Ready to turn heads and break necks - Brazilian Butt Lift - Dominican Republic, DO

I started researching the Fat Transfer procedure...

I started researching the Fat Transfer procedure (Brazilian Butt Lift) in 2011. I created a profile and stayed on Real Self and Make Me Heal day and night. I set an initial goal to have surgery by the end of 2011. Then again in mid 2012. Again, by December of 2012. The last time I aimed for was, Summer 2013. Now, it's almost the end of 2013 and I still have not had the surgery. In each instance, the main issue was me affording the procedure. But truth be told, I could have afforded the surgery if I would have made it more of a goal.

I have had issues with my weight, especially over the past two years. I feel that has been the biggest thing stopping me. Also, being so stagnant with my life situation, I felt I wasn't achieving any of my goals.

I'm 5'5 and I now weight 189 pounds. My biggest weight has been 194 pounds and my smallest 135. So the first part of my review will be about me losing 40 pounds. My goal weight is anywhere from 125 - 135. So I want to be around 140 pre surgery.

I've started to make changes in my life. I moved to a new city. Since moving, I've already lost 5 pounds without changing much in my lifestyle. Now, I have a new perspective on life. I'm tired of my weight being an excuse so I see now as the perfect time to lose it.

So now, I am setting my goal for this surgery. I want this particular surgery because I want a shape which is something I've never had. I was slim before, but I had a straight body. I want that 8 figure.. that coke bottle shape. I am aiming to have the procedure February or March of 2014. I will pick the exact date soon. Once that date is chosen, I will not change it again.

I am back in the search of doctors. Previously, I was aiming for Pantoja. I wanted the fat transfer and breast reduction. I like him more for his breastwork but I was not 100% confident he would give the shape I want. I do want a butt, but I am chasing the shape overall. I looked at doctors in Miami as well including Salama, Salzhauer and Medentia. I also considered Campos and Cardenas in Mexico. I was not sold on Cardenas' work and Campos costs nearly as much as the doctors in the US now. Dr. J Curves in has been doing alot of patients lately and as nice as they turn out, I am not convinced on his work either. And the price doesn't help. I've always kept doctors in the Dominican Republic in the back of my mind but for some reason, I felt Mexico was safer than DR. Possibly because its so much closer to home. But in the words of Big Freedia "Go Duffy" - go hard or go home. So now, I am considering DR doctors. The doctors I am considering are Baez, Yily and Duran. I will not be considering Cabral. I love his work, but I don't think I would feel comfortable under his care and my life is far more important than an elective surgery. I know that things can happen with ANY doctor, but I have to go with my instinct.

I will be posting my quotes and what is included. Also my process with losing weight and where I am with my goals. I will be sharing my goal pics, as I have plenty. I won't be posting any before pictures until after I've lost the weight I want to lose.

That's all I have to say for now. Here is to all of us getting the bodies and confidence we all deserve!

Quote - Yily De Los Santos ($3,450)

I received my quote from Yily. She was pretty fast, it took less than hours. She suggests a tummy tuck, but my stomach appears alot bigger than what it is in pictures. I won't be getting a tummy tuck because I am not sure how that scar would heal. Plus, I have not had any children yet and I would hate to have kids and then have to repair my stomach again.

I was advised by some of you ladies already to not lose too much weight. I agree, I do want to have enough fat for the surgery. But I'm also tired of being the weight I am. So maybe 150 - 160 may be a better goal for me pre surgery, and then I'll lose more once I have healed. For now I'm taking everything one step at a time.

I like that Yily includes the garment, tests, and other fees. Alot of the other doctors wanted this done separately.

I can live with this price. This is actually a little bit cheaper than what I was quoted by Pantoja. Now I just have to wait to hear from Duran and submit my pics to Baez.

Getting in touch with Dr. Duran

Has anyone had an issue with contacting Dr. Duran? I sent my email for a quote and have not heard back yet. I got the email straight from her Instagram page so I'm hoping it's correct. Did anyone translate their email to spanish? I didn't. I'm going to do that and resend today.

I'm looking for a surgery buddy

I am wanting to have surgery in February or March of 2014. Preferably mid February/early March. I'm going to Vegas in 2014 for Memorial Day Weekend and I want to be somewhat healed by then so I can have fun with my new body!

Anyway, I'm located on the east coast so I'd love a surgery buddy (or a few) from that area so we can travel together.

