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I want a bbl! I'm 30 yrs old and I have one child....

I want a bbl! I'm 30 yrs old and I have one child. Since having a baby I gained a tummy and I need it to go away ASAP. I figured since I want the lipo, no need to waste all that good fat. Ladies I already have a big booty and yes I want a bigger more shapely one. Goal tiny waist with a bigger ass...


Hi hun coming by to show some love! I feel on the big butt thats what I want but I really need hips as well lol I'm greedy I want tiny waist hips no back fat n big ass ~crossing my fingers~
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Good luck!
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Thanx for the support and same to you!!

I'm 5'4 and about 160lbs. I'm thinking about...

I'm 5'4 and about 160lbs. I'm thinking about losing 10lbs before the procedure. I don't want to get rid of to much good fat but I do want to make sure my waist is nice and tiny. IDK it's just an idea at this point. The waiting game is no joke. I wish had a nothing to do, so I could run off and get this surgery done tomorrow. The longer you wait the more time you have to think about all types of unnecessary ish lol. Good Luck to everyone with sx this month.


Omg I love Yaris Sanchez body too!! Good luck on ur journey hun!
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Thanx. Her work looks amazing. I wish I could go to her doctor lol but I do feel Yily will get the job done for me! Good Luck to you with Dr.J as well hun!
I know right wonder who her doctor is lol and thanks hun!
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I have been coming to this site and reading the many many reviews of all the ladies and I decided Yily has some of the best results on here. I do wonder if she can produce a big booty; the results I've seen have been on the modest side (still very impressive). One thing is certain she makes ur waist disappear and thats what is important to me. If she can make my waist super small, fill in a few spots and perk my booty up a bit, I would be great with that. *fingers crossed for a big booty tho* :)

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