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Hi ladies. For several years, I have been thinking...

Hi ladies. For several years, I have been thinking about having the Brazilian Butt Lift. I am planning on setting up a date for surgery around the end of February however, I have not heard much about Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio in Dominican Republic.

Has anyone had surgery with him and can walk about their experience. I am in need of some help and hopefully you girls can offer it. Thanks in advance!


I've never heard of anyone actually goin to him and I too considered him but if you do more research you'll learn that he's actually kinda shady and that him and his staff are behind all his "good comments " if I were you I would continue my research There are so many more accrediable doctors with loads and loads of proof It's not worth the risk
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I remember someone here considering him, then switching after a consultation (or pre-consultation) email/ call exchange.
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Hey yefery, I haven't had surgery with him but I came across his name when I was researching docs in DR.It seems like he has a lil drama surrounding him though. Read through the comments at the bottom. I also read a review from another girl that said he was rude to her and unprofessional so I marked him off of my list.I'm still searching for other docs in DR.
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Thank you ladies for your opinions and comments. I...

Thank you ladies for your opinions and comments. I have officially switched to Dra. Yily de Los Santos. I have seen her work and love it. I sent her an email to see if I should gain weight since I think I do not have much fat in my body. I am thinking on scheduling my surgery for mid February hopefully, they will have a date for me. Aside from taking vitamins to prepare my body, what should I do to prepare for the surgery? Also, I am trying to see if I can bring my mom since, like most of you girls, I do not want anyone to know that I am having this procedure except for my mom and aunt. However, if she can't go, I am thinking of going alone. What did you girls do to kill time over there? I am trying to see if I go for 14 days.


for the life of me i can not get a response from dra. Yily please let me know if i am writing the right place.
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Good luck girl! Can't wait to see your pics! I am thinking about switching to Dr. Yily but first i want to see other girls results.
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hi girl congrats in ur desision ,i her much about him in make me heal .com ,hope thats helping,best luck
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