 2 month's pre op. That time frame was my wish time frame....
I am just getting my quote using a 3rd party consultant......but due to Dr. DURAN popularity and demand she doesn't have anything avail till Late September to October. Which may work for me because I just lost my Beloved Father who i was so super close to. Losing my father recently kinda make me not even want to go though with my procedures. It seems so vain to me now....and i always told my Daddy every thing and yet i didn't get a chance to tell him that i was planning to get a BBL.....it totally suck Yall......

But on a positive note yall...The last couple of days i have been planning my father funeral and going through his apartment and personal items.....and what I LEARNED about my Daddy is that he truly had an obsession or should i saya Fetish. HE WAS A BOOTY MAN.....LOL. He loved women with extremely PHAT BOOTIES......as eveidence from all the many pictues i discovered....His screen savers and computer files......His porn collection..... and his large oil painting.....he painted since he was an artist. And last but least his many women he had throughout his 70 years who had unbelievable BIG BUTTS with out surgery......This i might say is so ironic.....

SO at the end of the day.....i think my daddy might have been kinda cool wit me having this elective surgery.....and would not have given me as much negativity as other members in my family....who is just uncomfortable with the ideal of me having elective plastic surgerys or who is simply hatin because i can afford plastic surgery.

IT BACK ON AGAIN MY BBL SISTA'S....... Officially becoming a Duran Doll JULY 14, 2014

Im back you guys.....and it is all set in stone....My Doctor......My surgery date.....My airline tickets......My recovery home selection......Yes Yes Yes.....it is going down FOR REAL......I am schedule to become a Duran Doll on Monday July 14, 2014. I already booked my flight with Delta departing on Sunday July 13, 2014 with a 14 day stay and longer if necessary.

See I am not one to run my behind over to the DR and get all this cosmetic surgery and jump my butt back on the next plane smoking. I want to give my body at-least a minum of 14 days to recoup from having my BBL and Breast Lift, and possible a mini tummy tucks surgery if recommend my Dr. Duran. Now believe me lady the BOOTY GREED IS REAL OUT HERE........BUT IN ALL HONESTY MY FIRST PRIORITY IS A TINY TINY TINY TINY TINY WAIST LINE IF POSSIBLE. Then I there is no need to waste all that GUD Ol fat that will be SUCKED out to achieve my tiny waist......SO WHY NOT RE PURPOSE that GUD OL'S FAT and injecte it in a place that wouldn't hurt..... and that is mY somewhat Saggn and Saddle bagged booty...... ever booty can use a lil up lifting.....lol

I have chosen to stay at the Real Recovery Armonia...Home because they were willing to work with the pricing to include the stay for myself and my best friend.....who I am dragging along for the very necessary and need support and I endure my transformation to the other side. Yes...being from Ohio....the support for doing elective surgery is short to non excisiting. People here are SUPER CONSERVATIVE, and look at me crazy when i mention that I am going to have the above listed procedure done......and especially done in a foreign county. It is one negative comment after another......so as my surgery date draws closer.....I vowed to keep my excitement of my upcoming surgery to myself, hence prompting me back to seeking out the support from my fellow BBL sista's here on REALSELF and documenting my BBL, BA journey with you ladies.

Sometimes I feel that people are simply haters....any may not truly process that genuine concern that they say that have for you. I simply have so many emotions right now.....that is just crazy. its like I am excited....nervous.....fearful.....anxiety......just a mess some time....But one thing I do know I am TRULY OBSESSED with this web site and following the GOOD and the BAD stories that each of you ladies have so graciously took the time out to journalize. SO....... I Truly THANK each and every one of you ladies for sharing your story and for being as candid as some of you have been. It has really help me in my clarity of my decision to move forward with my cosmetic procedure.

Oh yeah.....I not going to waste time posting Wish Pics......

