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I have been on this site lurking for a very long...

I have been on this site lurking for a very long time. I originally signed up to get a better insight on tummy tucks but I learned about bbl's and I have been hooked ever since.
A lil about me..
I am from Detroit Mi ..30 years old. . 4 kids and I am done having them! I work full time and am so focused on getting my body back pre pregnancies lol. Before I have surgery I wanna lose about 40 pounds so I recently started back taking phentermine because I was successful taking it in the past. I was dead set on going to jimerson because he is great at what he does.. Then I read about duran and babyyyyyyyy... She is the bomb.com! I fell in love with her work immediately. . I am so afraid to travel out of the country but after reading nothing but good things about her, im slightly at ease.. I guess going somewhere so foreign is the scariest part. I definitely need direction on how to get the ball rolling. I have been emailing and calling her for 2 weeks so hopefully she responds soon..I see that she is a very busy lady. I have read that the recovery house is heaven sent.. hopefully I can get my bbl and tummy tuck February 2014.. if anyone has any advice or insight please feel free to write!
Welcome!Blessings on your journey;) NJexiteddd ( a future doll) made a "2014 Duran Dolls Looking for Buddies"forum you can check out if you haven't already.I've seen a few dolls wanting a Feb date.
Hey girl! Welcome to RS! I haven't met many of the girls but I've seen tons of reviews. It's addicting to watch everyone post from beginning thru to the final end huh! I've been addicted for a few months but finally made a profile about a month ago to open up some connections with the other girls. Stay in touch!!
I will definitely stay in touch. . Right now im trying to make sure I am as healthy as possible for this transition

she responded!

Ok so I decided to email duran one more time and 5 minutes later I got a response. .. I felt like a kid in a candy store lol.. she didn't give me a quote yet..she told me to send her my medical history along w/height weight and date of last pregnancy. . I sent that right away so now im waiting for a response. . My advice to everyone includingmmyself is to remain patient and persistent. . My next step is working on a list of needed supplies.
Hmmm it seems good but I don't know. It says meals, but then says continental breakfast. Good thing tho is it includes a couple massages which u need, but I think u need them like every day so you would need to pay for more. I'm pretty sure for the most part they all kind of compete for business and offer close to the same package. I've even thought it might be worth staying at a recovery house for 5 days then hotel the other 5, but I don't know. I talked to a guy there people frequently talk about using for services and he told me don't stay in a recovery house, that he recommended a hotel. Not sure why but I just downloaded what's app so I can text instead of call.
O ok..that's good to kno. . I seen a few hotels that looked really nice too
Best wishes!

What is this blue pill??

Ok..I have read several reviews about a blue pill being given b4 surgery. . I have also read that a lot of people have been waking up b4 the procedures r done! This really has me freaking out because the last thing Inneed is to add anymore worries to my list of being in a different country. . There has to be a way that can be prevented right?? .. I hear that when you wake up its so painful. .wat is crazy is I never heard of this happening in the states. I will definitely be voicing my concern on preventing this from happening to me.
The blue pill is a benzodiazepine.It's Valium or diazepam.
Ok thanks

Yily or Duran??

Ok so I decided to send yily a email to see what she would quote me and to see how long it would take to get a response. . Surprisingly. .it only took 2 days and I was sooo shocked bc I am STILL waiting for duran to respond a week later lol.. yily was very informative in the email about what I need to do before and after surgery. . She quoted me 4350.00 for a bbl..lipo and tummy tuck. I haven't seen much of her work and haven't read as many of her reviews as I did for duran. . I do believe duran does a better job.. only if she would respond lol... I am still concerned about waking up during surgery. .surely something has to be done about that bc I would totally freak out if it happened to me.


stomach poked out..ugh..

I am hoping to get a date with Duran around the time you are going. I am still waiting to hear back from her. It would be really nice to have buddy as well, if you haven't found one already.
Ok that's cool. . I haven't found anyone for sure. My birthday is in march also. The 10th..when is yours?


