Hi im from canada and its time for me to feel...

im from canada and its time for me to feel sexy again!
im a 31 year old mom of 6 kids and ive already had a tt 6 years ago and wasnt happy at all, i stumbled across this site after i told myself i want to get a bbl, i have read a lot of reviews and thank all for your honesty, i am waiting to hear back from dr duran she had added me to face book i am in love with her work! i hope to hear back soon but to be honest i am so worried about traveling, the two ppl i have told think im crazy! if any one has any advice please feel free to message me!

Yesterday i spoke with Dr Duran via email and...

Yesterday i spoke with Dr Duran via email and spoke with someone from her office today, i am booked for july 9, but i dont have a qoute yet. so far she is the only doc that has gotten back to me. yesterday after she looked at my pics she asked me to lose weight and trust me i am trying! i am currently 5'5 185lbs after going on birth control i gained 25lbs smh i am excited an nervious all at the same time. does anyone know about the spas vs staying in a hotel? i would like to cut cost....any advice please feel free to contact me, i found a flight from toronto for $571 not sure if thats good?
your lucky i cant even get in contact with dr duran :(
i emailed, texted and facebooked her lol! i called 1 809 565 5348 tell her the duran told her to call

So i got a quote from Yily today for The price for...

so i got a quote from Yily today for The price for fat grafting to buttock and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3550$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, medical insurance (it covers possible complications that may present after the surgery, during the first 30 days), pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA,GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).
Im still waiting on duran but she only has openings for july and i really wanted to do this in june!
I am also waiting on Duran. She has not replied my emails. How many cc's are you going for?

So i was wondering even if i dont go with yily and...

so i was wondering even if i dont go with yily and go with duran can i still room with someone!?!? i am going to DR for july, talked it over with the fam and july works, i dont want to spend $1000 to stay in RH does anyone want to room with me there for a few day then maybe get a hotel room? i want to get the massages tho so im not sure if u have to stay there to get them! please let me know!
I'm hoping for at least 1200 cc but I know its about what my skin can handle
She posted on her fb that she was really sorry for delays and that she loves all her dolls n future dolls asking ppl to be patient and that she doesn't want to be rude! Her staff seems nice but u can tell even on the phone how busy they are call there if u can I emailed texted fb and called! Lol and when she got back to me she was super nice
Great. I am looking at the same too. I hope I have enough fat for that. I would post pre pics soon.

So I am all booked for June 7th with Duran staying...

So I am all booked for June 7th with Duran staying at RH talk to Duran she said if I want to do a tt its gonna be 4500 anyone want to share a room with me??? I'm so excited sorry guys my RS has been acting up so I couldn't respond!!
Good luck Girly! Go get that Donk!!
All the best
Thank you

Ok so i have my flight booked-check my date...

ok so i have my flight booked-check
my date booked- check
meds- check
roomates- check and working on it!
fajas- still looking
things to pack- have no clue lol
im so excited was getting stressed when the site wasnt working lol now its back! and i feel better!!
not sure still what to bring lol, all i know is i am counting down the day! thank you blitzgirl anf dorenel for looking out for me!!
im going to post some wish pics but to be honest i just want to feel better in my close, i wasnt my sexy back lol. my hubby is so supportive and i love him for it he isnt asking me to do this at all but if it makes me happy then hes good, but i know he will love the results!! some ppl think im crazy for going to DR but i dont care lol. ttyl

And I want to send a big shout out to ms...

And I want to send a big shout out to ms.allthatazz2013 for hooking me up with her date she made my year!!!!
I will be offering the following: Transportation from and to Airport and doc's office (all appointments). Three meals, (Dominican food, not junk food, each with either milk, juice or soda) --if the person is a Snacker, I require that she either brings snack with her, or we'll take her to the Supermarket to buy some--We are keeping just the three meals to keep price low--We will have a 24 hrs nurse, that will clean them, (since you guys cant wash for the first 10 days), empty your drain, wash your clothes, give you the meds, etc. The house will have two small Terrance where they can walk hang out to aliviate the pain of the bed.. WiFi in the whole house, and a tv room for the girls to hang out to get to know each other.. the house is a two story house, but, the people who will be on the second floor will not need to go down, since there is a Terrance on the top and other one in the first floor, for the people that stays on the first floor. Finally before my girsl leave, I take them out, two nite before or the night before, to sight seeing the city, the Colonial Zone and/or visit our malls.. So that they take pics and feel that they were in a real vacation :) :) Let me kow what you think.... Any suggestions are welcome
this is what recovery house? how much? and how many beds in a room? is there a site to see pictures?
If you want any info inbox me