The REASON being ladies is......because I am going to let Dra. Duran work her magic on me the way she see fit. So nip, tuck, and suck away Dra. Duran .....I say....but not too much......As I understand that most fat that can removed from your total lipo is ONLY 5000cc.....so ladies I know yall wish they can suck EVERY last oz of fat from your body....just as my self, but anything over 5000cc can be dangerous.

So with that being said.....reading through and viewing many of you ladies profiles....IN MY OPINION.....and this is SIMPLY MY OPINION......I think some of you BBL sista's need to be in YOUR TRUTH.....meaning BE REALIST about your expected outcome of your cosmetic procedures.....Dra....Duran is no magician....although it can appear that way sometimes based on some of her recent After surgery Photos. Now.....what I am saying ladies..... is to simply choose wish photos that that is closer to your body type so no disappointment arise when your outcome is far from your imagine wish pic....because as I read though SOME of these profiles, and view the pictures....it kinda of throws me for a loop when i see some of the wish photos and then actual before and after photos.....Some times I would ask myself now if Dr Duran or any Doctor can make this bbl sista look like her wish photo.....THEN HELL YEAH, I AM ALL IN....... SO to be honest....some of yall reviews had me all geeked up and on this Superficial.... unreality train also.....copying every PHAT and Juiciest BOOTY, and supper thin waist line photo I could come across and saving them in my phone as my DREAM BOOTY, and DREAM WAIST.......When in all actuality, I know that my body with only shape into what it meant to shape into after lipo and fat graphing.... and that all BBL surgeries and lipo varies as far as the results go....... so i no longer want to have any unrealistic idea in my head as to what my ASS and waist line should look like after my surgery, and saving all these WISH PHOTOS and daydreaming about perfect ass. I will simply ask that DRA. Duran give me what she see fit for my body type to include sucking out the most fat possible....and go from there.

So please fellow bbl and ba Ladies don't take my post as anything negative......just SIMPLY MY THOUGHT AND OPINION...


Hey RS community.... I am totally geeked up as the title says......i am very very close to my surgery date July 14' 2014 with the famous Dr Duran......she is the TRUTH....i tell you. I have been recently following her on twitter and instagram.....boi do she give super small waists line out.....and nice round bootie. The one thing that I did notice is that Dr duran booties sit a little low and none really have a shelf...which is what I am kind of looking for.as I stated before I kinda already have a nice round behind however its it's a little too low for me I would like to have the fat injected at a point where my booty is so sitting higher. I very much hope she can achieve this for me......along with the small waist.


It is soo soo crazy yall....i can't seem to stop buying supplies for my up coming bbl and ba surgery with Dr duran. I so excited and so nervous at the same time......i went to the website for center of disease. ...and learned that the some of themosquitos over in the DR are carrying a disease that can be really bad almost like the west nile.....they suggest to treat you clothes with the stuff call perithim....Ok i know i spelled it wrong....but any bbl sister traveling to the DR should also go to the website CDC....something like center for diease....to get any updates on outbreaks and any current diease going on over in the DR.

Now I also looked up the us embassy over in the DR.....and they have a section were we US travelers can register with their site called the SMART TRAVELERS PROGRAM....you will need the information off you passport to registar. TThat way if anything goes wrong or in case of an emergency your family can get a hold of them and vic versa. Now that I got the important stuff out the way... time to talk about the exciting stuff.....The anxiety. ...The inticipatation of the unknown of the other side.

Supplies Supplies Supplies.....

This a dang shame.....somebody need to cut my credit cards up and temporary shut my account down......lol....my anxiety won't let me stop shopping for supplies.....it almost like an obsession i tell yall. How many medical pads do i need? Not as many as i purchased....it like i printed out 5 supply list from other bbl sisters and compile one big list from that. Now let me say i started my initial shopping at the dollar store such as dollar tree and family dollar with my cheap ass.....then i though....shid i think i need to upgrade some of my supplies since i am upgrading this body of mines.....so i took my ass to walmart...target....and last but not least Internet shopped my ass off on amazon and ebay....that shit was totally fun.....your stuff comes so so fast and is a tab bit cheaper on line....my say is IF IT CHEAP THEN its FOR ME!.... like for instant a 12 pack of lysol small travel size disinfect spay was $35 to $40 dollars on walmart website but I pick it up for on $23.00 and i think it was cheaper then that bc they gave me some type of discount at the end.

