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Ive been doing alot of research on this site going...

Ive been doing alot of research on this site going back and forth from dr. perry, dra duran, and dr. yily! Ive pretty much made up my mind though because ive contacted yily and duran within the same day and ive already received two messages from yily and nothing from duran. I need to set a date for 2014 maybe a march date so i can have all the money i need plus more so i wont be stuck in a foreign country ass'd out literally! but yea so if anyone need a buddy pls hit me up. My homegirl says she will go and do it with me but she backs out of goin to the mall so i really need someone to go with me. Everyone on here is so helpful and nice is like and i love that,,


I know that's right I most definitely plan on making some sacrifices so that I can buy me a new shape. I'm going to make me a shoe box and paste my wish pick on it for motivation....
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I am planning my journey as well to do surgery in DR next year March 2014. Unsure which doctor to go with, my wish pics are very close to Dr. Yily's work. I'm new on the site and read everyone's blog & I get very excited because this a dream come true. I would love to buddy with you or anyone going next year.
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I am definitely planning on goin in march, and yes i like yily work. Yes hun i get excited too because I've been wanting this for years and I'm finally putting in a effort to get it done. Ok i would love to buddy with you i know i feel a lot better with someone with me. Has she (yily) quoted you yet?

trying to decide on a date

Yily finally responded back to me with a new qoute of 3,350. Now all I have to do is set a date and pay my deposit,, I'm still trying to find someone to go with me but if push come to shove I'll be alone in Dr having surgery. I know I have alot of planning to do.


I could be going next year also. count me in count me in PLEASE...PRETTY PLEASE....
what procedures are you getting done if you dont mind me asking ...im going ot Baez too and i got a really nice quote!
if you ask her to send you pics she will email em to you


I feel so lost in this journey trying to find a Dr I've been on here reading up on different doctors and I've seen burn cases, people infected with mrsa, and people that spent thousands of dollars to come out looking worse than they did before. I've completely ruled out yily and I'm leaning more towards Baez, but I really want Duran. Even though she hasn't responded back to me in a month. I do know that anything can happen to you by taking meds, having surgery, or even driving your car in heavy traffic. So I just need to mentally prepare myself for this because I'm set on having surgery next year.


I know thats right, im tryna figure out how the hell I can fit wkn.3jobs on top.of takn my online classes, (yes its that serious) lol
3 jobs n school that's alot, but hey it will be all worth it in the end.
It looks like alot of us are going march 2014 I have my date set for dr.baez marxh 10th, but may change to the ending of feb.. Not sure yet I really wont know until aug/sept....good luck ladies.

Finally found the 1

After much thought and consideration n seeing a few Cabral ladies,, I've decided to go with him. I finally got my quote today for fat grafting and lipo. N I'm too excited n I have all the faith in the world that he will give the results I want.


Please dont feel lost keep on searching until you have that feeling of security and comfort. I felt lost too and undecided but I'm certain I've found what I was looking for! Good luck with everything :)
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When are you going?
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Hector Cabral

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