Ok so i am working out the place to stay with some...

ok so i am working out the place to stay with some RS sisters! i feel better now, i decided not to stay at RH or any RH for personal reasons! i cant wait to be on vaction and to see the new me!!!
Hey girl my date is June 5th with Yily :-)), both my mom and bf arent able to come with me around this time so im looking for a buddy, if you need one or if you have already found some ladies it would be cool if we can have a group of sisters to make this not only supportive but fuuuun :-)
Hi! I have some ladies that are booked the same day as you and are super nice pm me and we will talk
Can you pm the info to me please.

So i am packed and counting down the days! plan...

so i am packed and counting down the days! plan tix are booked but i have to change the date to come back on the 15th instead of the 18th. i talked to duran's office and she will be seanding a nurse to my hotel, and i talked to the lady who does the massages, things are looking good! just have to find the passport lol
Good luck,im sure u will have a successful sx; cannot wait to see Duran work
Thanks! I am excited not nervous at all can't wait to see what she does!! Cheers to new me!

So less then a month to go here are my...

so less then a month to go here are my numbers
182lb down from 189lbs
bust dd 38
under bust 38
waist 39.5
lowe waist 40.5
hips 40

so not happy about that, oh well looking forward to duran making me a doll!
Hello i will be following your journey!! Do u know if your date of july 9th is still available? I wish i would have saw ur story sooner!!! I need that date :) my hunny said he can take off with our 3 kids to cover..
If you call the office they will tell you if it is! And thank you for following my story! :)
Thx i will call this am! Fingers crossed

15 days away

so i am 15 days away and i am super excited, no nerves have hit me yet just excitement! i am packed ready to go still looking for my passport lol i will keep everyone updated!

RS sister needs a buddy for may 27th asap

hi ladies one of our RS sisters is looking for a buddy for may 27th due to the fact that Jaqueline Marrero (spajaquelinemarrero@hotmail.es) RH is cancelling all her spots "due to renovations" anyone out there need a buddy to stay in a hotel and have the doc send a nurse $50 usd for 3 days? please let me know as her date is next week and she is stuck
look on airbnb.com,,,, the places on there are super cheap and its homier.. ill be staying there from Sunday until its time for me to go... I might look into the nurse situation.... my sx is 1 day away....
Good luck!

14 days and counting

ok so i went and got a new passport pick up is for friday lol, i have a physical on friday so have to do my blood work tomorrow and get the rest of my meds! i cant wait!!!! i have two weeks to go!!
Did u ever find a new rh?
im staying at a hotel and getting a nurse, my friend found a place tho
when are you going?

RH fail lol

Got this from the RH today

sorry for the moment we can not give assistance to you or any other person. We are in the process of remodeling changes. Please contact your doctor so that she can recommend a place for you and your family.
forgive the inconveniences
Good thing I booked a hotel! I am staying at Barcelo Santo Domingo 5 mins from the clinic and Duran is going to be sending me a nurse $50 for 3 days then I go back to her on the 4th I got the room for $585 Usd for 9 days my hubby was coming but something with his vacation time so now its me and my home girl! It's getting close and it seems like things are still panning out, couldn't find my passport going to pick up a new one $117 later lol on Friday! I'm sitting in the doctors office right now waiting for my physical my blood work hasn't come back but I'm not worried! Got most of my meds covered just working on the heraprin gonna try a ting today! Wish me luck! I'm down to 11 days 19 hours an so many mins lol I'm ready!
Awese!!!!! I'll be checking out of barcelo une 7th and going to hotel France's to be in the historical zona colonial !!maybe we will run into each other!!!! I'm soooooo nervous!!!!
I'm excited, I was gonna stay the whole time! Pls let me know when u get there how it is! An we can meet up! I get in at 7pm on the 5th
Yes, definitely take them before your massage drainage. My doctor doesn't use drains, which can cause infections. So it is very important to go see a person who specialize in draining fluids after lipo. Not sure if Duran uses drains. So u may want to check into that.