Now you might ask what would I need with a 12 pack of travel size lysol spray?....well ladies I'm going to disinfect the he'll out my CIPLIA room and my recovery home room at the armonia.....after ready this one fellow bbl sista blog she stated that she and her people spray down and wipe down her room she stay the note in at CIPLIA.....and that they cleaned up old blood.....she that shit is NASTY. ...And i am taking my own precautions..... to each her own.....i have simply just turned in a gemofobic.....lol don't want to catch any infections.


Hey ladies....i am up quite early this morning....Here in Cincinnati IT IS 7:17AM In the morning....i just shut my eyes around 3am..... [up doing the nasty b all nite with my boo] fyi..... for real ladies just tryn to get it all in....because as i understand iwill be oout of commission in that area for a while...and plus i plan on staying in the DR for 14 days...to give my body some time to heal before returning home. So i want to fill my man up up i can so he can feel a lil better about me leaving for the 14 days. And plus we just watch the Niko and Mimi sex video per my request.... and ladies when I tell you I almost fell asleep on...please believe me....now I not tryn to turn this update into a Mimi and Niko sex tape review....but sometimes you have to talk about other stuff to get ur mind off the upcoming surgery......
well back to what I was sayn.....Mimi looked awesome in the video....she just had her boobs down....and they were perky as hell...they seem a lil tight. ..and she was too insecure at the incision scars visible underneath her breast.....she kept holding her breath down so they wouldn't move.....are maybe they still hurt. ..but then in the shower scene Niko was a damn ruff on her boobs cuppimg and groping them so I know they didn't hurt any longer she just didn't want the world to see her incision scars.....

now if it was me and some one was giving my ass 2 million dollars....which I believe she was aware of before making the sex tape.... i definitely would have went all in.....she too me was a DAD FUCK......LOL...even my dude said the bootleg man should give him his $4.00 back....lol. because MIMI surely didn't know how to Fuck.....he also said jokingly that MIMI should also take her ass over to the DR and get a BBL also....now I thought that was just too hilarious......now for real i love MIMI and wish her all the success....she did what she had to do to stay relevent...and since Stevie ass is all in to his new fake wife Josslyn...shidd....he may have cut her water off....therfore she had to do what she had to do to keep those ends coming in....

but one thing I can say is a know stevie ass was salty as fuck....because that boi NIKO was diggin tho and looked totally hot while diggin in Ms. MImI.....lol and it was HIS [stevies] baby's mama for God sake......

Now for the review on my blood pressure status totally lost focus....lol

Ok ladies...i want to share something about my current health condition....a while back I was diagnosed with hypertension or high blood pressure....which stemmed from heredity and my years of eatin unhealthy along with microwave meals which carry so so much sodium inside them. ...now since being diagnose about 2 to 2 and a half years ago....i have never maint a consistency with taking my meds on a reglure.....but since preparing for my up coming surgery i promised my self to be more consistent and disapline in my quest to get my blood pressure in normal range which is any number under 120\80. So ladies when I tell you it have been such a struggle for me please believe it.....i am not taking my medicine every day but are now suffering drawbacks for takng the lisopril blood pressure pill every day such as shortness or breath....heat exhaustion which take my BP down super low......and STRESS to the 5th degree because it still isn't in normal range. Now at this point I am seeing my pcp dr every week and we keep playing around wit the dosage amount....i started with 20 mg of lisopril combine with the water pill to help rid ur body of the salt. I CAME TO THE CONCLUSION. ...THAT I MAY NEED TO SPLIT THE PILL IN HALF. ..IN ORDER TO REDUCE THE SHORT NESS OF BREATH DRAWBACK.

