Hoping to Be a Yily Doll in 2014 :) - Dominican Republic, DO

I haven't decided between Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran, I...

I haven't decided between Dr. Yily or Dr. Duran, I emailed both of them yesterday and whatsapp'd Dr Yily. So far Dr Duran responded with an "automatic" email asking me to send naked pictures of my front back and side, which I sent. So now I'm playing the waiting game for both of them :(
I am 26 years old and I had twins about 2 years ago I can't seem to get rid of my "shelf" I am carrying around my stomach lol. My butt has always been on the squarer side and I have honestly always been self conscious about it. I am about five three and I weigh 158lbs. I'm not going to post any pre op pics for now until I hear back from Yily and Duran. I like both of their work I feel like Dr. Yily has the tiny waist I want and Duran she has the overall look I want but I know Yily will take me to the NEXT level lol.I will let you dolls know when I hear from either one of them.

Yily responded on whatsapp

I whatsappd dr Yily in Spanish yesterday afternoon and today got a response in Spanish saying hi dear I'm going to take a look at your email don't despair I will get you scheduled. I'm glad she responded and she seems sweet. I still don't have answers but I emailed jimmerson who is on the expensive side but if I add up the cost for travel I'm wondering how much I will really save. I'll let u dolls know my math figures when I get them together. My webinar with jimmerson is tomorrow I will let y'all know the price and if I'm scratching him off the list completely tomorrow night.

Wish Photos

So im going on a slight guilt trip......tell me I'm trippin ya'll. I can't be the only one

My number one pick for surgeons is Jimerson, then Salama then Yily or Duran. I emailed the four of them because I have decided for me personally I think cost will be the deciding factor. I don't think either of the 4 are horrible or even "okay" doctors I would never allow someone to be in control over my life who I didnt have total faith in, but in reality I am just battling with the thought of giving so much money into myself and I have twins. They aren't in want for anything but I'm a new mom and I still battle with doing things for myself if I can't do the same or better for my toddlers. I guess I feel like I'm being selfish even though like I said I'm not taking anything away from them or putting my family into some type of financial burden its just the thought that so much money is being invested into my "vanity". With that being said I'm just trying to stay around the $8,000 realm of surgery. I got an email back from Salama this morning his cost will be $8,999. He's still on my list but I have to factor in the flight to Miami and hotel stay. My sister is going with me and I don't want her to have to pay too much for anything so I plan on carrying the cost for the hotel stay as well. I will still wait to hear back from Duran and Yily. I'm leaning more towards Yily right now because I'm pretty sure after seeing some of the other girls she has done that I want her to do a breast lift on me as well. I am currently a 36 DDD and it's either lift these things to the high heavens or cut em off! lol just kidding I love my boobies but they are starting to point slightly Southward so I'm going to have Yily give me a quote for that as well. Um other than that like I said I hear from Jimerson tomorrow and hopefully Yily and Duran before Monday (fingers crossed). I will post a preop pic as soon as i learn how to cover my face up LOL!!

Preop Pics

Finally got my response from Yily

Yayyyy! So Dr Yily emailed me back this morning around 10:30. My quote for my bbl with liposuction from tummy flanks back and arm pits with a tummy tuck is $4,300! Im so happy. I have to send her my deposit of $500.00 to secure my date and I really hope I get to go with a few of you girls from Real Self. Once she confirms my date when she gets my deposit I will let u know. Im aiming for beginning or middle of March. End of Feb would be ideal but i doubt if she has any openings left. Anyway its becoming more and more official every day!

March 5th ya'll!!!

I heard back from Dr. Yily last night, her bank account can not recieve deposits right now so you have to send in your flight info to secure a date. She has me down for March 5th I plan on buying my plane ticket next week Friday and hopefully I wont get bumped out that date. I had my hemoglobin checked today because Yily wont preform surgery with out it being at least 12. I have had an issue in the past with my hemoglobin being very low, when I had my twins it was only 8! So today of course I got some not so good news I am still anemic but my hemoglobin is better at 11.7. I would prefer for it to be at least 13 or 14 before I go to her. I called my dad and he recommended that I start taking "black strap molasses" some old Mississippi stuff I guess but I remember he had recommended this to me before when I needed to get my blood level up and it worked. From this point until Surgery I plan on checking my hemoglobin once a week. I also brought my Vitamin B complex and another multivitamin so I plan on taking these with my molasses...yuck. I already started getting my supplies, I have gotten my cucks for my bed so I don't get blood everywhere, I have my standing urine container and gauze, tape and bandages. I also bought small saline wash bottles so that I can clean my wounds with this....dont judge me but I do not plan on taking a shower in DR I have seen alot of post where women get infections from the water there. I plan on carrying baby wipes and washing up at the sink the ENTIRE time I am there after surgery. I will let ya'll know my flight info as soon as I book..... Take Care :)

All my "need to knows" have been informed :)

My family has known for awhile that i was getting a bbl, but for some reason I was scarred to tell my husband and mother I had already booked a date. My sister is my best friend so she knows and has been apart of the process since day one she's the person I decided I wanted by my side right before and after surgery so she's coming with me. I told my husband last night and he shocked me by saying babe i wanted to go with you!! And then we looked up wish photos until 2 in the morning lol His idea of a perfect butt is WAYYYYY bigger than mine lol I told my mother this morning and she told me to get " my fat butt on the treadmill" thats exactly what i knew she would say which is why i waited till everything was set in stone. So it's real now :) Im so excited and I've already started packing things in my bag. MARCH 5th can't get here fast enough
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