it has been am emotinal rollercoster on here, first i almost canceled because of hearing a duran doll died, i was on the phone with duran crying cause i have 4 kids and she told me ever so gently that she will take care of me for my kids and she will be honest if someone died, she seemed very upset by the news, truly i wish i could hear more about this , but duran was so sweet about my fears! Then the drama about the RH, i contacted my RH sisiters right away i just want everyone to be safe, but just read another blog and it was saying the RH drama with yasmin was un true, if it is that poor women! she seems so nice even though im not staying there she still said she would take me to get food etc! this really has its ups and downs but i love the honesty! i promise i will share pics and be honest with yall, we are here to share and help! i really had to post cause man its been crazy on here! 9 days and counting!
Where did you hear someone died? I never heard that.
It was on a blog here " travel buddy " but there hasn't been more info
G a Duran girl died?? I haven't heard!! This scares the issh out of me!

excited again

my excitment is back after seeing some duran doll post op pics! i know its gonna be a bumpy road but this girls look so damn good! duran does wonders! so i am all packed, just have to get some ensure! i booked a cab to grab me from the airport and booked another cab to take us around! im kinda glad i booked my flight to come in early so i can take in some stuff before i am sore and stuff! i have been greatful for all the reviews i have read from both teamyily and teamduran! im counting down my days! GN ladies
Hey! Why does your review say July 9th? I thought you were like June 5th? (I thought you were between my buddy and me)???? I'm confused. :-?
Nevermind, I see below (duh). lol
I was noticing your date on here did it change from the 7th? Because if its what we discussed 8 days for you and 10 for me! Yea baby! #grandeculo

A message from Duran

Hi It is ok
I'll send all the general information Now

Medication before surgery:
i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)

After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days.

Florida suites
Av. Bolívar No. 203, esq. Armando Rodríguez. La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
Tel (809)412-1212, ext. 258
Cel (809) 366-0381
Fax (809) 381-0502

· Angela’s Recovery House

+1 809-595-3109

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a $500 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money better than wester union)
Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089

Just send us500
Not more here

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.

Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
These are the airlines that provide commercial flights from there United States:
· American Airlines

· Continental Airlines

· Delta Airlines

· Spirit Airlines (Cheap)

· Jet Blue (Cheap)

Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,

Wishing for a round booty!

I leave wed its becoming real!

Almost there

Good luck!
When did that happen with her patient?
It was never confirmed! Someone said it on here but there was never anymore info! Duran said it never happened

Let the healing begin

So Duran is super nice had some bumps in the road but had my surgery last night, this pain is not cool but as long as u have pain meds u should be good! Oh ya I couldn't have made thorough this with out Angie moved out of the hotel and am staying with her will post later
Please up date more good luck healing!!! Girls on facebook are starting to say bad things about duran :(
Glad I got to see you Notsoshy. You are looking like your wish pics, so all that pain and uncomfort will be worth it!
Rest, eat, and walk for a faster recovery. Your doing good to be able to post so soon after surgery. Happy Healing and welcome to the other side. xoxo

Post op day 2

Hello ladies I am feeling better yesterday I cried a little due to pain but I'm up an walking! Duran was a sweet heart she came in to check in on me and I am really happy with my results! I'm gonna post pics today
Duran is amazing, her staff is un organize but it all worked out! I'm so happy I went to her!
It was so nice to see you! I'm feeling so much better!
I was forcing myself to walk! Today is better!