I also believe that we could get a discount at one of the recovery houses if we go as a group. All of my reaserch on places have been in Mexico because thats where I was originally going. I don't know anything about the recovery houses in the DR so I'll have to hop on researching that soon.

If any of you ladies are interested, send me a PM so we can chat.


Recovery Houses in the Dominican Republic

Listed below are the Recovery Houses in the Dominican Republic that I found via word of mouth,, and searching the internet. Do your own due diligence when choosing a place. I linked the website and room rates.

Healing Haven:
They have different room set ups and the rates are pretty cheap. I notice under their additional services they offer the food, massages, airport transport and hospital transportation with costs. Is it safe to assume that this is an additional cost and not included with the stay? Other than the massages, airport transportation and food usually are inclusive. Can any one confirm or deny that they paid additional for these things with Happy Healing?

Maria's Recovery House
Her recovery house includes stay, transportation and food for $85 a night. Comparing this to Happy Healing, I see that Happy Healing could still be less expensive even though services are charged separately. For example: at Happy Healing meals are $7. $7 x 3 meals a day = $21. Then transportation to and from the airport $100 ($50 one way). Transportation to CIPLA $20 both ways = $40 (at least). Lastly, the cheapest room is $40 a night. Say you stay 10 nights your total would be $750 If you did the package at Maria's for 10 nights, it would be total $850. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Real Recovery Armonia
They are $85 a day for a private room and $75 a day for a shared room. I couldn't find other prices so I'll have to research that and share with you all later. But their food looks delicious and the house is very pretty. Going based off what I've seen so far, they have everything included. So an example for the cheapest room would be 10 nights = $750.

Angela's Recovery House
I could not find the website but I found an older thread on MakeMeHeal. Someone stated that she is $65 per night and $150 for transportation. The transportation cost is for the duration of the stay, not per night. You would have accommodation, care, meals, and transportation. An example of staying 10 nights would be $800.

Those are all of the recovery houses I found thus far. If you have any other information on recovery houses in the DR, feel free to leave a comment or PM me. I will make another post. My goal is to have an informative review to help others later.

Surgery Buddies

I found this thread on here. Anyone looking for a surgery buddy can connect with other users of the site:

Good Luck :)

Recovery Houses in the Dominican Republic

I found more recovery houses and wanted to add the information

Jacqueline Marrero Spa
I could not find her website but I did find her info in other online posts. $90 per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be $75 per person. It includes round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, and transportation to surgery.

Upscale Recovery House
This recovery house opens in January 2014. I'm not sure if I will be staying here only because I don't like being the guinea pig. I need something with a track record - receipts. However, I don't doubt they will be a nice RH because at this point they are almost all the same. On the upside, because it is new, everything there should be nice. The cheapest room option is $75 but that is for 3 people in a room as opposed to 2. The deposit to save your date/place is only $100. That is good news for someone who doesn't have all of the money upfront and still wants to solidify their spot. I can see that deposit changing once they gain popularity though. There is a charge for the airport which is $50 for a round trip. They also have a promotion: for every 7 nights you stay, you get one free. So if you stay 10 nights at the cheapest price, your total comes to $725.

More RH's to come...

Quote - Yily De Los Santos ($4,300)

So, also inquired about a tummy tuck with Yily. I, myself, don't believe I need one but I do want a tiny stomach. One of my concerns were having kids afterwards. I have not had any children yet and when I do I want to still be able to. Yily said I can have kids one year after the surgery. I have also seen a few ladies on here who have had the procedure and had kids so what I'm gathering is it depends on how fast our body snaps back as an individual, anyway.

So the quote is not that bad. My plan is to just bring more money than what I need and decide then and there all the procedures I would like to get done. I'm STILL waiting to hear from Duran. I want to have my breasts done and I prefer her breastwork over Yily's. I'm not sure if I would get a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck and Fat Graft all at one time.

Decisions, decisions.

BBL Pre Op List

Found this on here...

Still Have Not Heard From Duran

It's been almost two weeks since I've sent her two emails. I'm staring to get annoyed.

Sx Buddy & Duran

Ok, quick little update. I have confirmed that I will be able to afford to get the procedure in March. I just don't know the exact date. I DO know that I plan to stay 7 to 8 days (including the day before and of the surgery). So I am looking for a surgery buddy who is going in March. I will be coming from the DC area so anyone near there would be ideal.