So for two weeks I was only taking half of the 20 mg and water combo....and BP would go Lowe the 120|89.....so now I just so nervous with only having a a week and a few days to go before I fly.....i just decided to go back up to the 20th and keep my fingers crossed...i was also thinking to take half the pill in the morning and the other half in the evening......what yall think....i not see my dr till July 8....but leaving out on July 13.....i am so scared yall to tell the truth....but for the most part I try to stay positive need be.....and hope that it my my Lord who will see me through to the other side. PLEASE LADIES IF ANYONE HAS A STORY OR ISSUE similar to mines regarding surgery and high blood pressure please inbox me....i would love to hear what happen before during and after surgery.....before I end this update this moring i am going to take my blood pressure with my at home machine...which I carry with my ass every where i go....hold on ladies.....

OH.....Shoot ladies....my BP was......

Ok ladies i left off on my last update withthe fact tthat i was going to check my blood pressure with my at home machine....and ladies wouldn't know after writing such a long ass review thi
morning. ...ranting and raving about my stupid hpertension.....WHY WAS IN THE nNORMAL RANGE FOR THE FIRST TIME in a while I am so so so so excited...maybe I will have my surgery after all....it just prove that you have to have faith and also disapline. I will continue to take mymeds on the regular.......but i do want to say this and hope and praepray that this doesn't have anything to do with my BP being 113\80. I just recently had one of my wisdom tooth pulled 2 days ago....yeah I know that seemed silly to have that done when I am about to take
my ass over to the DR and have suegery....but my tooth as been nagging
at me.....plus anything I ate that wld get
inside that tooth would cause me excuating pain. ..so i thought to myself I don't want to be having this brand new sexy body wit a reguly tooth in my mouth....so i mad the decision to have it pull....now of course the doctor prescribe you pain pills to help with the pain afterwards.....how I already had some Ibprofin 80 mg and my boyfriend had some hydrocodone with tylenol. .so i decided to take both pill as directed by the dentist. ...yes it took away the pain this morning bit u sorta feel ziggy boo after ward with a

The point i was tryn to make.....

Is that i hope me taking the two med didn't alter my Blood pressure reading this morning of the 113/80..... be sure if it did I will be salty....but if it didn't and that is were i am truly at. ...then it on and poppin ladies....i will continue to keep yall posted on my BP levels.....thanks everyone for yall support.....


Hey ladies......let me tell yall......about this stress level of mines....it is so Un real.

FIRST let me tell you a lil about myself....i am 38 years old....i have one grown child who is 22 years old. He just gave me a beautiful new grand babe boy who is about 1 month old. Now some may say that I may be going through some mid life crisis of some sort.....because I also just bought me a new sporty cadillac coupe in June.....cherry red and I LOVE IT......shidd the world loves my CHERRY BUM.....LOL.....now i did buy the car bc it was so beautiful.....and since i was upgrading this ole body of mines....shidd why not.....i want my body to be as sex
y and exclusive and my new RIDE.....

NOW.....to UNDERSTAND me is to KNOW i me....i am The giver....The helper.... The ggo to type of woman and my family. My family heavily depends on me because in their eyes i look like i am somewhat successful because i run a small home care agency.....so in other words i am the one family always call when they are in over their head. I never mind being that person for the most part because i believe that it is better to give then to receive. ..and when u give help to someone who is less fortunate then you....then You will receive ur blessing in more ways then u know.....

so when i tell u guys that i feel so totally BLESSED to be able to make this trip to the DR to finnally do something for ME.....it is the truth....and i feel like it is GOD WILL so see me through to the other side and any trails and tribulations i may encounter along the way......so ladies stay blessed.....and positive and be the best you can be now and whenever you cross to the other side......talk to yall soon.


