New Pics Added !! More to come!! I got a lot to talk about and YES my A$$ is a Masterpiece!!! -Dominican Republic

I have been considering a BBL for years now. I...

I have been considering a BBL for years now. I started doing serious research about a year ago. Through my research, I found Dr Jimerson in Atlanta (Dr.J). He gives free consultation. I called his office and made an appointment. I live in Atlanta so his office was about 20 minutes from my home.
I had my consult with Dr. J. He took pics, talk with me about the Sx, before/ after results, Post op, payment plan, etc... He even let me see his work first hand. I was able to see and feel a 9 month post op booty! I was very pleased with our meeting. He is very nice and down to earth. The only downfall is the COST!! My cost with Dr. J would have been about $8000.00 and that is w/o lipo to all of the areas and TT. Now dont get me wrong, his work is very good, he does have a payment plan and he had a packed office! I would have had to put $4500.00 down and make payments on the remaining balance.
But then I was told about to YILY the queen of sculpture :-) !!!


Good luck
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My sister and I was planning our surgeries with Dr...

My sister and I was planning our surgeries with Dr. J. She started networking on RS and found Dr. Yily. Well she called me ask if I could take and look at Yily. My first thought was HELL NO! Im not going out of the country for surgery! My sister got her quote and forward it to me to research the medications, procedures, etc..
You see im a RN, and I had a TT back in 2006. at the time I thought the physician had did a good job but a couple of other physicians told me that he didn't pull my upper stomach tight enough and he left what are referred to as "dog ears" on the sides at the end of my incision. In addition, he didnt contour my side curves at all. He just gave me a flat stomach at that was it.
So as you can see over the years I have gradually gained some of the weight back. :-(.
But when im am dressed, I am able to hide the weight gain and the awkwardness of my shape with my big natural breast and my booty pad. ;-)


Wow I always thought once you have a Tummy Tuck you cant gain nothing back in that area.. I'm truly excited to follow your Journey !!!
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I'll be praying for u
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Well enough about me and how Yily came into my...

Well enough about me and how Yily came into my life. I think its time to start my BBL journey.
So after much thought and research, I decided to email Yily and send her my pics (listed above). I waited about a week but no response. I didnt want to slam her with a 1000 emails, so I thought I would give her a couple more days and then email her again. One day while checking emails, I decided to check my spam folder and there it was " The infamous response email from Dr Yily!!" She quoted me $3200.00 w/o TT and $3800.00 with it and recommended that I lose 5lbs. I thought WOW! This gotta be a scam! But I continue to follow other Yily ladies and there surgeries and realized that it was real. I responded with locking in my date of June 14, 2013. But I hadnt sent in a deposit. She said, she would hold my date for a couple weeks w/o deposit. I was still really hesitant so I waited to send my deposit. (you see, I operate on my gut feeling and for some reason, I didnt want to send my deposit right away).
I started networking with other ladies going in June to see if we could get a buddy system together. I got a group of 5 together. By the 2nd week, I decided to check for airlines tickets and all of the flights were $500.00 to $600.00 round trip. My sister set her date for May 22, so I decided to look at May to see the rates. And YES, I found a round trip flight on Spirit Airline for $345.00. I whipped out the debit card and locked it in. After securing my date, I submit my time off work request to my job and got that approved. :-)Next, I paid my deposit of $300.00 to Yily and sent her an updated email with my new surgery date of May 14th.
A week passed and no response to my new date. So I bought a $5.00 calling card and called Yily's office as well as JM Spa/RH.
JM Spa said that they didnt have me on the schedule for May 14 and to call Yily office. The next morning I started calling Yily office.
The first call, a young lady answered who spoke very little english. She put me on hold for about 15 minutes and never came back to the phone.
Second call, I insisted she stay on the phone. She said that I didnt have a surgery schedule and that Yily's first available was May 27th!
Third call, She put me on hold again and anothe lady got on the phone (she too, spoke very little english). She said I didnt have a June date either, NOW IM REALLY PISSED OFF! I told my sister that I wasnt going to Yily and to forget the $ because it was too much confusion and unorganized. After talking with my sister, I decide to call back one last time.
Forth call, they put a women on the phone who spoke very good english (Yira). I was releived, I told her I almost gave up. She started laughing. She ask me for my email address and my original date. She pulled up my information and in a matter of seconds, she had change me from June 14 to May 14th. She proceeded to tell me that my date confirmation had been sent to my email and she would contact JM Spa for my reservation and pick up from the airport. :-). WHAT A DAM RELIEF!!