As far as my doctor, I am STILL waiting to hear from Duran. I would love to have my breast lift and BBL done together and I like Duran's breast work over Yily's. But if I don't hear from her, I will be going to Yily for the BBL (and possibly tummy tuck) and then get my breast lift done in Miami at a later time.

Does anyone have any tips on getting in touch with Duran? I'm not on FaceBook and don't want to create a profile JUST to try to get a response from her. I've sent multiple emails and I've even tried calling. So now at this point I'm wondering if I should give up on her.

Anyway, feel free to msg me if you are looking for a surgery buddy in March. I am looking at staying at Armonia or Upscale recovery house.

Le, struggle.

So like I stated previously, I emailed Duran a few times. The last few times, I just forwarded the same exact email. So last night, Duran FINALLY writes back to one of the forwarded emails and said she can't open the photos.

F M L!

So I emailed her back IMMEDIATELY and included the pics thinking she would be able to respond. But, nope. I just hope I don't have to wait another 3 weeks.

I may have to use FaceBook.

Tummy Tuck Scar

So, I'm still waiting for Yily to email me back her available dates. I'm also still waiting for Duran to give me a quote, period. In the meantime, Yily told me she really thinks I should get a tummy tuck. Even when I lose the weight I want to, there will be loose skin. So I'm really starting to consider it. My only thing is the TT scar.

My skin is more prone to getting keloids, or not healing smoothly. I've had surgeries (not plastic surgery) in the past and I still have those scars til this day. So I'm not sure how well the TT scar would heal. I don't want it to be obvious. And I also don't want to get an obnoxious tattoo to disguise it. People are catching on to women doing that anyway.

Do any of you women have skin similar to mine? If I do get this TT, I want to take any measure possible to have the scar heal completely.

Dra. Walkiris Robles

Has anyone seen Dra. Walkiris Roble's breast work? Her breast lifts more specifically? I'm considering her now as well. I've sent her an email for a quote.

Yily Doll

So I got my date from Yily. I'm going April 3, 2014. Yily said I need to send in my flight info, so as soon as I book it, I'm going to to email her the info.

I still do want to go to Duran, so I'm going to try to reach her still. If not, I'm confident Yily will do an amazing job.


So I've taken a long break. Haven't been on here since December of last year. So much has happened since then. I did not get the procedure, however I did lose weight. In december, I reached my highest weight ever at 194 pounds. From February - April I lost 30 pounds. I now weigh 164. I currently fluctuate a few pounds above or below that weight. My ultimate goal is to weigh about 125 pounds. Prior to surgery, I'd like to be 135 - 145 pounds. I am now aiming to have surgery in October. I would love to go to Duran still, but I am researching more doctors as I see there are "new" doctors in DR. I do need to take new pictures to receive a quote. However, I'm not sure if I should wait until I lose the other 20 pounds.

Anyway, how have you all been?

No Tummy Tuck

Being that I lost weight and see how much smaller my waist and stomach are, I've decided not to get a Tummy Tuck. I'm now confident that I'd have good results without one. Plus, that's less money I'd have to put out.