Hey yaw.....today is a sad sad sad sad day for me. I have been in the DR since Sunday evening and still no surgery yet. I know yaw want to know what is going on do here it is...............

i first went to my initial schedule appointment with Dra Duran Monday July 14.....i told here that I recently had my tooth pulled about two weeks ago.....say July 1. However i later developed a dry socket and had to go back to the dentist on July 7.

The dentist prescribe be penicillin 500 mg 4x a day. I took my pills faithfully except on the last day Monday July 14 because i was suppose to have surgery with Dra Duran. Now with this being said Dra duran freaked out. And thought that i must have an infection since I was prescribe penicillin. So nevertheless she sent me to the infectiontogist.....she then prescribe me meds for inflammation and nose spray to clear congestion. She said my dentist should have prescribe me something from inflammation and not just penicillin. But here the deal the penicillin makes you white blood cells count go down... based on my research off the internet. SO AS A RESULT......MY WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNTERS WENT DOWN from 12.3 on Monday to 11.3 on thursday. The good news is that my white blood count went back up to normal range.....and i believe that the white blood cells attacked the red blood cells.

So at this point......i MUST GET NY HEMOGLOGin up in order to have my surgery Monday. Yes Ladies i am very very sad upset and angry at my self for even getting my tooth pulled 2 weeks before my surgery. It was a very stupid idea....i just did not want my new body with a fucked up wisdom tooth that should have been removed. So to recapped......i have been here in the DR since Sunday......i am currently staying with Myra at the real armonia. I am here with my best best friend in the world who is keeping my spirit up...and comfort me every time I have a cryn spell or frustrating moment with any of the many specialist Dr's i seen since my arrival....to count i have had 3 lav work up seen 3 Dr's. ...since I also have high blood pressure....The Dr's was a cardiologist. ...a infectiontogist. ....a hemogist. .....With the last doctor i had to yell and tell here that i did not have an infection but that my lab work now showlow hemo and all I need her to do is prescribe my an iron drip or iv. She really didn't want to listen so i brought my friend in to help me get my point across.....yaw my best friend looks somewhat intimidating also....so then she reluctantly prescribe the iron drip......she was trying to prescribe me meds to take and wanted me to stay in the DR for another 2 weeks.....i said HELL NAW.....i must leave then......i told Mrya assistant that i will leave if no surgery..... THEN WHA LA.....The hemotogist prescribe the iron........

SO ONCE AGAIN TO SUM IT UP.....I HOPE AND PRAY THAT I MAY BE ABLE TO HAVE MY SURGERY MONDAY. I was scheduled to leave sat July 26. But if my hemo is not at a 12.5 i will leave Monday sad and disappointed and may try in the states because the culture shock is real here......

NO SURGERY YALL......What a bummer!

Hey Ladies......I wanted to give a quick update. Well its sad to report that I was unable to have my surgery with Dr. Duran. If you read my last update prior to this one, it kinds of go in details as to what craziness happen to me while in the DR. All is not sad though because I had a chance to meet some wonderful ladies while staying at the Real Armonia Recovery Home, and while visiting Dr. Duran office over 3 to 4 times......lol. Well as stated I could not have my surgery because my hemogolobin dropped while over in the DR from a 12.3 to a 11.4 then to a 11.3 then finally to 11.1.....at that point I knew it was over for me and my dream of being rebirth again with my new body. Now as stated before I had recently had my tooth pulled two weeks prior to leaving for the DR for my schedule surgery date of July 14, 2014. The dentist put me on penicillin for 7 days, then when I arrived to the DR, Dr Duran referred me to an infectiontologist who then put me on some amoxillian to to make sure I didnt have any more infection remaining.....which is where it all went wrong for me. After doing a little internet research, I learned that penicillin makes your white cell count low making it look like you have an infection, so that is why the infectiontiologist thought to put me on the amoxillian, which then reduced my red blood cell count and reduced my hemoglobin like crazy.

