Hey Ladies - BBL needed !!!

Okay so I've been stalking this page for about 3...

Okay so I've been stalking this page for about 3 months and Iam totally obsessed with it lol okay so straight to the point I have a 4 year old son soon to be 5 I can honestly say that my son gave me the thickness I wanted in my butt and my boobs after I have birth to him BUT! I had a C section so I have this little pouch nothing too crazy but something I hate to see every time I get dressed so I started to work out and IT DID NOT WENT DOWN !!! Ugh so back then I was 135 pounds and I was deff happy with my weight but not with the pouch so I said hey maybe I just need to lose weight so I started to lose some weight and my big bootye went away ! :"( .... My mother has a very large butt lol and very small waists and no stomach ! Ugh love it so now I'm stuck with this pouch and no ass! I was thinking on getting ass shots but I heard so many ugly things that I totally forgot about it lol so now I decided I wanna get a BBL I think I have the right amount of fat to get my butt back to how it was before I have very small waist and wide hips but when I lost weight my thighs sucked in from the side and ladies Iam so sad ! I don't feel sexy anymore :"( so I wanna leave as soon as possible to Dominican Republic Bc I wanna look extra hot this summer coming up !


Maybe you should put on the weight again? Or try heavy lifting instead. I know you say you hate your pouch but you will trade in your pouch for fat arms/face. Studies have shown fat redistribution is a common side effect of liposuction. If you do good research you will find out the truth about liposuction and its not pleasant. Most of the "outstanding" reviews only go up to 3 months or 1 year. The few that do come back after 5, 10, 15 years state it was the biggest regret of their life. My advice, try to love your body as is, you are beautiful, don't let society or surgeons brainwash you. I always lived my life with no regrets until this happened to me.
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Congrats and good luck
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Welcome and good luck
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What can I do to gain 15 more pounds at least before surgery ladies ?!!!!

So I'm suppose to gain at least 15 more pounds before surgery not an obligation but a suggestion ! Anybody ?!!


Welcome, I ate anything & everything to gain weight. Good luck to you.
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It's so hard for me to gain weight lol I wake up late every day and I eat only two meals a day :(

Ladies who's ya fav doc ?!!

Dolls I wanna know who's ya favorite doctor of course Dominican one lol ?!!!!!

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Whoop whoop

Doc Baez just got back at me and my estimate price is 2,800 Iam super excited way more less than what yily asked for which is 3,500 Iam so excited Iam going to my doctor to get my blood work done Iam so excited words can't explain whooooohooo :) let's get that perkie butt back ! And btw I've been drinking folic acid since about 2 months now and I didn't even know she was gonna tell me this ... I drink that Bc it makes my hair grow a lot and Bc I hate eating vegetables lol so yeah


Greetings sis get you some cases of ensure plus and some macca pills there natural and will give you a appetite. Also set your alarm clock fa every 3 to 4hrs just like a job and eat something once you get your body accustomed to increased eating habits your metabolism will slow thus making you eat more...good luck and congrats
Also try drink some water after them ensures ther kinda thick..Lol..but there great for milkshakes with your favorite ice cream
Thank u sis ! Sounds like a plan very helpful ! Thumbs up for u

Am I guilty ?!

Am I guilty for wanting smaller waists and fill up my outer thighs I love my curves I just don't love the pouch and how my outer thighs look like they got sucked in and ladies do u know how annoying is when u have to suck in ur stomach ugh ! It's so uncomfortable! And when I wear very low tight jeans my pouch be sticking out so I rather wear boyfriend jeans when they are low now if they are too tight I rather wear high waist jeans I wanna b able to wear hipster jeans with a crop shirt without having to worry bout my pouch ;)


Actually, if you eat frequently you will raise your metabolism hence losing weight, since a faster metabolism burns more calories. I don't think the goal is to lose weight.

Gotta stop smoking :/

So Baez told me I have to stop smoking two months before let's see how it goes lol but what I don't know if it's weed or cigarettes lol I don't smoke cigarettes !


You are going to look damn good..omg
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Lol I gotta stop smoking too both and I don't know how lol ;D
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