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Hello everyone!! Don't want to bore you with...

Hello everyone!! Don't want to bore you with nonsense so ill get right to it... I have decided after much deliberation to go with Dr. Yily! Now I have read some reviews about her that I don't like but if she's rude and aggressive with me she will get her issue. That said I'm hoping she's in good spirits the day I go to her but I'm bringing my BFF to be my translator because I want her to understand what I want and expect 100% n I want to hear what she says too. I have seen her results n I know she can't make me Kim K because my skeletal makeup is entirely different from hers but I want the ass that fits MY body. I think she's the best surgeon for me and I look forward the meeting her!!
Is dr yilly suspose to be the best doctor in dr? I'm looking to get tummy tuck lipo and bbl I reside in atlanta georgia and dr jimmerson quoted me $10,000 for the bbl alone so traveling might me my best move I'm new to the site help me out ladies xoxo
Welcome to RS. Best of luck!
How long did it take her to reply to you? i want to go in August, but i havent heard back.

Sooo I got an email from Yily!!!

I'm so surprised she emailed me back in less than a week,being she so popular and busy. I can't believe I'm actually doing this!! I have been waiting for three years now so it's about time. I cannot wait to have an ass... It's so depressing when guys are checking me out n as soon as they see that flat back it's on to the next chick with a fatty lol. I cannot wait to meet Dra Yily. If anyone has any advice or tips please pm me I'm all ears :)
I dont think you guys should travel to DR. I understand that it may be expensive within the United States... but we are more advanced medically. In DR. getting these cheap BBLs may sound all good and dandy until you come home with an infection or your butt cheeks are lopsided... I highly suggest you to not be hasty and save your money for somebody who specializes in BBLs. Dr. J also known as Dr. J Curves or Dr. Jimmerson is a very famous BBL surgeon within the city of Atlanta and I would recommend you going to him. Yes he is expensive, but you know you are getting a bang for your buck. Do not put a price on your health! I live in NY and I have scheduled a consultation with Dr. J for Feb 2014 (yes a long way) I also contacted Dr. Matthew Schulman in NYC and I have an upcoming appointment with him for my BBL. But I seriously encourage you to stay within the USA for your BBL, it is safer. I dont want you ladies to come back home upset because it was not everything you wanted it to be. Do your homework and really know what you are getting yourself into.
I am going to Yily on July 4th for sx on the 5th. Anything you would like to know, let me know. I might be able to help.

Well I got an updated quote today

So I sent another email asking how much more it would be to lipo my thighs as well n it's only $100 difference which is good!! I don't really carry a lot of fat but I do have some chunky thighs when I do gain weight lol I guess I'll post some before pics now and I'm going to DR in October so I can have a nice fatty in time for my 24th Bday celebrations in Dec. can't wait!!! N also I'm bringing someone with me but I would love a surgery buddy to share my pain lol hmu if ur getting dolled up by Yily in October.
I agree...
Honestly if Yily were in the US and $8000 like every body else in Miami then I would still go to her because I love her results. I appreciate that you care enough about other girls to post about the dangers of being in another country. I'm an American soldier so foreign countries aren't something new to me. I have researched this surgery for a long time and I am putting my trust in Dra. Yily. But thanks xoxo
Not being rude but jimmerson is good indeed but his prices and BS every since he was on ti and tiny show he charges everyone celebrity prices. I don't think going to DR is a bad thing at all I think research should be done on any dr not just because its a foreign country

Michael Salzhauer is my new choice

I have decided that ill be staying in the US for surgery. If I were to go to DR I would be saving myself about 4-5k however I would be risking a lot more and after thinking this over for soooo long I think being able to communicate with my Doctor is very important. And three or four years ago before Yily,Jimerson, Salama and Campos it was Salzhauer and Mendieta that were the most amazing surgeons in the game. I for one am not going with a doctor because their experiencing popularity because after being on this site for so long while I've been saving my $$$ I have seen so many surgeons become overnight celebs on this site lol and their prices jump from 4k to 9k too. I have mulled it over and over and I absolutely love Yilys results but I'm not willing to risk my health. Also Dr. Salzahauer is super nice and I can't wait to meet him in person!!!

I want this waist hip ratio <333

I just want to pick the best doctor for what I want!! I'm so confused I keep talking myself out of every surgeon I feel certain about. I know I want the surgery I just need to find my perfect surgeon. Help!!! lol

Just emailed Cabral

I can't wait for this quote from Cabral

Someone please message me Durans email!!!

Please please please!!!!! I really would like a quote from her
Hey Hun, I would say take your time and make a list of your top 3 Docs. Right out a pros and cons list for each and include quotes in each subcolumn. Take your time and don't rush. This is a bug decision that only you can ultimately make.
LOL big decision not bug lol sorry. Good luck and God Bless Hun
I've been waiting for about three years and I'm starting to get anxious because the prices are steadily being raised but I keep going back and forth. If only I had some Mendieta money then I wouldn't have to think about it lol but thank you!!!

Just received an email from Duran

She quoted me $3500 and that is all she wrote in the email was the price nothing else. And to me that a little ghetto, I mean Yily gave me details explained what I was paying for and information on where to stay what mess to take etc. Duran just said price $3500... Like wtf??
Best wishes to u!
Also do you have Duran email! !!
Does anyone have dra. Yilly's email? And does anyone have her fb name I would gladly appreciate it pls n thanks luvss!!!! Im soo anxious
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Can't change the doctor choice I guess but I'm going with Michael Salzhauer!!

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