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Hi, I am completely new here, just recently...

Hi, I am completely new here, just recently decided to go for plastic surgery, through a friend heard that Costa Rica is a good cheap place to get things done. So I kind of just did some research , found a place called" medical group of Costa Rica ", got a response and a quote for bbl, lipo and breast implants with lift for 8000$, set up with las cumbers inn for recovery, got plane tickets , surgery set up for January 6. Well, after that I came upon this website, and read a lot of things, seems like nobody really knows about Costa Rica and it's doctors,i also asked for before and after pics from the medical place there and the secretary wrote that it's a team of doctors so she doesnot have any particular ones for the doctor I am seeing , his name is dr. Cohen.i looked at his credentials and it looks promising , but then I have been coming upon names of dr.yily and dr. Duran, needless to say I am impressed with how many reviews they have and their results, they CAN be linked to exact patients and it's promising , unlike the Costa Rica doctor. So I emailed both yily and Duran and only got automated response from yily and a quote of 6500 for bbl,tt, breast lift with implants, but no real person as of now. My problem is that after all this I don't feel like going to Costa Rica but would rather go to yily or Duran, but I cannot return or exchange airplane tickets so that means loosing 780$. Any input? Does anyone know much about Costa Rica? Is dr. Cohen a good doctor? I honestly cannot find one picture linked to him. Should I just try to go to Dominican Republic instead? Please share thoughts or knowledge, like I said, I booked everything too fast and now have doubts.

Waiting for duran to reply

So I emailed dr. Duran many times, and now going to try to get ahold of her through Bella vita consultant , I guess they help you with setting up an appointment and finding recovery houses for 200$, anyone knows much about them ?

Using services of Bella vista consultants

Payed my fee of 214$ , hopefully now I can get ahold of Duran and get set up with good recovery house, anyone had experiences with this consultant group?

Reviews about Bella vita

I read a lot of good reviews about this consult company, so hopefully I will hear soon from duran wotha quote, here are some pics of me now, after two kids my breasts are RUINED, my figure looks manly now with no curves or butt, hopefully I can fix that lol

Wish pics

Here are my wish pics

Just curious

Had any one seen pics or knows people who had their surgeries done like two- three years post operation?i am curious if the results are permanent if you have a pretty normal lifestyle with no huge weight fluctuation ?are results really stay forever?talking about tt and bbl

I am scared!

I have not even gotten my quote still , I am hoping on Monday , I am starting to question if getting bbl, tt, bl and ba all in one surgery is too much? I have seen on here people do that, but I am a little concerned about recovery process and travelling back into states after. I have two kids and I am a single parent, so I have NEVER gotten time off kids before , so two weeks in dominican republic will really be hard on everyone, with me gone and my friends watching my kids. I will have to come back and care for kids with no break or help, but this is my only chance! I am graduating with a nursing degree and know I will have many expense for school Loans and moving, so this is my only time I can do something for me, any thoughts?

Question about hiring a nurse in dr

Hello everyone! I have a question about hiring a nurse, after research and thinking I decided I will be hiring a nurse when I am in Dominican republic, for at least first 8 days, and I mean like 24 hours a day nurse. How does it work at the recovery house? Does that mean you have to pay for nurse also it stay with you,or she comes and goes? So if I am booking a recovery house does that meAn I have to pay for two people to stay there? And if anyone had any experience with hiring a nurse, please share, thank you!

I have a confirmed surgery date!

Ok, first of all, there are still good people out there! Thank you to one of the members of real self, who helped me with figuring out all the confusion, and I now can say with confidence, that I have a confirmed date with dra. Duran for the 7 th of January!!!super exited!!!

Flight and rh booked!

Booked my flight and rh! Staying at real armonia recovery

Getting my supplies together

So I have been getting all the supplies together, pretty much got everything that everyone on here recommended , got a new suitcase, I will be flying through nj so it's gonna be cold since I have a 13 hour layover, but that's fine , I will just get a hotel . I got a blow up mattress with a hole( intended for pregnant women) to sleep in for my butt, a boppy infant lounger to also put under my butt. Got liquid geritol and purabsorb for iron boost, also been reDing on foods that are best for iron and that's clams and chicken liver so I guess closer to dAte will berating that too, seems like things are coming together, even tho it's still eArly it's good to take care of everything , I feel like.

Tipping in Dominica republic

Hello everyone, I was wondering if people can tell me the proper tipping etiquette in Dominican Republic. How much,to who,what's offensive and what's not, also dollars vs.pesos and how much pesos will you need to bring with you? Thank you

Thinking about getting a nose job with Contreras

Hi everyone, was thinking about adding a nose job with contreras while I am down in dr, I am not sure , just think that my nose looks wide and assimitrical, but it is a big risk so need honest opinions here , what do you think? To get a nose job or not? Do I need it? Would I benefit from it?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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