Post op day 2

Happy healing
Thank you!
BAM!! Girl that booty is poppin! You look great! Watch out Canada notsoshy taken over! Happy Healing! I can't wait to see your one week post pic..everyday will get better. Stay strong..xoxo

Couldn't of made it through with out Angie

ok ladies I was so against RH and I ended up at silhouette recovery house! Angie translated and took care of me from day one! 829-794-9082 she's great
You look good, hope all is coming along well. If your felling up to it, could you tell me more about the RH
Thanks, Angie is great she made sure that I was understood because I don't speak Spanish she speaks both Spanish and English fluently! The house its self is beautiful! The rooms are a good size. It comes with full time help food and transportation! It was a good choice!


how much do the charge per night at silhouette recovery house? if you dont mind me asking
65 a night she also has group rates
Thank you for updating and sharing you look great!!

Day 3 post op

what's your guys' experience of booking the date? I called and her assistant picked up. She is like...just come with cash and you dont need to send deposit... did she REALLY get my date down? scares me.
I just came with cash she is working the PayPal stuff out! She will have u written down with your date just email her your flight and where your staying and go! Don't worry she is amazing in person!
You look great! I'm finalizing things with Duran now :-) . Do you mind sharing Angies prices

Can't wait to go home

Ok I know that I was going off about the recovery house but honestly I checked out I am in a hotel again and I am going home early! Honestly Angie was great fir translation but each doc has some one who speaks English! I could and I did most of my recovery myself! My home girl who came pretty much worked at the house as a nurse taking care of all the clients, then she over charged me for my stay went back on her original quote! Be very careful get everything in writing, and don't rely on the word of ppl you don't know! Anyone going to DR make sure u have someone u can rely on to stay with you this is an emotional roller coster take time to be prepared follow your gut and have a back up plan! I would suggest that u stay in a nice hotel renaissance is perfect because it is clean nice like a resort and worth the money! The food is amazing! I'm not gonna harp to much on the drama over the last 4 days. I am super happy with the Duran as my doc and my results! It can get frustrating trying to get her or her assistant but trust me when I tell u she is professional and cares about her clients! She is in the process of trying to get a system to be able to answer everyone who wants her as her doc but when u see it in person all the ppl she cares for in a day u will under stand and doc yily is the same way she cared for me even tho I wasn't get client and was in the clinic until after day checking on her ppl! Ladies please prepare yourself for ups and downs and stay in good spirits take your meds and your iron u don't want to come and not get your stuff done cause of low iron! Every surgery has risk just be overly prepared! Get a room with someone close to you, or buddy up with one or two ppl and stick to your plans!! I am on my way home tomorrow and I can't wait to see my family! Gn real self ladies!
Thanks doll! You are going home tomorrow? Only staying for 4 days seems like?? I thought you are supposed to stay for like 10 days at least.. Did your drain come out??
Wow as long as your health is ok , have a safe flight home
Wow i literally just inboxed u and u just did an update. Lol crazy we must of been typing at the same time.

Drains are out

Duran didnt really like the idea of me leaving but she cleared me to go, my drains are out and she gave me instructions on how to care for myself! I'm not gonna tell u not to stay at the recovery house for me it was my biggest regret cause I had a plan and by day one I had no money and couldn't figure out why and that's because this women over charged me, not to mention my girl paid to stay slept on a pull out chair and cared for all the girls while the "nurse" didnt really do anything! Keep track of your own meds, yes your gonna pee on your garment so bring some disinfectant to clean your area off and if u do stay at a RH you only need someone for the first 4 days! At first Angie was the truth but things changed fast! My suggestion is to get a hotel room be comfortable expect to be in pain and bed for a few days but u can get through it! Florida hotel Duran sends a nurse to you! Or u can hire one through whatever doctor! Have a plan stick to it! My plan got messed up cause of me feeling overwhelmed in a different country but trust me when I tell u I am at peace with this hotel and going home tomorrow! Also iwantawaist suggested a cab driver use him he is very nice and on the ball bambino taxies
Safe travels home. Keep me updated on your progress. xoxoxo
we want to see new pics :)
Glad sx went well. Happy healing hun!!