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Too much going on over.. Seems very over wheeling. Glad it's all set now- a very big relief.
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is ur sister on here? I am scheduled for the 21st of May and still looking for a rh roomie!
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Ok I have been hitting LA Fitness 4x a week. I...

Ok I have been hitting LA Fitness 4x a week. I stop socially smoking Black and Milds and I am taking Vitamin C,E, B-complex, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron, and Fish Oil daily. I feel pretty good. I stop drinking coffee. I only drink hot herbal tea. I had my mammogram last week, Im having a complete physical including blood work, EKG's and Chest Xray tomorrow. I am doing everything I can possible do to make sure my procedure is a success and w/o complications and blood transfusion. Because I REFUSE TO GET A BLOOD TRANSFUSION. especially in another country! Hell, I dont one in the USA so I am definantly not getting one in the DR!
This website has the foam, girdles, board etc.. for a less than the others sites ive seen. Check it out... www.
Ok. Yily sisters I will talk with you later.


Well it seem like everyone is giving good reviews to JM Recovery House.
yes she is..her name is oregonmadecaligrown.. I will tell her about you.
Well I dont have a buddy in stone yet :-/..I have been in touch with 2 other ladies but if you want to sent me a private email with your name and surgery info. I plan to call to Dr. Yily in the morning to set up a buddy system.. "so the more the merrier and the bette the discount" : )

Ok. I had a litte scare yesterday! While on the...

Ok. I had a litte scare yesterday! While on the way to clinic for a complete physical, I get a call from the hospital that performed my mammogram. And they said that I need to get back to the hospital ASAP for futher testing! I was scard speechless! I told them once I left the clinic from doing physical I would be right there. So I get physical and blood work. The dam lab tech stuck me 4 times trying to get blood. I almost lost my cool. All of my blood work came back good. The physician wouldnt write me a Rx for the medication that Dr yily recommended so I am going to have to pay for them over in the DR:-(. I made it back to the hospital and waited there for aproximately 4 hours having various test done on my right breast. After further review the physician said that everything was ok. THANK GOD!! So the next step is to purchase my recovery supplies and to secure a buddy for a discount :-).

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Buddy- Ok well I have been in touch with about 3...

Buddy- Ok well I have been in touch with about 3 other women that claim they want to buddy up. I gave them all my personal email and phone number. I invited them to call me so we could map out the plan. 2 out of the 3 have text but no one has called. I tried to call them and they dont answer. hmmmm! :-/. Frankly, I dont like to text when handling business. I like to TALK! This texting Sh!% has gotten out of control! IT'S OK TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL PEOPLE SOMETIMES! Anyway, I tried to set up buddy system with the ladies. I sent the ladies a text informing them that I would be calling Yily and Spa to set up buddy. I ask them to send me there real names, Sx info, and date of arrival. NO ONE RESPONDED with all of the info!!! It seems as if my buddies have not purchased there airline tkt. I called to the Spa they said they can't book us as buddy until I have a flight # and arrival times. So basically I have no buddy!!! I AM DESPERATELY SEEKING BUDDY!!


I just sent my email to Dr Yily yesterday. I know from the board she will take awhile to reply but if I can get May 14 I will buddy up with you.
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Sounds good..keep me posted

Hello RS, I apologize for staying away so long. I...

Hello RS, I apologize for staying away so long. I have been following some of the other stories and preparing for my big day. I still have not found a strong buddy candidate. A lot of ladies say they want to buddy but dont even have there deposit paid yet. So it looks like I will be rolling solo :-(.