Surgery Buddy

I am looking for a surgery buddy. I want to go to DR anywhere from mid October - early November. I made a post in the surgery buddy thread on here as well as sent out a few PMs. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I'm considering that time frame but still undecided btwn DR or Colombia
  • Reply
Anyone scheduled for 4/3? I'm scheduled for then with yily. My friend would love to get in with me too cause I don't want to travel alone :(
  • Reply
Heyyh I need a travel buddy lmk if u lookin for one I'm also goin to yily aswell I'm lookin to go April 2 or 3rd
  • Reply
I have been trying to contact yily but no good.. Can you pleAse give me the info you use to contact her.
  • Reply
Try emailing her at, she also uses whatsapp her cel#(829) 469-6102
  • Reply
She usually responds within one day when i text her thru whatssapp
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Thank you!
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hi, I have found that RH maria cheaper prices because there will offer a special when two friends or companions of 120 dollars per night and will include transportation, roundtrip airport, take wings doctor appointments, return to airport, three meals, two snacks, comfortable rooms with air conditioning and electric beds position, cable tv, wifi, you can make free phone Internaconal, laundry services, 24 nurses, lymphatic massages additional $ 30 and you get it the same house, tHE DAY OF THE SURGERY IS FREE ....   his email is: your page: hard look at their website and they have great specials.
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Hey doll n while I know fb is annoying (I logged back in for the first time in 2 yrs to contact Dra Duran) I think it's your best bet now ..
  • Reply
I tried writing her on fb she still doesn't respond
  • Reply
Yes, I did that with Yily's office yesterday and spoke with Yira. I still haven't received my confirmation. This entire process sucks!
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Call her office & ask her assistant to pull your email ..
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OK - So, I didn't go with the consultant.....I actually did the foot work myself. Yily sent me a quote today for: $ 4,300USD The above quote total includes the following procedures: · Tummy Tuck · Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist · Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock Optional Costs: · Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested) · Additional garment $140 · Compression sleeves for your arms $60 · Compression Socks $20 · Blood Transfusion $250 · Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present withing the first 30 days after surgery. $150 I will be going at the end of January, she is suggesting a tummy tuck, but I will be able to lose about 15-20 lbs prior to my surgery. I have been trying to get in contact with Duran for a month and a half. Her patient coordinator, Elizabeth in her office is the only one that speaks English. It is very difficult for her to answer emails but some women have stated that she answered immediately. So for that reason, I will be going to Yily. Most of the time, one transferred to her office, no one will answer. I know that she is awesome, but I never even received a quote after sending several emails with pics. So, now I am locked in with Yily and I am preparing myself everyday for the surgery.
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The consultant sent me the client agreement so I have reviewed this morning & will be signing & faxing back...Im soooo mad I cant get in in December
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I'm gonna be staying at UpscaleRH.. NJPR Beauty should be open by then :)
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thank you ,,for all the good information I want to kow if you are going to be having your and if so where do you plan on staying that is worth the money and being assisted
  • Reply
No problem! I'm still researching the recovery houses in the DR but I'm leaning to Recovery House Armonia. I think I'd get the most value. But I'll continue to add RH's when I find info on them. I def think it's worth it to stay at a RH versus a hotel.
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Hey .... I'm having surgery done on 1/17 ..change your date and lets buddy up! Lol you sound like me... I originally wanted yily or Duran and was going to do surgery this month but Duran is super hard to communicate with and yily will be out in maternity leave. I booked with baez but was skeptical as well due to lack I reviews and pics. Now I switched to January and I'm going with yily. I trust her work and I know she will do a good job. I'm also probably staying at daisys recovery house. The woman who runs it is super nice and the place looks very clean. You should check it out. Well good luck with everything! :)
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I am so pumped that I am hoping to get in in December!!!!!! I have a new job starting soon and if I don't get in for December, I might have to cancel the surgery all together which would devastate me!!!!! But yes that would be fine. I'll keep you posted.......
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Yea well I tried speaking with Duran even before she left lol. She emailed me back in regards to dates but when I emailed her back, I never heard from her and I sent her a few messages after that via email, facebook, etc. It's ok, I like Yily and I'm happy that I'm getting my surgery done with her. Def let me know if you change your dates....Hope everything goes well for you!
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Mrs_Smith23 when are you going to Yily for surgery? Im scheduled to go February 17th
  • Reply
Hey Fatt Bunz...I like your name lol...I'm scheduled to go 1/17.
  • Reply
Ahh I wish I could go in January!! lol I would so buddy with you. I love Yily's work so far but I think I prefer Duran, just wish I would hear from her soon. If I don't hear from her by next week, I may just book with Yily. Do you have the infor for Daisy's RH?
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Girl, I just feel overwhelmed. All I have is this.....Healing Haven, Maria's Recovery House-$85.00/night, Real Recovery Armonia-$85.00/day, $75.00 per day is u share a room, 10 nights=$750.00. Angela's Recovery House 809-***-****.

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Hey there!!!! The consulting firm got back with me today and was suppose to send me the client contract in an effort to get this process started and get me a quote from Duran, well that never happened. December is completely booked and has been for a while, in which I wasn't aware of. Duran will be returning back to the D.R. 2morrow, she has been gone an entire week out of the office. I will ask if Jan 17 is available, I just can't wait for this process to be over!!!! Yes, we can buddy if that date is available. But I am still going to contact Duran's office in the morning. OK - I will google Daisy's Recovery House...kool...THANKS..
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