I'm home

Ok ladies I am home and I am happy to be home! I got in at 3am cause I was red flagged at customs lol oh well! Just a heads up let them know u had surgery! It helps! Ok so I wanted to say to the ladies on their way to DR, its going to be an up and down ride, their health care system is nothing like our systems remember your going to another country that will not treat u like your own! In regards to the RH Angie was a great help in the beginning I will give her that, she is working out the run of the recovery house just get all your details in written so their is no miss understanding the place is nice, the food was ok, the "nurse" doesn't speak English and did all she can, I'm sure Angie will work it out! I think after 4 days u can go to a hotel with a buddy or friend and enjoy DR! Juan bambino was great! This process is and can be frustrating disappointing and make u mad but in the end the doctors are great sweet and worth it! Have a plan a b and c! I am happy I did it happier I'm home! I will post more pics in a few days!
Glad your home safe thank you for the update, how was the ride home
im glad u made it home

1 week post op

Feeling good still bruised but I'm up and walking eating etc I'm on my third row time for a smaller garment! Loving my waist line! DR Duran texted me this morning to check up on me! Such a sweet lady! I will try to post better booty pics later!
wow! tiny waist already... only 7 days? are you sitting down yet? :) Was wondering what kind of garment you are buying..
I have been sitting on it! I tried to lay on my tummy for the first few days, I sat almost all day on my way home! Duran suggested a type of garment not sure yet!

Duran's suggestion

Glad it all worked out in the end. Other than the misunderstanding with RH, anything else made you upset or disappointed there? Just trying to mentally prepare myself...
U have to just know that the care u will get won't be like in your own country, the pain is gonna be real! So make sure u have what u need! As long as u have support from someone and a safe comfy place to stay u will be ok! It's ok if u cry I did lol its gonna be rocky but I'm telling u both Duran and yily are sweet hearts and care about their clients! Just try and be prepared cause it will help!
In regards to pain did u feel like what u were prescribed was sufficient? I am going crazy here considering Duran as plan b (current praying on whether I should just relax n be patient n get both my breasts n bbl done (by Cortes) 6 mos apart..


Still stiff and swollen nights are the hardest when i try and roll my body doesn't like it lol I haven't had to take pain killers since last tue just some Advil for swelling! I'm looking forward to getting softer my booty doesn't hurt at all its the stiff tummy and back but the discomfort is so worth this waist line! The bruises are fading happy about that and I'm trying not to sit around all day! I haven't been drinking as much water as I should to help flush my system but I have been drinking protein to help repair my muscles! It really does feel like I hit the gym all week to hard! Lol I'm only a week and some post op and I don't regret a thing! My mind is playing tricks like me and my home girl were talking about I'm like my booty doesn't look that big lol then I put on yoga pants and pie there it is! I'm so happy I did this! I will post pics in a few day

Very sad

Please ladies be honest with your doctors about your health and past health issues don't risk your life for a booty! If the doctors make a recommendation take heed to what they say a girl lost her life Friday in DR NOT LISTING TO THE DOCTORS she was doctor Rodriguez clients and now her mother is leaving DR alone! I saw it for myself women cussing out the doctors just because they are Dominican doctors doesn't mean they don't know cause they aren't American doctors! Take your pre meds and pls don't risk your life ! My heat and prayers go out to that family! I called to confirm this did happen the girl had extreme asthma so sad
Hi, hope healing is going well :) So does Duran leave the drains open or closed? It looks like your pics are real clean after 2 days so I assume it's closed? I heard it's more likely to swollen with drains closed but it's easier to get infection with it open.
I had drains in for 4 days she likes to keep them in for 4-5 days
Happy healing!

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post opt


I hate pics of myself I don't think they do any justice to what I see lol
What phone service do you have?
You look wonderful! !

Two weeks today

Here you go ladies the booty two weeks post opt! I'm going for a massage tomorrow it's so needed been doing it myself and it has helped but why not just let someone else do it lol have a great day!! Ps this is a pic I sent the hubby! :p
How are you doing now? Hope everything is well with recovery and very look forward to seeing some update pics. xxxx :)
I'm doing good still stiff in my midsection!
Hi...I'm. Close to your size. What size compression garments did you get for stage 1 & 2?


