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Okay so I've been researching this procedure for a...

Okay so I've been researching this procedure for a long time, and at the slightly tender age of 28 (lol)...I'm finally ready to get it done. I'm practically a Gym-Rat and I love weightlifting but I share my mothers DNA so I naturally HAD a booty, but hold fat in my belly and arms, and I have no natural hips or boobs....ugh...I lost about 25 pounds last year, and I kept the weight off so far...I currently weigh 160lbs and I'm 5'6...and unfortunately due to my weight loss and workout regime, I LOST MY ASS!!!!! I was also thinking about getting a breast lift or BA...yes my boobs are small, saggy, and separated ( about adding insult to injury...and I don't even have any children yet...smh....but anyways, I'm gonna hold out of any boob work because I need to lay on my tummy for the BBL.
I want to go to Dominican Republic for the procedure. I've been researching doctors, results, and prices...but I have yet to decide on a solid doctor. I'm more leaning to Dra.Baez, I like her responsiveness, results and reviews, but I'm still WAITING for Dra.Duran to respond to my email, facebook, and Whats App messages (which was about 3 weeks ago).
For lipo to my arms, abdomen, flanks, and waist I got the following quotes:
Dra. Yily: $3700
Dra. Baez: $3000
Dr. Cabral: $4000
Dra. Duran: Still waiting for a quote
I think all of the doctors have great results, but I'm still trying to figure out who I will choose and WHEN I have the time.
I'm currently a Senior Nursing student, so I have NO TIME to take off. We have a winter break around December 11-January 27, so I'm definitely aiming for that time.
So in conclusion....I guess we'll see what will happen.


AYEEEEE! If u go to Duran let me know, im thinking of going for a round 2...
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Good Luck on your decision! I will be going to Dr Yily Novemeber 5th! I think it depends on what your looking for. Each doctor has their own technique that they specialize in. Tiny waist with Natural fat azz Is what Yily produce. Fat huge DONK is what Duran specialie in and Cabral in a all in one doc that give you more of a fake look! Some ladies like the fake look while others prefer the natural look! Make sure you choose the best doc for YOU! Muah xoxo
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Yea....I definitely need hips and a tiny waist...BADLY. I think Yily could give me what I'm looking for...this initial phase can be frustrating...but only time and more research will help me make my decision. Thanks!!!!!
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