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Hello laides I'm new to this site like others. I...

Hello laides I'm new to this site like others. I want to start off shareing a little about my self. I'm 33yrs with 3 kids and not haveing anymore. I'm 5'9 and 204LBS which is the biggest I,ve been, however it looks good on me cause I'm tall. I want BBL with fat removed from stomach and added to the butt and hips. I have some butt already just need the roundness and the lift with a lil hip filler.I have been reading some of these storys befor I joined. I can really say I have been stalking this page for a month now. (LOL) I must say they were very helpful. I'm in my 1st stage of this process. I have two doctors in mind already Dr Yily and Dr Duran, I really like them both. Who should I go with? What is the best way to get in contact with them? Should I E-mail them in english or spanish? I will post my now and wish pic at a later date I'm at work now. Thanks in advacne


Email it in english using the spanish translator. If you ndd a RH gavility our RS SISTER NJPRBEAUTY OWNS "UPSCALE" PM her....WISH U THE BEST!!
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Hello, Thanks


Hello, ladies this is how I look now. Hope I did this right


I wanted to get it done by February, but my friends will not be able to go until june
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U did great! You will b just fine w lipo and bbl! Congrats!
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Dr. Yily is who I'm leaning towards, but also liike Dr.Duran work both are great. I have yet to email them. I need to get on the ball I'm trying to have sx sometime in June. What date are you looking for? Thanks

Trying to email Dr Duran......

I have tried to email Dr Duran but the email keep coming back saying failure.... This is the email I have..... hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com is this correct? If not can i get her email address... THANKS IN ADVANCE


Thanks for the pics....yeahhhhh she's gonna make u a doll!!!
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I hope so.... Thanks luv
THANKS.... Now I need to get this email going out,but 4 some reason it keep coming back saying failure

My email with Dr Yily......

My email went threw with Dr Yily.(YES) I'm so happy I thought I was doing somthing wrong for a min.(LOL) I can't wait for her reply to my email, thats when I know its getting real. My heart is pounding as if the sx is tomorrow.


Hi Hun I don't know if anyone gave you Duran correct email address but it is hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com make sure in your email you list ur height, weight & any medical conditions. Good luck!
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Hello Mysexyback35, Thanks for the information.
I need a buddy, I'm going to have TT revision and bbl with doctor Lorenzo Ortiz,my surgery is scheduled for January 6 2013... Can someone tell me hoe recovery is after having thi procedure done...... Please contact me at marelisz@hotmail.com
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Dr .Yily reply to my email......

Hello Ladies, I have a quote for my sx..... 4,300. The quote includes: Tummy Tuck, Lipo of the adbomen, Full back, Armpits, Flanks and waist. I juat notice she left out my hips. I need a lil filler in on the hips. It seems like alot of work, but I'm ready. The quote also includes: One compression garment, Pre-operative blood work, EKG test, Anesthesiologist fee, Clinic and surgery fees, Room, Operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals and surgical assistants. she stated that I need a tummy tuck. Um I don't think I need a tummy tuck. What do you ladies think? I will ask her to remove tummy tuck from my quote and add hips.


Thats a great idea! U don't ndd a TT. CONGRATS LUV!
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Waiting on reply from Dr Yily..

Hello my dolls and dolls to be. I have sent an email to Dr Yily asking for a quote without tummt tuck. she hasn't replied back with a quote. I hope to hear from her real soon. I wont be able to start saving money till January, because I have to make sure my 3 kids have a smile on their faces for Xmas. Everything I do is for them (except this surgery) this is for me. I really need this surgery.....wait.... I don't need it..... I want it.... there is a difference. I want to get on the ball roll so I can start buying the small thing I need. WONDERING IF I CAN HANDLE THE PAIN.... wish pic coming soon

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Dr Duran

Dr Duran did reply to my email, but it only said...Thanks for contacting me I can be reached at WWW.DRAGUSTINAHILARIO.COM and provided me with some phone numbers. So I guess I have to go buy a calling card. I did go to the website she provided me. I tried to send information there but it would not post and you can't add pic there. Guess I have and call and try to reach her. Wish me luck.


The TT advice definitely varies from Dr to Dr. 1 Dr said I needed it and another said it wasn't necessary. I agree, you don't look like you need one. Good luck with your surgeon hunt.
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Let's go!!!! Lol. Email me. I'm plan on going late march early April.
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Hello my dolls.. I haven't been on real self because I had surgery on the 22nd everything is ok and I'm doing great. I haven't heard back from Dr Duran so I am giving up on her. I will be having Dr Yily as my doctor. She quoted me 3,400 with out TT which I think I don't need it anyway and I like the price. I would love to have my surgery around June 13th because I work for CPS and school will be out. It also will give my body time to heal school starts back late August. I will start on trying to send the deposit to Dr Yily so I can get a June date.


I'm about the same height and weight as you. I feel the same way about Dr. Duran I've been trying to get a quote since April. I've sent her everything she needs. Anywho Good Luck girl!
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