After emailng and stalking the lovely Duran for over a month lol ... it finally paid off! I decided to email her one last time.. Wats funny is that I have been emailing her in Spanish and as soon as I sent a email in English she responded right away. I am sure it was that I happened to catch her at a good time nevertheless I am so geeked!.. she gave me a quote for 4800.00 which is for lipo, bbl and tummy tuck. She also told me that she wants me to be as healthy as possible so she told me to lose about 25 pounds and I will be good to go. That's a piece of cake as long as I am focused and boy am I gonna be ready to do the da*n thang!
Prayers & God speed to ya girl for getting healthier;)
Thank you :)

Just checking in

Tomorrow I am officially starting my diet. I bought some vitamin C pills today and plan on starting them tmr as well. As of right now I am taking iron, b12 and a b complex pill every day. I need to hit the gym strong 4 days a week. I have been looking through forums and will be compiling a list of needed items for my trip. . All suggestions are welcome. .

*****BE AWARE*****

I believe that duran email has been hacked. I just received a email from her saying this. ...

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am in Limassol, South Cyprus for a week
and i just got robbed and my bag containing all my vital items, phone
and money stolen from me . I am physically ok and fine. I need some
assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help.


*Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán*
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva
How is everything going?? Ru freaking out yet? I am I go in Feb also
The website on there is wrong and when I replied they asked me to send money which doesn't sound like her.

I'm going through Jasmine

I made up my mind and I am gonna go through Jasmine w/bellavita to lock my appointment in and arrange my stay at the recovery house. I think 150.00 is reasonable..especially if it will make my stay in D.R more comfortable. I decided to go with either the end of July or early august just to make sure I am ad healthy as possible. If you guys have any advice for me please let me know. Thanks dolls:-)
I decided to push my surgery back I am no where near ready lol. How is everything with you?

I sent my deposit to Duran!

Ok so I decided to go through jazmine.. I understand that duran is very busy so i wanted to make this process as easy as possible for me rather than wait longer than I have to. I sent jazmine her fee about two weeks ago and she told me that she submits her cases to the surgeons on Sundays. After following up she sent me all the information needed to send my deposit and I will be on the books tomorrow for the last week of august! I started hitting the gym extra hard and I already started buying the supplies that are needed for the procedures. As i was sending the deposit i started getting butterflies in my stomach lol..is this normal? All i could think was.. . Ain't no turning back now...This sh*t is real lol.... so now imma continue to lose weight and get my body and mind right. I definitely need a buddy to share this journey with me. Feel free to inbox me if interested.
Congrats to you & Goodluck! I'm scheduled the same time but may end up needing a sooner date. If it doesn't work where i can change,out I'll inbox you.
Ok let me know if you don't change your date
Good luck!

My Appointment is booked! !!!

I got a email from Jazzelyn (jazmine new employee) that I am scheduled for September 15th. I kinda got butterflies when I read it lol. I am trying to decide what day i should arrive in DR.... I was thinking Sunday. I never been away from my kids for that long... has anyone ever only stayed a week? I think I read reviews in the past of some people only staying a week but I can't remember for sure.
Hey question I am also trying to use Jazmine at Bellavita. She just sent me the link for their customer agreement. My question is once you filled it out how did you send it ?
I have a galaxy note2 and I am able to sign forms on my phone. Once I signed them i emailed them back

Supplies. .

I started getting supplies for my journey. So far I have...
maxi pads
sun dresses
antibacterial soap
antibacterial wipes
scar cream
hooks for my drains
sleeping pills lol

Wat I need to get...
lipo foam
wife beaters
Spare battery for my phone

is there anything I left out? Please let me know. .I want to be sure that I am well prepared lol
Congrats on your date !! I'm scheduled for 9/2!
Congratulations to you too lady! Are you excited?

7 days

I only want to stay in Dominican Republic for 7 to 8 days. .do you guys think that is long enough. . I really don't wanna be away from my kids any longer than that. .
Yessss!!!!!! Nervous and excited !


I'm going to see duran! :-). . Surgery September 15th.. leaving Detroit September 14th. . If anyone is in the same boat as me hit me up dolls

Hemo... going in the right direction

I had my doctor check my hemo and I am at a 12.6 I believe. . This is huge for me because I have always been anemic smh. . I have been taking my vitamins consistently so I am glad that it is paying off. . I hope to at least be at a 13.5 by the time I have surgery
Do u wanna buddy up?
When you going?
Not sure im waiting to find a buddy first but some time after july...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love her gift ..she is truly talented

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