Now at this point I was willing to try anything because I wanted to have my surgery so so so so bad, It is just so hard to explain the feelings and emotions I had the nine days I was over in the DR. I cried...I laugh.....I danced.....and cried again.....and again and again....to the point I persuaded the Hemotologist to prescribe me the IV iron drip to attempt to get my iron up........that is were the laugh and dance part came in.......be Myra and some of the other ladies at the recovery house assured me that I was sure to have my surgery on Monday July 26, 2014, and that several girls had low hemo at times and was prescribed the iron IV drip and was later able to have their surgery..... so i became happy again and dance around the room with such assurance and positivity about my upcoming surgery.

Now Yall here is were the ugly for me.....I decided to go get my blood tested the Sunday July 25, at a clinic recommended by my Myra, ( and by the way yall Myra has a lot of connection in the DR, and can make anything happen lol) ...... to make sure the 2 painful Iron IV drips and 4 hemo shot did what they was suppose to do which was to increased my hemoglobin level. LET ME TELL YALL.....when i say I was shocked, supprised.....upset....emotional and distress all in one....please believe me.....why in the hell my hemo level went DOWN and not up......it went from the 11.3 to 11.1. Even Myra couldnt believe it.....I knew at that point that it was all over for me.....I still decided to visit Dr Duran one more time.....and i was like her last patient on a very busy Monday where it was atleast 10 gurls in her office for consults and check up.....it was almost like she was hesitate about giving me the bad news that she could not perform surgery on me. When I tell yall....that I sat in her office and cried like a baby also...please believe that.....but Dr. Duran, with her classy and polish ass.....ask that I be strong and told me that it was out of her hands at this point and that is may be a sign from God not to proceed forward with my surgery. To my surprise she was so comforting and sweet to me....I defintely respect her and her decision not to operate....it was just so hard to hear. So for those who think that Dr. Duran or the Doctors in the the DR is money hungry.....think again. Dr. Duran really puts your health first regardless of those $$$$$. And the infectiontoglist she sent me too really did fix an issue i was having while over in the DR....I was suffering from inflammation and sinus issues, which should have been caught by my primary doctor and my dentist in my exams I had prior to going to the DR. So the language barrier is REAL yall, but in the end the DR really have to good ass doctors........so I'm not even mad for real at this point....that I lost $5000.00 in this whole process......its just a lesson learned ladies to make sure your HEMO is a 12 or better before you take your ass over to the DR, because if it not....then they will send your ass home....LOL.


Now Ladies....do yall really think I was leaving Dr. Duran office with out a new Surgery date.....Think Not.....lol. See Dr. Duran is already hard to get a hold of...so I was not leaving her office without my new surgery date scheduled. Now let me explain something for yall.....this may even help some of you ladies who had tried unsuccessfully to get a hold of Dr Duran......

Dr. Duran two assistants are kinda unorganized as by what I can tell. They do have a goggle calendar where they keep track of any upcoming surgeries....but it kinda like if you SHOW up and get your blood work completed and pass and your health is fine you can SIMPLY GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN......so in other words it all about your hemoglobin and your BLOOD WORK, and GENERAL HEALTH, and have CASH IN HAND.....you CAN HAVE SURGERY......SIMPLY PUT......OR ATLEAST THAT IS MY PERCEPTION..... So for real you ladies.....you dont really need an appointment....because gurls schedule all day long with Dr. Duran.... but not every one keep their scheduled appointment.....and plus the competition is fierce between the surgeons I tell yall......