I've been doing well the stiffness in my tummy and back are getting better but can't wait till its all gone! Three weeks post opt tomorrow I feel like the booty is shrinking! Maybe its the booty greed lol
i have a girlfriend that went to duran about a month ago and her butt deflated. i told her to wait and see if the swelling in her back goes down more because her butt will look bigger
Does she still like the results tho?
The swelling maybe going down but then don't forget about the "fluff" all the vets talk about. Happy healing!

Graduation day! :)

U look great! Thx 4 the snapshot of Durans suggestion.. I desperately wanna buy a faja to travel with n there's a couple places here in NYC that sell that same garment.. I wanna try on but have no idea what suze I should go 4. The sales rep suggested I wait til post op but would size down from what I'd measure as now be dumb or ok?
I would wait till after they give u one and u could buy from her after but I would wait! U could be bigger due to swelling or smaller due to her amazing work!
U look great! I'm actually booked wit Angie and now after reading your review, I would like more info on hiring a 24hr nurse for the first 4 days.

1 month post opt

So I'm still stiff and swollen but loving my results! Ladies make sure u get a good garment I changed mine 4 times cause I was in pain it felt like my skin was on fire, but I made it this far! :) I look a lot better then before so no complaints!

1 month post opt

Under bust 32.5 Waist 35 Hips/bum 45
What is your final waist measurement?
Hey doll, I'm officially a Duran doll too. The results are perfect but I'm so swollen like beyond belief. Is it better when she gets the drain out? I'm very uncomfortable now

Just over 3 months post opt

Hey all so things have been great my healing has been good, some advice for those going through it get the right faja it really helps I will post pics my butt is still banging lol my hubby can't keep his hands off it, and u get comments all the time still super happy with the results
Does ur butt feel natural
Love your new bootie. Dr Duran did a good job! Happy all went well for you and that your satisfied.
Hey have ppl died with duran ?

its been a while

So I have been crazy busy with school but I wanted to share that me healing process has been great no more stiffness at all! My butt is still nice and round and my waist is still small. No hard spots in my butt at all my tummy is flat I love it! This was all so worth it I feel sexy in my clothes now (and not in my clothes) I will be stepping away from this site tho just because im so busy. I wish all the new dolls all the best. Dr duran is a sweet lady who loves what she does!
where did you get your faja? is a medium the best way to go?
I got from Duran then went on ebay she will give your first one
You look great doll!! Can u post your po measurements for us ty

post opt bbl 6 months I think

new pics last pic

Do you have any info for me to hey inn contact with Dr Duran. Im trying to do the consultation and see what she quotes me. But yo no Avail im not getting any response from her.
I stocked her lol I called texted emailed the whole 9 I even booked a date before hearing from her which I think helped me get a faster response. She is even more popular and women are hitting her up like crazy. You can either be patient or persistent. Fb her call Elizabeth book a date send her your pics in an email and budget it out and save like 4500 and hope it's less!
You look great

ok one more lol

lol love the last shot you go girl! ;)
Thanks :)

update from dr Duran

update on Dr duran


Dr Duran email was hacked

Any updated pics?

attention all druan dolls pls read

Some one hacked Duran email n looks like they created a yahoo one be careful don't send money
You look really good
thank you
Love your results, I'am from canada too :) how did you get in contact with both ladies ? I got a quick reply from Hernandez he's quote wasn't bad bit is really like to go to Duran...How did you get them to reply with quotes and dates? I'am new to this site so please bare with me

a year today!

Such a up and down but worth it journey a year ago to day I went under and never looked back.
Do you have an email where I can message you? I am pre op and I have soooo many questions lol.
You look great. ..I'm going to DR yily and staying at Angie Silouhette Recovery House too...I have been in contact with her since December 2013...I really like her.....happy on ur journey. .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

DR Duran is a super sweet lady and despite the lack of follow up after emails and disfunction from the staff she made it all worth it she really cares about her girls! She is a great doctor and takes pride in her work!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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