Awe I'm sorry! Solo isn't so bad! You will meet plenty of ppl. So Oregonmadecaligrown your sister?? Why isn't she your buddy?
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Never mind I read above sorry it's late been on this site all day. Anyway good luck I will b following

Ok... well I have 35 days left to my new booty..I...

Ok... well I have 35 days left to my new booty..I have been securing all of the post-operative supplies and preparing for the trip. My abdominal board and foam arrived yesterday. Its nothing like I imagine.
Im still looking for a buddy.. Ive been receiving some emails but nothing in stone yet.
I have been working out 3 to 4 times a week at LA fitness. Im loosing and toning.. not sure how much I have lost but I know im loosing. I cant wait to see the new me!


Hii doll, you got some weeks left... i hope you found a buddy... i cant wait to see the magic dr yily gonna do for you
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Thanks. Ill keep you posted.

OK BBL family.. May 13th is almost here. The...

OK BBL family.. May 13th is almost here. The closer I get to the date the more real it becomes. I sometimes dont beleive that I am about to travel to another country to have surgery but I am! last week I went shopping to get all of my preop supplies. I purchased the usual stuff that every one is listing plus my boppy pillow, abd board, faja with the butt out and foam. I loaded some help apps to my tablet and cell phone so that I can communicate with my family from the DR. I am still going to the gym about 3 X per week. I dont know how much I have lost but I feel like im loosing. IM STILL LOOKING FOR A ROOMATE..HIT ME UP IF YOUR INTERESTED!!


Hey I'm was trying to get some help on contacting dr yily what is the process like setting up a procedure with her
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first step is to send her an email with your pics and wait for her response on the cost.
How exciting!! can't wait to see the final result...I am too interested in doing the same of course have to save $$$ for it. I will be following your journey :)
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Roommate- I finally got a roomate. Her name is...

I finally got a roomate. Her name is Rebecca from Dalles..And it's crazy how things worked out. We are having surgery the same day and we are on the same plane...Isnt that crazy! I have less than 2 weeks until the day. I havent started packing yet but I have everything together. Ok BBL ladies I will talk to you later, Im getting sleepy.


I am so excited for you. I am looking for some buddies for May 28 surgery. Any takers?
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Countdown!!!! Good luck!!!
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Pre-Op preprations- Ok, ladies im back! the...

Pre-Op preprations-
Ok, ladies im back! the closer I get, the more I find myself stalking RS. Well I have read so many Yily Reviews. Some with good results some with bad. Im trying not to get anxious but I have had second thought about going to her. So I decided to call Dr Duran on Monday and get a feel for her.
Meanwhile, today, I went on an online shopping spree to some of my favorite stores. I spent over $500.00 on Maxi dresses, mini dresses and cute, sexy jeans. Ladies, im going to be Sexy as Hell after this surgery!
In addition, I started packing for the trip and recovery I posted pics of my medical supplies and the vitamins that I am currently taking.
POST-OP CARE IS VERY IMPORTANT!! I got all of my antibiotics, pain pills, and OTC meds that I might need. As I said earlier in my journal, I am a RN. So I plan to nurse MYSELF back to good health ;-).
Please say a little prayer for me ladies as I will do the same for you all. Happy Healing.


Good luck Mz. T!!
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Final Preparaion & Check list- OK, ladies the...

Final Preparaion & Check list-
OK, ladies the countdown is on! And after reading all of the reviews and journals, my roomate and I decided we will stay at the JM RH for the first 2 days and then move to Holdelpa Caribe Hotel for the remaining of our care. I plan to hire a nurse and massage therapist to assist us at the hotel. In addition, I'm being pro-active about my care. Im bringing my own cleaners; like bleach wipes, lysol, and small bottle of clorox my own sheets etc..(better safe than sorry).
confirmed flight - chk
withdrawal $ from bank - chk
hair done- chk
mani-pedi done-chk
repack all of my stuff- chk
3 maxi dress & 2 sweat suits -chk
pack passport- chk


good luck on ur trip lady!
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hey where did u get ur meds! did u decide to buy the heparin and clavulin from yily ?
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Confirmation Call from Yily office- Today was an...