Because while I was also in the DR I did get a chance to consult with Dr. Baez and another Dr.....I forgot his name..... but Dr. Baez....she is nice as hell yall, and much cheaper then Dr. Duran, but she is not as poplar as Dr Duran....and I dont think that she snatches a waist better then Dr. Duran.....however...I do believe that she delivers a Phatter booty then Dr. Duran......now I say this because Dr. Duran gives out mostly her signature upside down heart booties.....and most dont have a shelf....and sit low......now my butt already sit LOW at 44 inchs wide......hence the reason Im in search of a Brazillian BUT LIFT......lol.......I want my booty to sit high enough that you can sat a drink on my ass.....lol. But I want my stomach to be super flat also tho.....I want both procedures....lipo or tummy tuck with the BBL.... but who can deliver both to damn near perfection? I kept asking myself while in the DR.......do i go with popluartiy? or someone who just now comming on the plastic surgery BBL and Lipo scene? Plus Dr. Baez also works for the hospital, and operates out of Cepip, I know i am spelling it wrong.....but im sure yall heard of it. It is definelty not Cipla....it looks much nicer....the rooms like new as hell.

Well any way Ladies....I now scheduled for Oct 8, 2014.....however I am not sure if I am going at that time it may be in November....it depends on how i feel....because I am going back to see my primary care doctor, get some more medical tests done.....start exercising......and eating rite so I feel TOTALLY AT MY OPTIMAL BEST.....for surgery......I am not going to stress like i did the first time I took my ass over to the DR.....which was easy to do...because the people around making you seem like you crazy for going out to the county to have elective surgery, and just the unknowns......So now I know what to expect when I return back to the DR, and plus me and Myra became supper cool, after bumping heads initially....due to our BOSS mentalities......but she gets me and I get her.....and at the end of the day Myra get MONEY......and dont make no qualms about it. So ladies if you are staying with Myra at the REAL ARMONIA RECOVERY HOME.....please have your duckets or in other words Cash together....dont no boby have time to wait to see if the bank is going to release your funds or any other jive ass excuses for not having Myra doe$$$$.....because she dont play......lol......but naw for real Myra is my gurl and i love her to pieces and will be staying with her for my next DR trip.......so get on the band wagon ladies.....

Also if any ladies are going in October or November of this year..... please feel free to hit me up.......Last time I took my best friend with me for support....but to be honest she was a great great help but I would like to mate up with someone who going through the same thing as me SURGERY.....now we wont be able to help each other physically but we can definitely offer the emotional support of going through the same shit together. It seem like I was drawn in conversation wise to the other gurls in the recovery home who had either had their surgery or was getting ready to have their surgery......it was like my best friend did not understand fully the endeavors the stress, the excitement....the anxiety that all surround having this elective and life changing surgery. It almost seemed as if she put a negative aurora in the air at times....telling me that I didn't need the surgery....when it was clear that i didn't need the surgery but that I WANTED the surgery to enhanced what GOD has already blessed me with.....which I was sure i understood the different between WANT and NEED.......for the beginning of this journey. The good thing is that me and some of the other ladies in the recovery home was able to convert her over from such negative thinking to wanting to have surgery herself.....which i see stated that she secretly want for long her self, so ladies I think she is now on board herself.....lol....funni how meeting other REAL women who life and bodies changed over nite for the better after surgery will convince one to want to travel over to the flat side too....
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Girl you are SUPER prepared lol. Looks like you bought out the whole store. But I'd rather be over prepared than under. Good looking to on the CDC info on those mosquito's and current diseases. I never even thought abut that till you bought it up.
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Sorry to hear all that is going on. Keep your head and prayers up. Everything will work out for you. Just try to relax and not stress.
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Sorry to here that. I will keep you in my prayers
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Best wishes today Doll! Keep us updated.
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I hope you get the body of your dreams
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Hi you only have two more days don't forget to post pics and keep us updated :-) wishing you the best
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Good luck with your surgery!! she went in :) can't be too prepared I am going to be seeing Baez in November :)
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That's alot of SUPPLIES. I can promise you won't use not evena fourth of that lol you got enough for ask the realself sisters! Save me some, shoot! !:) can't wait to dr your results in going to baez in august:)
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Thank you doll.....i know it alot lol....i just want to be safe when i get over their since a alot of sistas say it nothing like the US. I use to comfort and having everything i needed....shiddd...i even pack two full size pillows in a airtight zip lock bag since sistas have re peppered that Cipla don't have pillows like that and it be cold as hell....so i bought a blanket also. I even bought one of the blow up halo bedwith the hole cut out. I ainain't tryn to be laying all on my new butt....lol
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Lol true but my recovery house reassured me I dint need to being much medical supplies I'll bringa few things buti know I'm good. Girl inbox me your number would love to talk on phone and stuff. I'm like obsessed on getting mine done and no body around my house wands hear bout it lol
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You look awesome already, almost there!!!
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Thank you doll...just need a lil nip and tuck and then i can say at 38 I'm definitely THERE! LOL.......I AINT EVEN GOT MY NEW BODY AND IM ALREADY TALKING LIKE IM THE SHIT.....LOL
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Just a thought don't MiMi make enough money to get a boob job without scars. I'm not rich but I would have saved for that. There's so many options available
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I would guess at this point .. but remember she must have made the tape when she as comcoming up on hard times.....remember she was so desperate that she was living with her ex and his new girlfriend....so demeaning....then i guess she got her own spot....now she in a nice nice ass crib....thanks to the sex porn tape pay out....like I said if someone was willing to pay me 2 million to get freaki on tape with my man....i would do it in a heart beat....i do feel rather embarrassed for her daughter but when she is old enough i wld just explain to her how she got to that private school...wearing the best clothes...ect...mommy had to do what she has to do....to make it happen....lil now that REAL.... yeah as far as the scar under the boobs....i can't really speak on....because I thought every have a scar some how.....i just know that those boobies looked pretty good to me.....because I my self was contemplating get new boobies also.....Instead of a breast lift....because e cause it i so scare of how they will feel with something foreign in my body...would it move like real bobbies....would l later regret the new boobies. ....or would i be in love with them and baby them as Mimi did in her sex tape.
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Lol your funny. I think everybody close to their sx date is I'm sex over drive. My husband already has a large appetite, shit I've been a little scared about bedtime lately. We sessions a few times a month but never back to back. O goodness. I'm definitely not complaining tho. The tape, girl I want to see the tape. I want to see what all the hype is about. Guess I'll go to the hair store today, you know it will be somebody up there yelling cds and dcds. Lol. 14 days, I'm struggling with 10 you're tuff
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Umm... that's a lot of supplies babe. I hope you don't need them all. Watch the weight in your luggage it could get pretty expensive. Good luck on your journey RS Sister
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Yeah....that's what i said....I b probably won't take everything with Me....but I'm so nervous because i am not sure exactly what i will be getting done. I definitely want the bbl and a breast lift....but it I'm not sure if i going to have to get a tummy tuck. So i want to be prepared.
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Well it better to have and not need them need and not have. ;-)
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Will u please tell me how u called internationally. I'm having a hard time
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I went through my phone service and added money to my extras pack. It's like an allowance to buy games, call international. Stuff like that without going over my regular. Although my service is through wal-mart it's supported through T-Mobile. I got tired of spending 25 at a time then I learned from another RS sister that I could communicate with them through WhatsApp for free so that's what I've been doing and my Dr always respond back within 24 hours
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Thank you future msbeautiful newbody. I'm waiting on my cell phone provider to get back with me
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Dang gurl.....i think i just replied to some of you posts on ur site....lol...lol...i don't quite have it down pack on the response system yet.....i guess i am following you andwhen u posted a comment it cane to my email....but i thought i only got email alerts when someone posted a comment on my wall....ha ha I'm so sorry...i must be super early for my geekiness ass....can't hardly sleep since the count down has begun for me. Still leaving for the DR on Sunday July 13....With surgery on the 14 if God is willing.
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If you geta tmobile plan global texting and data are included:) but calling is expensive I believe 2 bucks a minute!! You can just download an app for calling
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Hi I am originally from the 513 and totally bbl obssessed. I pray everything goes well and you come back bangin! I am thinking about DR. too, can't wait to see your post op.pics. God bless
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