Confirmation Call from Yily office-
Today was an eventful day. I clean my house, Cleant out my refridgerator and got rid of all the food that might spoil while im gone, and I caught up on my epidsodes of Sandal.
I received my confirmation call from Yira today. We discuss the plans for Post op care. She told me that she want me to go straight to CIPLA upon arrival to get lab work done on Monday. I will be first Surgery on Tuesday. Per Yira, the first night in the DR, my roomate and I will be staying at J M Spa, on Tuesday night after Sx we will be at CIPLA and the remaining of the stay we will be at new Recovery house that has HOT WATER! I told her I made reservation at a hotel she said that she didnt recommend it because they want to be able to monitor our Post-Op care. I said OK. Im starting to get an little anxious. I think its just the fear of the unknown. I hope everything goes as planned. and I hope im pleased with my results! either way, I know anything would be an improvement from my current shape :-/...! So as long as I am healthy and disease/ infection free and have a BIG A$$... I will be HAPPY!
Well RS family I will update you guys on Monday night after I get settled in. TTYL


My date is May 16, Hope to see you there : ) Good luck!!!
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I will be looking for you. Im only staying at JM for a couple of days. Then we are moving to a hotel.
Iwill Pray4U
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On my way to the D R- Hello RS family, Well its...

On my way to the D R-
Hello RS family, Well its 2a.m. and of course I CANT SLEEP!! I got all of my stuff sitting by the front door. I printed off my boarding pass and got my traveling outfit together. Rebecca called me about an hour ago. She is as anxious as I am.
Well today is Mother's Day so to deal with the stress and anxiety of it all, I went to a Jeju Day Spa. It was AWESOME! I got a 1 hr foot massage, and the 2 hour Mother's day special which consist of body scrub massage, facial, hair washed and conditions. after that, I soak in the jacuzzi and relaxed in the sauna and steam room. I really enjoyed my last day in the States. Now im ready to deal with the next week of PAIN!!
My flight departs at 7am, I have a 3 hour layover in Miami (where Rebecca and I will connect) and we arrive in DR at 3:30pm...Once we get settled in I will give you an update and the reall 411..;-) TTYL


Happy healing, cant wait to see. Hope all is well.
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So very excited for you happy healthy healing..Cant wait to see ur pics.. Get it gurl
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Hey ladies just got off Tango with Mz.T & Rebecca they are up & recovering....officially YILYIANS!
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A quick post-op overview...alot more to come

Hey RS doing well..recovering well..just in a lot of pain and very results came out wonderful! I cant wait for you guys to see the new Hgb was yily was able to do her thang...she gave me a shelf booty...all of my stomach and back fat is bruise very bad but outside of that, im doing soon as im stronger. Ill give you the run down..TTYL


Congrats hon! Happy and safe healing!
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Sooooo Happy for You... So sound like you have Joy thru the pain... : ) Awwwww Recover gurl...
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yeah its good to hear all went well....cant wait to see your pics...
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Wowww girl you look great for you first day po. I bet fter all the swelling you will look a lot better. Happy healing and fast recovery.
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Dang girl yily worked u out!! Congrats:-)) nd happy healing
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1 week postop pics


Hey thanks for sharing your story !! Do you have updated pictures without the faja on?
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Where you at girl?
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Hi Mz. T You look great. I wish you a comfortable recovery. I was wondering if you had any information on Recovery houses... please share...
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Hey ladies this is OregonMadeCaliGrown checking in for Mz.T she is doing fabulous & can't be still... She will be updating this weekend ??????


hyped about my sx!!!*
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You look amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your journey! You just got me hy
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Thanks girl..get ready and make sure your health is good.



I would really like to talk to you about your surgery. Please check your inbox. I left my number, please call me so we can talk. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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Hope all is well havent heard much from you
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Seems like you are happy. You look wonderful
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